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Introducing the Beretta Nano

by Guns & Ammo News   |  August 15th, 2011 60

Beretta Nano With the brand new Beretta Nano, the Italian outfit best known for its world class shotguns has officially entered the concealed carry world.

The Nano will hit the shelves in early October providing yet another micro compact carry pistol option. In fact, it’s Beretta’s first ever striker-fired handgun, and they were nice enough to give one of the first looks at what will surely create a big buzz on the market.

The Nano, which will be initially offered in 9mm, is being touted as a modular, ergonomically sound compact that will be comfortable for shooters of all skill levels. The movable, serialized sub-chassis allows the user to easily replace grip frames and disassemble, and the Nano’s sights are user adjustable with a 1.5mm hexwrench. No gunsmith needed.

The initial word on the price will be around $475. Some other important info on the Nano:

  • No pulling trigger for disassembly
  • Completely snag free design
  • Totally ambidextrous
  • No external slide lock
  • Different frame sizes
  • Sub-chassis .40 cal capable
  • Frame employs modern thermoplastic technology through the use of fiberglass reinforced technopolymer

Who’s excited about the Beretta Nano? Anything else you want to know?

Stay tuned for more information from Beretta as they prepare for a full scale launch.

  • George Smith

    Can you please figure out the trigger pull? That would be of great interest. Looks like a hybrid of a Glock, Springfield XD and PF-9!

    • anthony

      Trigger pull is 9lbs

  • Robert Carlin

    What are the full dimentions including length, weight, SA, DAO, SA/DA, round capacity, etc…

  • Dan

    > Anything else you want to know?

    Yes. The dimensions, especially width.

  • Mario

    Need to be 45acp

    • Jim

      Needs to .45ACP or at least .357SIG

      • http://aol Paulm

        Why? With the new 9mm ammo and shot placement being of major importance you really don't need a 45.

  • k-dAUG

    How many rounds of 9mm will it hold? When will a .40 version be available? I like it.

    • cabraham


  • Fargazer

    Definitely want to know about the trigger pull, capacity, and whether it has an external manual safety.

  • Dean

    Is it a standard one-pass striker, like a Glock or Khar, or does it allow a repete strike, like the Taurus?

    • Ben Chappell

      It's a standard one-pass striker, gotta rack the slide to eject and get a fresh round.

  • Wayne pasko

    What we need are more PDWs. S&W ar15-22p in 9mm

  • JT

    Why not figure out a novel way of making the slide lock thinner or more integrated with the slide than to remove it completely. Do they think that people don't care about the ability to do fast magazine changes when they're dealing with sub-10 round magazines?

    • mike

      I agree. It's also a problem when you try to clear a jam and you have to hold the slide open with one hand and clear the jam with the other. We have this problem with a Walther PPKS.

  • Ray Bureau

    I thought they were in the concealed carry market with the Storm subcompact. I have been concealing mine for two years.

    • Jack Burton

      No you haven't. We can all see that little fattie.

  • Jack

    How about a .22LR conversion kit with it so it can double as a kit gun?

    • Andrew

      Yeah I would like to see that as well!

  • Bull

    > Anything else you want to know?

    Yes. The dimensions, especially width.

    …and weight

  • Alan

    Says it's "Made in USA" on the side. Like that.

  • Reid Stewart

    I sort of think they ought to offer a magazine option that will accommodate one's 'pinky' finger, as this would enhance the ergonomics in 9mm, and might prove to be indispensable if shooting .40 S&W.

    • Shadtree

      Pearce will probably take care of that.

  • Patrick

    I have a K-TEC P-11- 9mm_ double action- this Nano looks a lot like it. I like the P-11 because it so east to carry and it packs a punch. K-Tec makes it in both 22cal and 9mm.

    THe price on the P-11 was under 300.00.

  • SteveB

    "it’s Beretta’s first ever striker-fired handgun"?? Umm does the Neos not count? And what about the two 418 Panther's I have? Pretty sure they all have striker firing mechanisms? But that being said the Nano looks very good, and more than likely out Glocks Glock :) But I'll stick with a PX4 Sub-C just for the ergonomics and looks

  • Abe Barta

    Your "Guns and Ammo" So what's the specs ? Dimensions, trigger pull, capacity, etc. You know specs.

  • David Rhodes

    Of course, would love to know more specs. But even more, NEED a comparison with the more than dozen polular CC 9mm's out there. Every week a new sub 9mm is out (Kimber, Glock, Springfield, etc. etc). And only occassionally is there a comparison article that actually ranks them on specifics. HELP!

  • Ray Walker

    9mm has great penetration and poor stopping power. Just a slightly souped-up .38 with a .02 caliber increase. I'll stick with my Kimber Shorty .45. One shot does the job and stays in the target.

    • Jack Burton

      One shot stops are a myth only the most gullible people believe any more.

    • Joe Simeone

      what year is is 1945? Tell that one shot stop stuff to all the Lawenforcement that had to empty their 1911 (with hollow points) to stop a perp.It is all about shot placement,anyone who had to shoot a person will tell you that. You are just jelous of my super fast(1400 feet per second and 500 foot pounds of kick -ass.

      I also like the .45,.40, .357, and the hundred plus year old 9mm

  • Jim G.

    Any manual external safeties? The image is from the right-side so if a left-side image were provided, it would answer this question.

    • Bill A

      The only safety is on the trigger just like on my Glock. I just purchased the Nano for a better concealment weapon and it's perfect. Had an XD9 Sub-Compact, but it was too wide to really conceal. The Nano is a sweet little pistol. I've carried Berettas and Glocks as a police officer so trust them both

  • Mark, PR

    I don't think it will overtake diamondback (Glock like) pistols. Why did Baretta skip the 380 version? It looks chubby for the pocket.

    • cabraham

      They apparently built it to support .40 S&W so it will be a little stocky.

  • Dominic

    Looks like they copied the Taurus slim

  • t bones

    should have common demension lazer rail for lazerlite mini

  • superbeziJ

    nice idea but I wouldn't want a SA no safety glock tumbling around in my pocket. they only way I would carry this is if it were DAO. From the looks of that trigger it has a glock FCG, ,, JK beretta, I am sure people will buy it!

    • Jack Burton

      Where in the description did it say anything about "pocket pistol"?

  • Paul C

    Just another pistol that will be against the law to own in Massachusetts! Maybe some of you that are really free in the other states can tell us here in the prison state of Massachusetts what the pistol is like. Can't wait for the reviews.

    • John

      why is it illegal in MA?

  • DirtyDevonHammerhand

    It a very interesting new Semi Auto magic gun to me. I use to have a couple of Beretta. They were great guns.

    • DirtyDevonHammerhand

      The Beretta model were 15 rounds like what the LAPD use. The other was 13 rounds. I do like the latest Berretta models. Including the 45acp Calibre.

  • Wilson

    Very interesting pocket pistol that should give all the competitors a run for their money, I still want to see the specs though.

  • Arne Boberg

    What is the barrel length? Also, how far do barrel and slide travel before the barrel just starts to tip (this will help determine +P ability).

  • Dennis

    Looks like the're going after the sig sauer market that has the P250 modular design. I'll stick with the sig for awhile yet.

    • Gene

      Sigs are a great gun. I own several my self. I am interested in the Nano, but I think I'll wait and see it's performance record.

  • Ross

    Can it shoot 9MM +P ? Is it as easy to field strip as the PX4 Storm?

    • Joe Simeone

      Beretta built it to shoot a .40 s&w but put it out in 9mm first to compeat with the other micro 9mms so it schould handel +p no problem. I think it is one of the best mimie 9s out there.

      I,ll shoot +p in mine (as soon as I can buy one) if Beretta says yes or no to +p ammo.

  • StrikeFire83




    GRIP WIDTH .90"


  • TexEsq

    If the Nano has +p tolerance and you can carry 6+1, then I'm sold. A round that would get closer to .40S&W power but is as slim as a .380 Auto sub-compact is, in my opinion, a further refinement in the CC market. I'm not a big fan of the DAO because my accuracy really suffers with a big trigger pull. I like the width. And, because I don't carry with a round in the chamber, I can always have the trigger pull lightened to improve accuracy. Of course, I would prefer to avoid that expense.

  • Wea

    Another wonder9. I enjoy the new products as much as anyone and have

    Owned probably more than most (too many to list). At the end of the day

    For civilian use they still have not come up with anything that will do better for you than a j-frame.

  • Jon

    I sold my Ruger LC9 for the nano. The trigger was the main reason. Not sure why the nano is better, but it is. I shoot much better with it.

  • Justin

    I've shot my mom's LC9, not a fan. Still trying to decide what to buy for CC for myself, this one is intriguing me though.

  • Chris

    Is it iTunes compatible?

  • Triplesix

    probably illegal in mass because it doesn't have a giant loaded chamber indicator and doesn't say this is not a toy on the side in massive letters. just maybe not exactly sure

  • Andrew

    When are we going to see some night sights out?

  • larry herring

    Is it true you have to manually load each round with a beretta nano 9mm

    • Nick

      I just purchased one a few weeks ago, and no you don’t have to manually load each round. You have to manually load the magazine (obviously), but the gun functions like every other semi-auto.

  • Leonard

    I just saw the Nano on Person of Interest and the gal on the show were impressed by it.

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