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Barnes VOR-TX .300 Blackout TAC-TX Ammo Review

by Dusty Gibson 0

CRUSH IT WITH COPPER Developing a do-it-all cartridge has been the objective of almost every major cartridge designer and wildcatter… more »


Marlin 1894 Rifle Review

by G&A Staff 0

There was a lot of moaning and groaning from the gun world when Freedom Group purchased Marlin Firearms Company. Thoughts… more »


Colt Competition “Pro” CRP-18 Rifle Review

by G&A Staff 2

Every skilled trade requires specialized tools to get the job done right, and the shooting sports follow suit with dedicated… more »


Ruger American Revolution Review

by Kyle Lamb 10

“Something this cheap shouldn’t shoot this good.” — Tom Beckstrand These were words uttered by fellow Guns & Ammo writer “Tommy”… more »


Lewis Machine & Tool SLK8 Review

by G&A Staff 0

One of the most useful aspects of AR-15-pattern rifles is their modularity. Usually, all it takes to change calibers is… more »


New .26 Nosler: Nosler M48 Trophy Grade Rifle Review

by Craig Boddington 11

WHEN I WAS A KID, the .264 Winchester Magnum was the brightest star on the horizon. Introduced in 1958, it… more »


Salient Arms International Tier 1 AR-15 Review

by Tom Beckstrand 22

A large part of the AR industry is building rifles from parts made by three primary manufacturers. Most of the time… more »


The Jazz Singer: IWI Tavor Review

by Eric R. Poole 5

The Tavor is quickly becoming the primary rifle issued to members of the Israeli Defense Force (IDF). In a place… more »

CZ 455 Varmint Precision Trainer

CZ 455 Varmint Precision Trainer Review

by Tom Beckstrand 4

A few years ago, I attended the U.S. Marine Corps Scout/Sniper Advanced Course in Quantico, Virginia. The course was six… more »

APA Paragon

APA Paragon Rifle Review

by Tom Beckstrand 0

It’s hard not to love the .338 Lapua Magnum. With a ballistic coefficient (BC) of .767 in Lapua’s 300-grain Scenar… more »


Diamondback DB-15 Review

by Tom Beckstrand 14

Readers who are big into airboats will probably recognize the name “Diamondback.” The company has been making airboats since 1989… more »

Rock River Arms X-Series

Rock River Arms X-Series Review

by Tom Beckstrand 2

Rock River Arms has been in the AR business since 1996, which makes it ancient in the AR world. Back… more »


Tracking Point Precision Guided Firearm Review

by Eric R. Poole 6

This smart rifle doesn’t shoot itself. Rather, it still requires users to locate the target, input windage, place the rifle… more »


M24 Makeover: Remington M2010 Rifle Review

by Tom Beckstrand 4

The M2010 project was the result of several years of design work updating the M24 that has been in service… more »



by Eric R. Poole 1

Tom Beckstrand passed me the rifle after uncasing it from the low-pro guitar case and said, “In my opinion, this… more »


Ruger American Rimfire Review

by G&A Staff 13

The 10/22, one of William B. Ruger’s most successful firearms designs, is 50 years old in 2014. Coincidentally, Ruger is… more »


Ruger SR-762 Video Review

by Guns & Ammo TV 11

Ruger has expanded its line of piston-driven, semi-automatic centerfire rifles to include the SR-762. Chambered in .308 Win., the SR-762… more »



by Tom Beckstrand 5

Years ago, Darren Mellors and Jesse Gomez both frequented the Internet chat room called the “FAL Files.” This was the… more »

Alexander Arms .338 Lapua Magnum

Alexander Arms .338 Lapua Magnum Review

by Tom Beckstrand 1

If the shooting industry could present an award for the most exotic and accurate design of the last 25 years,… more »

CZ 557 Sporter

Big-Game Classic: CZ 557 Sporter Review

by Eric R. Poole 2

It’s ironic when you think about it. American gunmakers continue to develop more efficient, high-volume, low-cost manufacturing processes and finding… more »

Core-15 Tac III

Core-15 Tac III Rifle Review

by Patrick Sweeney 10

The AR-15 was, to a great extent, designed to be manufactured as a precision-machined industrial product. Many of the parts… more »


At the Range: British Bren Light Machine Gun Review

by Guns & Ammo TV 0

The .303 British Bren light machine gun was originally developed as a replacement for the Lewis gun, which was prone… more »


Alexander Arms .17 HMR Autoloader Review

by Patrick Sweeney 9

When the .22 WMR was unveiled in 1959, magnums were all the rage. And it indeed proved to be a… more »


At the Range: M16A1 Review

by Guns & Ammo TV 15

When it was first introduced to soldiers during Vietnam, people trash talked the M16 without cease. Some bashed the fact… more »


A Pair of Nines: Taurus CT9 Carbine & PT1911 9mm Review

by Patrick Sweeney 8

A bit more than 25 years ago I invented an “alternative division” in IPSC competition. Well, “I” in that I… more »


At the Range: SIG Sauer MPX Submachine Gun

by Guns & Ammo TV 20

The 50-year wait for a modern submachine gun is over. Introduced at the 2013 SHOT Show, the select-fire SIG Sauer… more »


HK MP5 Sub Machine Gun Review

by Guns & Ammo TV 8

For decades, the HK MP5 sub machine gun has been a staple with military and law enforcement around the world. The… more »


Special Ops Tactical Hanson 14.5 Review

by Sean Utley 0

It’s been a long time. In fact, I can’t remember the last time I’ve shot a rifle with a barrel… more »


NEMO Omen .300 Win. Mag. Review

by Patrick Sweeney 16

In the 1980s, I was delving deep into all things AR. I was shooting them in the first 3-Gun matches,… more »


The Six-Eight Solution: LWRCI M6.8-A5 Review

by Tom Beckstrand 18

Few would argue that the AR-15 has become one of the most relevant rifle designs available today. There are many… more »

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