Michael Bane, host of Shooting Gallery on Outdoor Channel and Shooting Gallery Online on MyOutdoorTV.com, spoke with Kaitlyn Hemphill from SCCY Firearms to discuss the CPX, SCCY’s handgun, and their new exclusive Kryptek color options. Multiple versions of the CPX exist, with the new CPX-3 coming soon.

SCCY Firearms pulled off a rare accomplishment with the CPX; changing the world of firearms. At a price range of $250-300, they created a gun that is affordable to everybody who is looking into buying a handgun. The CPX is a good, reliable pistol that can be a primary carry pistol, or serve as a backup firearm. Bane keeps one in a steel box that is in his car. It would be tough to find a more reliable pistol at this price range.

SCCY also offers multiple color options for the CPX grip. SCCY is offering Kryptek exclusives for 2018, such as the Kryptek Pontus and Kryptek Highlander.

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