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Zombie-Ready Shotgun: CZ 612 HC-P Review

by Payton Miller 5

Like many American shooters, I first became aware of Ceska zbrojovka through the legendary CZ 75 9mm auto, which elicited… more »


Wilson Combat Scattergun Standard Model Review

by Jason Teague 0

I really considered myself a nostalgic guy, but having spent the last 15 years in law enforcement, I have seen… more »


Riot Guns: Weatherby PA-08 TR and Weatherby PA-459 TR Review

by Patrick Sweeney 9

When it comes to pump shotguns for defense, the list of usual suspects is short and populated with familiar names… more »


Zombie Gun: The Mossberg Model 500 ZMB Review

by Patrick Sweeney 20

When I began gunsmithing, I really didn’t have much love for the Mossberg 500. It wasn’t a Winchester Model 12… more »


A Pump for Every Purpose: Mossberg Flex Review

by G&A Staff 23

Last fall, Mossberg’s Vice President of Marketing, Tom Taylor, invited me down to South Carolina for a couple days to… more »


Bull Pump: Kel-Tec KSG Review

by Payton Miller 4

The 12-gauge, pump-action KSG bullpup has a 14-round capacity (courtesy of two parallel seven-round tubular magazines), a weight of 6.9… more »


Social Shotgun: The Mossberg 590A1 Review

by J. Guthrie 7

  Despite all the press that handguns garner, the simple fact is that you are barely armed should you meet… more »


All Pumped Up: The Remington M887 NitroMag Review

by L.P. Brezny 0

  With the new M887, shotgunners will be dealing with an all American-built smoothbore designed with a basic steel-frame receiver… more »

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