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Benelli Ethos Review

by Layne Simpson 0

Older than Rome, the city of Urbinum Mataurense was considered by the Romans to be a stronghold of great strategic… more »


Remington Versa Max Competition Tactical Shotgun Review

by G&A Staff 1

Born in the early ’80s, 3-Gun popularity has grown to record proportions, and the sport is now a major attraction at… more »


3-Gun Ready: Beretta 1301 Competition Shotgun Review

by Payton Miller 2

To most guys of a certain age, any pump or autoloading shotgun not designed for skeet, trap, waterfowl, upland birds… more »


Weatherby SA-08 28-Gauge Deluxe Review

by Skip Knowles 1

The roundabout journey I took to becoming a fan of Weatherby’s new flyweight 28-gauge auto ran parallel with my budding… more »


Benelli M2 Tactical Review

by Payton Miller 1

Longer ago than I care to remember, I got myself a used Benelli MI Super 90 Defense. Aside from the… more »


Saiga-12 Review

by David Fortier 8

Traditional pump-action and semi-automatic tactical shotguns share one serious shortcoming: They are slow to reload. Although they possess formidable short-range… more »


Beretta TX4 Storm Review

by Tom Beckstrand 3

The shotgun is very much a part of American gun culture. Homes that vigorously exercise their Second Amendment rights and… more »


Remington Versa Max Sportsman Review

by Payton Miller 6

Remington introduced its Versa Max autoloading shotgun back in 2010. Since then, there’s been the inevitable morphing—black tactical versions, waterfowl… more »

Browning A5

A Classic Updated: Browning A5 Review

by Payton Miller 16

Ask most guys what the essential John Browning-designed military arms are, and odds are that most of the responses you’ll… more »


Shotgun Safari: Franchi Affinity, Franchi Instinct Reviews

by Layne Simpson 3

I was on my way to a hunt for Cape buffalo in Rhodesia in 1977 when I learned that the… more »

Benelli Three Gun

Video: Shooting the Benelli 3-Gun Lineup

by Guns & Ammo TV 6

In this clip from Guns & Ammo TV, Patrick Sweeney takes a look at Benelli’s full boat of 3-gun products… more »


Remington Versa Max Review

by Layne Simpson 5

The first gas-operated, autoloading shotgun was introduced to American hunters in 1956. Called the Model 60, it was made by… more »


Benelli SBE II TE Shotgun Review

by Steve Gash 1

The Benelli Super Black Eagle II has earned an enviable reputation since its introduction. This unique semiautomatic has a minimum… more »


Benelli Legacy 28 Review

by Payton Miller 3

  September 2010 Benelli inertia-driven shotguns have earned an extraordinary reputation for reliability among virtually every subset of shotgunner in… more »


Benelli Ultra Light 20 Gauge Review

by G&A Staff 0

Payton Miller explains the benefits of Benelli’s inertia system with the Benelli Ultra Light 20 Gauge .


Benelli Vinci Shotgun Review

by G&A Staff 0

This modular shotgun is perhaps the most advanced semi-auto of our time.

Franchi I-12_001

Franchi I-12 Review

by Richard Venola 4

  Franchi is one of the yeoman brands of firearms located in the famed city of Brescia in the Italian… more »


FNH SLP Mark I Review

by Richard Venola 2

January 2009 Every time I watch “Shotgun Ed” Exley shucking and ducking in L.A. Confidential, I’m amazed at how far… more »


Benelli Cordoba Review

by Payton Miller 2

April 2008 According to Benelli literature, the Cordoba‘s name was “inspired by the high-volume dove shooting found around Cordoba, Argentina.”… more »


Light Done Right: The Benelli Ultra Light Review

by Payton Miller 2

October 2007 I’ve been a fan of recoil-operated shotguns since I hunted with an old Remington Model 11 (Illion’s version… more »


Mossberg 535 ATS Slugster Review

by Payton Miller 1

In terms of range and accuracy, today’s crop of rifled-barrel slug guns are a far cry from the old smoothbore/pumpkin… more »


H&R 1871 Excell Review

by Richard Venola 2

July 2007 There’s nothing like reaching into your wallet to let folks know how you feel about a product. Harrington… more »

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