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Springfield 3.8 XDm Compact Review

by Patrick Sweeney 22

If you have been following things firearms-related in the slightest, you know all about the Springfield XDm series. And if… more »

#4Kobra Carry

Bob-Tail 1911s: Passing Fad or Functional Innovation

by Dan Johnson 41

A few years ago, Ed Brown introduced an eye-catching Commander-size 1911 called the Kobra Carry. The most distinctive feature was… more »

Though we never needed it while using Hornady’s Critical Defense ammunition, the 24/7 G2 has second strike capability.

Guns of PDTV: Taurus PT 24/7 G2 9mm

by Scott E. Mayer 5

George’s full-size 9mm pistol this season is a Taurus PT 24/7 G2. This 17-round semi-auto combines a polymer frame with… more »

This season, PDTV used Nighthawk GRP Recon and Falcon 45 ACP 1911 pistols.

Guns of PDTV: Nighthawk Pistols

by Scott E. Mayer 2

This season, George is using a pair of 1911 pistols from Nighthawk—the Falcon (r.), and the GRP Recon (l.)—both chambered… more »


Solo Act: Kimber Solo 9mm Review

by Patrick Sweeney 9

The doorbell rang at 7:30 in the morning. Luckily, I was already up or the dogs would have dismembered the… more »


Kahr K40 Review

by Payton Miller 3

There’s a lot to like about Kahr’s K40: bank-vault all-steel construction, simplicity of operation, sensible ergonomics and compact dimensions. Factor… more »


Winning Handful: Sig Sauer P290 Review

by Patrick Sweeney 2

Those of us who have been in the gun culture a long time have to keep reminding ourselves that a… more »


A Great .40 for Carry: The Kahr K40 Review

by Payton Miller 1

There’s a lot to like about Kahr’s K40: bank-vault all-steel construction, simplicity of operation, sensible ergonomics and compact dimensions. Factor… more »


Hard Duty: FNX-40 Review

by Patrick Sweeney 11

The other was the good old cocked-and-locked, known in the 1911 and Browning P-35 pistols. With a few exceptions (the… more »


Glock 17 Gen 4 Review

by Payton Miller 9

Even though it’s nearly 30 years old, the Glock 17 reached iconic status some time ago. Since its introduction, the… more »


Smith & Wesson M&P 15-22P Review

by Richard Venola 0

The dizzying world of executive protection services in our post-9/11 world has changed the way weapons are used. Constant mounting… more »


Stoeger Cougar .45 ACP Review

by Payton Miller 4

The rise of striker-fired, polymer-frame, double-action-only autos in the last several years has somewhat overshadowed earlier DA/SA designs featuring hammer-drop… more »


Would You Shoot the Million-Dollar Luger?

by Garry James 6

In the film Wall Street, entrepreneur Gordon Gekko (Michael Douglas) takes his rival, Sir Larry Wildman (Terence Stamp), on a… more »


Laser-Equipped Bodyguards: S&W Bodyguard 38 and 380 Reviews

by Patrick Sweeney 9

September-2010 Back when we few, we happy few, were lawfully packing handguns, the manufacturers didn’t offer much. Oh, there were… more »


Warp-Speed Rimfire: S&W M&P 15-22P Review

by Patrick Sweeney 1

We’ve all had the experience of a teacher so deadly dull, so drearily boring, that the mere thought of attending… more »


Ruger SR9 Review

by G&A Staff 39

Ruger’s long-anticipated striker-fired pistol is finally here! The polymer-frame SR9 semiauto 9mm represents an entirely new design platform for Ruger… more »


Ruger SR9c Review

by Patrick Sweeney 31

OK, so you’re a big-time firearms manufacturer, and you design and manufacture a wildly popular new firearm. Will everyone be… more »

Just cycling along The PM9193 shot very well with several high-performance 9mm loads. Functioning was 100 percent with everything.

Kahr PM9193 Review

by Steve Gash 3

There will always be, I suppose, a debate as to which is the best self-defense gun–a snubnose revolver or a… more »


Third-Time Lucky: Sig Sauer P238 Review

by Terry Wieland 11

September-2009 Unquestionably, the most popular handgun in the United States today is the Colt Model 1911. Now nudging a century… more »


Arcus 98DA Review

by Doug Larson 3

Everyone I know who has carried a gun for serious business rates reliability as the most important characteristic, but the… more »


A Quartet for Carry: Reviews of Ruger SP101, CZ 83, Kel-Tec P-32, and Taurus Model 731 Ultra-Lite.

by Doug Larson 3

Ed Head, the operations chief at Gunsite Academy, once told me, “The first rule of gunfighting is having a gun…. more »


New Age 9: CZ P-07 Duty Review

by Patrick Sweeney 8

Ferurary-2009 There have always been arguments about personal weaponry Rapier versus court sword, dirk versus bowie knife, and so on…. more »


CZ 75B Stainless Review

by Robert Kolesar 2

I’ve always been interested in the Czech CZ 75. Cloaked in mystery during the first decade of its existence, it… more »


CZ 75B Stainless Review

by Robert Kolesar 6

I’ve always been interested in the Czech CZ 75. Cloaked in mystery during the first decade of its existence, it… more »


A Whole Lotta 9: Springfield XDm 9mm Review

by Patrick Sweeney 8

When the XDm was brand-new, not such a long time ago, I asked Denny Reese about a 9mm version. “How… more »


Old-School Autos: ArmaLite AR-24 Review

by Doug Larson 2

It has graceful lines, an upswept beavertail that lends flair and a rounded slide instead of the blocky, difficult-to-conceal slide… more »


Meet the Mini Kahr: Kahr P380 Review

by Patrick Sweeney 2

December-2008 There was a time, not too long ago, when all anyone wanted were hi-cap pistols. Big guns with lotsa… more »


Heir Apparent?: Smith & Wesson M&P 45 Review

by Bart Skelton 10

During most of the 20th century, American combat handgunnery was carried out by men armed with a Colt 1911 chambered… more »


Bersa Thunder .380 Review

by Terry Wieland 68

Except for the 1909 Argentine Mauser (which wasn’t even made there), Argentina is not a name that springs to mind… more »


XD Remely Refined: Springfield XDM Review

by Patrick Sweeney 3

July-2008 For a pistol that first introduced itself to American shooters in the year 2000, the XD has come a… more »

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