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Ruger Introduces the Single-Ten

by Dan Johnson   |  June 15th, 2011 31


There are few handguns more fun to shoot than a single-action .22 rimfire. Ruger has ruled the single-action rimfire market for decades with their excellent Single-Six lineup and today announced a new model in that series with a mandatory new name. The Single-Ten, as you may have guessed, is the same reliable design as the Single-Six but with a 10-shot cylinder.

The first models will be in stainless steel with a 5.5-inch barrel and will come with smooth walnut “Gunfighter” grips and Williams fiber optic sights. Other models are sure to follow.

  • 30-30shooter

    with that many holes in the cylinder i bet it must be hard to poke out the cases.

    • robert38-55

      I am a Ruger fan and I likes that.. Any idea what the MSRP might be?

  • nn

    I like it——maybe someday if I need one.

  • BPsniper

    Hmmmmm, I like!

  • Tim Sheahon

    Now they're cooking. A neat little trail gun and an all around fun tool.

  • Jermanator

    Make me one that is double action please!

    • dlk

      Yeah, I'd like to see an SP1201!

  • wolf049

    Sounds good to me, just make mine a .22 Mag convertable.

  • chiro1989

    An excellent idea, convertible to .22 mag would be nice.

  • pwneruvn00bz

    epic! i want one!

  • Luis

    Very nice!! I agree.. should be convertible to a .22 mag as well. Otherwise it's just competing with S&W's excellent 617.

  • ericb

    I would rather see .22 lr SP101 with a 4" barrel and 6 shot cylinder.

    • Merlink

      I used to own one about ten years ago. Too bad Ruger stopped making them. I'd like a .327 Federal with a 4 in barrel also.

  • bontai Joe

    I really am liking this one. A ten shot capacity equal to most semi-autos, with out the potential for jamming of feed problems of a magazine fed pistol. Plus the utter reliability of Ruger's single action design, makes this VERY attractive. I agree that the only thing that would make this better would be a .22 mag cylinder.

  • robert38-55

    Well I just saw on a website that the MSRP is 619.00.

  • Ken Harris

    So many Guns, so little time.

    • Chris

      For me !! So much time and not enough money. If the prices of guns keep going up we wont have to worry about the government banning guns, They will just be priced out of reach for the average Joe.

  • Chris

    I imagine that the cylinder wont fit the single six for the frame is most likely larger.

    • Steve Elliott

      the timing would probably be out of whack due to the shorter movement required to rotate the next round into place

  • Steve Elliott

    time to sign up for more OT!

  • Weasel Elder

    An SP101 in 22lr is already available with a 4.3" barrel. I'd like to see it with a 3" barrel. Should be enough room in the cylinder to hold 8 rounds.

    Note to Ruger: Let me know when it's ready – eh?

  • Robert L. Meadd

    I do not want this gun. I NEED IT! Why? Who knows. I have a Single Six and once owned a Single Six Convertible. I let it go (DO I HEAR THE WORD STUPID). Great guns

  • Ricardo Briozzo

    Sixguns are Sixguns! A Tengun is a ridiculous thing…

  • Uglygun

    Would go well with my $99 bull barrel Mark I.

    Wow have prices gone up

  • Morry

    Why wouldn't I like a 10-round .22?

    But I have a suggestion by which Ruger could balance it's line: How about a 22-round 10mm?

    Would be great for plinking in the jungles of Africa.

  • bontai Joe

    GULP! $619 is a LOT of money for this….. the young guys I work with often kid me about my thinking $40 is a lot of money. But I paid about $100 for my old blue Single Six, and I was expecing this to be around $300 to maybe $350.

  • steve moriarity

    i would like to say this about rugers,never again! i bought the super single-six 28 years ago, still have it, good gun, the complaint is the stupid warning on the barrel. the second was a super blackhawk, blued,new in the box,i admit i should have looked down the barrel, it looked like a sewer pipe, sent it to ruger for a new barrel, even offered to pay for the barrel, they claimed they reblued the cylinder which didnt have a mark on it. had the same sewer pipe on it the third is a 22/45 that jams 8 or 9 times with each 10 round mag using any hollowpoint made, runs fine with roundnose, to bad it cant it hit a barn from the inside, fixin to disassemble it and throw the parts into the bay.

  • Merlin

    What is with Ruger lately? By "lately" I mean the past year and a half. There is a continuous stream of new firearms and models, but they cannot deliver squat. They said once that quality would fall off if they increased production. Then concentrate on what you have out there now! Fulfill the waiting customer's wishes! The are still NO SR1911s to be had, nor are there 10/22 VLEHs out there. Seems like since the Old Man died, the company is headed into an unknown direction. Too bad they won't see this.

  • Chuck Lund Sr.

    I still have My Great Grandfathers Colt single action Army 6 shooter from the late 1800's. It is a 45 caliber. Anyone know if this old Gun would still be safe to shoot? The barrel and cylinder holes look fine, but I don;t want to blow my hand off shooting it. It was last fired by My dad back in 1947. The gun was well cared for, and when My Dad dies, My mom gave it to me in 1958 when I was 20 years old. Any info would be a big halp. My E-mail address is; Thanks! Chuck.

  • guest

    Have your Colt checked by a competent gun smith that knows Colts. My bet it will be fine with cowboy loads. Meaning monern ammunition loaded at cowboy black power velocities.

  • doc007

    why in hell wouldn’t they make it a double action

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