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Barrel Length vs. Velocity

by G&A Staff 0

How much velocity do I lose if I shorten the barrel on my AR?


Building a DIY Precision Rifle

by Keith Wood 0

There are few things more satisfying than hearing the smack of a rifle bullet hitting a steel target at long… more »


5 Things to Check on Your AR-15

by Patrick Sweeney 0

In case you didn’t know, I’m not popular with the crowd that worships at the altar of mil-spec. Yes, it… more »


The Roland Special Glock 19

by Chris Mudgett 0

It has been well established that many products and some of the techniques used by our elite military and law… more »


The Future of Wooden Gun Stocks

by Craig Boddington 0

The warm sheen of a well-oiled wooden gun stock carries me back in time. When I was a kid in… more »


DIY Gunsmith: Diagnosing a Handgun

by Patrick Sweeney 0

A box or two of ammo can tell you a lot about the health of your handgun, and can give… more »


tweAK the ’47: Modifying the Century Arms C39 Classic

by Dusty Gibson 5

Given its proven reliability in nearly every environment on Earth, the AK is widely recognized as one of the most dependable firearms… more »

brown ells new products 2014

New Products from Brownells for 2014

by G&A Online Editors 0

Proudly owned and operated in America, Brownells is perhaps the world’s most well-known supplier of gun parts and gunsmithing tools…. more »


How to Customize Your Springfield Armory M1A

by Eric R. Poole 20

“Have your way with it,” said Officer Avery. This local police officer had just stopped by my shop and dropped… more »


Gear Guide: Best 1911 Grips on the Market

by B. Gil Horman 10

The unflagging popularity of full-size 1911 pistols and their clones keep the market ripe with all kinds of parts and… more »


Gear Guide: Great Ways to Trick Out Your AR-15

by Dusty Gibson 39

Maj. Gen. William H. Rupertus definitely got it right when he penned, “This is my rifle. There are many like… more »


G&A Basics: How AR-15 Muzzle Brakes Work

by Joseph von Benedikt 15

Contrary to popular opinion, the way muzzle brakes work is less voodoo magic than it is rocket science. It’s true,… more »


G&A Basics: How to Clean an AR-15

by Keith Wood 2

With sales of modern sporting rifles at an all-time high, there are thousands of new AR-15 owners out there with… more »

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