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Gunsmithing AR-15 Rifles

G&A Basics: How to Clean an AR-15

by Keith Wood   |  July 1st, 2013 2

With sales of modern sporting rifles at an all-time high, there are thousands of new AR-15 owners out there with little idea how to properly clean and maintain their new rifles. Disassembling and cleaning an AR is far different than most traditional hunting rifles with more moving parts. At first glance, this process can be overwhelming, but it’s not difficult if you take it step-by-step.

  • MotoJB

    Kind of weak…better pics and showing newbie’s bolt disassembly more clearly and lubing point more clearly would make this article worthwhile.

  • evan

    I figured most of it out myself of you are mechanically inclined at all it should be fairly easy to take apart. I would highly recomend if possable ask a friend or family member whos in the service. They will give much bwtter advice than this. Youtube is a good place to look as well there are many good videos out there that cover all the bases

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