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North American Arms Guardian .380 ACP

by Eric R. Poole 0

Eric Poole revisits the classic pocket pistol design of the North American Arms Guardian .380 ACP.


Ruger LCP II – Modern & Modest

by G&A Staff 0

The Ruger LCP II features a short and crisp trigger that’s expected to please the owners of striker-fired, polymer-framed pistols.


Review: SCCY CPX-3

by Tom Beckstrand 0

A carry-worthy .380 for chump change?


Smith & Wesson M&P45 Shield .45 ACP

by G&A Staff 0

A Shield with more powweeerrrr!


Springfield Armory XD Mod.2 Sub-Compact Review

by Patrick Sweeney 0

There is a constant struggle between capacity and comfort when it comes to concealed carry. We all want something easy… more »


Honorable Service: SIG Sauer M11-A1 Review

by Eric R. Poole 0

The M11 compact service pistol is the U.S. military’s variant of the SIG Sauer P228. Though now retired from civilian… more »


First Look: Honor Defense Honor Guard

by G&A Online Editors 0

One of the newest players in the concealed carry gun market is Honor Defense, a small company with an innovative,… more »


First Look: Smith & Wesson M&P45 Shield

by G&A Online Editors 0

Smith & Wesson announced the introduction of its M&P Shield in .45 ACP at the opening day of the 2016… more »


Curves are Good: Taurus Curve Review

by Patrick Sweeney 0

There is one aspect of people that you may have noticed: They aren’t flat. Oh, you’ll hear admiration of someone’s… more »


First Look: Springfield Armory XD-S .40

by G&A Online Editors 0

Springfield Armory announced the addition of the XD-S .40 to its popular XD-S lineup. Customers can now choose between all… more »


First Look: Walther PPS M2 in 9mm

by Keith Wood 0

The Walther PPS has established itself as a formidable handgun for self-defense. The new Walther PPS M2 takes the evolution… more »


Walther CCP in 9mm Review

by Patrick Sweeney 0

At first glance, you’d think the Walther CCP was a PPQ that someone left in the wash and the result… more »


Smith & Wesson M&P 22 Compact Review

by Sean Utley 0

Guns & Ammo was invited to the Smith & Wesson Academy in 2014 for an undisclosed-product launch, an event that… more »


Sig Sauer Introduces P229 Carry

by Keith Wood 0

The latest from SIG SAUER is the P229 Carry chambered in .40 and .357 SIG. These handguns maintain the standard… more »


Beretta Pico .380 Gets Upgraded

by G&A Online Editors 0

  One of the thinnest and lightest pocket pistol options on the market today just got a bit better. Beretta… more »


Cashner Talks Taurus Curve

by G&A Online Editors 0

Professional pitcher Andrew Cashner carries a Taurus Curve. In the video above, he talks about the benefits of carrying the… more »


Guns & Ammo’s Single Stack 9mm Shootout (Updated)

by G&A Staff 0

Guns & Ammo wasn’t the first to break the news about the Glock 43, but after some careful thought, we… more »


At the Range: Springfield Armory XD9 Mod.2

by Guns & Ammo TV 0

In this segment of Guns & Ammo TV airing on the Sportsman Channel, the new Springfield Armory XD9 Mod.2 is run through its… more »


Kimber Introduces 2015 Summer Collection

by G&A Online Editors 0

Kimber has introduced its 2015 Summer Collection, a group of special edition pistols that includes both 1911 and Micro models. The… more »


First Look: Ruger LC9s Pro

by G&A Online Editors 21

Ruger is following up with another version of its LC9s striker-fired pistol with the introduction of the LC9s Pro. The new… more »


First Look: Springfield Armory XD Mod. 2 Sub-Compact Pistol

by G&A Online Editors 60

Over the past several years, the Springfield Armory XD 3-inch Sub-Compact has become widely recognized at the range and on our carry… more »


First Look: Viridian Reactor 5 Green Laser for Glock 42

by G&A Online Editors 0

Viridian has expanded its Reactor 5 series (R5) laser sights to fit the Glock 42. The new Viridian R5 G42 is… more »


At the Range: Glock 42

by Guns & Ammo TV 4

Introduced at the 2014 SHOT Show, the Glock 42 is Glock’s smallest pistol to date, and we couldn’t wait to… more »


First Look: Heizer Defense PAR1 Pocket AR Pistol

by G&A Online Editors 71

In 2013, Heizer Defense introduced the PS1 Pocket Shotgun, capable of firing a single .410 gauge or .45 Colt round…. more »


Springfield Armory Issues Safety Recall for XD-S Pistols

by G&A Online Editors 54

Springfield Armory has issued a voluntary safety recall for their .45 ACP and 9mm XD-S pistols. Issued Aug. 28, 2013,… more »


First Look: Heizer Defense Pocket Shotgun

by G&A Online Editors 37

In 2011, Missouri-based Heizer Defense entered the personal defense market with its diminutive Heizer DoubleTap, a pocket handgun built specifically… more »


What’s the Best Subcompact 9mm on the Market?

by Dusty Gibson 108

With all the subcompact 9mm pistols on the market today, choosing the right one for you can be a truly… more »


First Look: Beretta Pico Debuts at NRA Show 2013

by G&A Online Editors 9

The micro compact market is all about size. Shooters want thin, they want light and they want concealability. Beretta USA… more »

Taurus Millenium G2 9mm

Introducing the Taurus Millennium G2 9mm Pistol

by G&A Online Editors 0

Taurus was at the 2013 SHOT Show in Las Vegas for the launch of its newest pistol, the Taurus Millenium… more »

Springfield XD-S 9mm

Introducing the Springfield XD-S 9mm

by G&A Online Editors 2

Springfield Armory introduced its brand new personal defense offering at the 2013 SHOT Show: the Springfield XD-S 9mm. Nearly identical… more »

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