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Introducing the Glock 30S

by G&A Online Editors   |  January 22nd, 2013 5

Glock introduced its brand new Glock 30S at the 2013 SHOT Show in Las Vegas. Designed in conjunction with the Los Angeles Police Department Special Investigation Section, the 30S uses the Glock 30SF frame’s 10+1-round capacity and the Glock 36′s slim slide to create a whole new, ultra-slim—1.28 inches wide—concealable duty pistol with double-stack capabilities. The 30S will ship with a grip extension, and will include a standard 10+1-round mag. Check out the video straight from SHOT Show.

  • rebart

    I couldn't attend the SHOT show because I don't qualify. However, I have read everything about it that comes to me in the email. It seems like it was very boring. Not much in really new guns. A Glock is a Glock is a Glock. Who cares? I do think a lot of the Sig 227, though. Now there is something new, and something I would like to buy.

    • Chuck

      I haven't seen anything exciting either, not in new handguns anyway. Seems some good accessories popped up. Glocks don't fit my hand well, so I don't care anyway, but like you said- how many different ways are there to make full-size, compact, sub-compact…I think there's something out there for everybody by now.

  • Ken Hershberger

    I guess Glock thinks this is competition for Springfield's XD-S. Josh Smithers goes on about how "slim" the new 30S is — but it doesn't look very slim to me. At least not compared to the XD-S. By making it fit the double-stack magazine, Glock has taken it right out of the "Slim" category. It still looks about an inch thick which can hardly be called "slim" by any objective criteria.

    • John

      You need to listen to what he said. It was developed for LE in mind not the sheep population of the OCD concealed carry freaks. I carry the 30s with no problems with concealment, if you want slim and the ability to hide your gun but only want 6 bullets by all means go buy that but don’t throw stones at something that you have no clue on how it conceals.

  • Terry Gizzmo

    This Glock 30S is the best thing in years…..years.
    45acp in a as compact a pistol as one would realisticly want.
    No one has a pistol as powerful, reliable, as the Glock 30S

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