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People’s Pistol: HK VP9 Review

by Tom Beckstrand 0

Whenever I discover a new pistol on the market, I often wonder about the name or model number provenance. Manufacturers… more »


CZ 75 Tactical Sport Pistol Review

by G&A Staff 0

Every pistol has a defined purpose. Whether intended for concealed carry, law enforcement, hunting or, in this case, competition, handguns… more »


Springfield Armory XDs 4.0 Review

by G&A Staff 1

Friends, we are living in a golden age of concealed carry. States across the nation are being forced to ease… more »


Heizer Defense PS1 Review

by G&A Staff 3

The PS1 is touted as “the world’s most powerful small pistol,” and, given its compact size and large hole at… more »


Semper Fi: Colt M45A1 CQBP Marine Pistol Review

by Eric R. Poole 18

The M45A1 Close Quarters Battle Pistol (CQBP) was decided on July 20, 2012, from three submissions to a 2010 solicitation… more »


Diamondback DB-15 Review

by Tom Beckstrand 10

Readers who are big into airboats will probably recognize the name “Diamondback.” The company has been making airboats since 1989… more »


CZ P-09 Duty Review

by James Tarr 16

Back in 2009, Patrick Sweeney and I were wandering around a shooting event when Angus Hobdell from CZ-USA pulled us… more »


HK45 Tactical Review

by Tom Beckstrand 7

Contemporary HK polymer-frame pistols follow an evolutionary pattern. The introduction of a new design is followed by a compact version… more »


First Look: Taurus View Revolver

by Eric R. Poole 8

Precision instruments have nothing to hide. The new Taurus five-shot View is quite possibly the lightest .38 Special available. I’ve found… more »

CZ 97 B

CZ 97 B Review

by Patrick Sweeney 7

Sometimes I look at guns, shooting gear and extras, and I think, “What could have been ….” Back in the… more »


A Pair of Nines: Taurus CT9 Carbine & PT1911 9mm Review

by Patrick Sweeney 8

A bit more than 25 years ago I invented an “alternative division” in IPSC competition. Well, “I” in that I… more »


Nighthawk T4 Review

by Tom Marshall 3

What defines a premium 1911? For some, it’s masterful engraving and 24-karat accents. Functional shooters may measure it in group… more »


Iver Johnson Eagle LR Zombie Review

by Eric R. Poole 30

The reanimated Iver Johnson has made a statement with its recent introduction of the Eagle LR Zombie, a new .45-caliber… more »


Glock 20 Gen 4 Review

by Payton Miller 10

Since its introduction in 1983 in the star-crossed, CZ-75-inspired Bren Ten, the 10mm Auto cartridge has followed an all-too-familar trajectory… more »

This innovative little .380 should take pole position in the small-and-sleek sweepstakes.

Beretta Pico Review

by G&A Staff 14

Introduced at the 2013 NRA Convention last May, Beretta’s new Pico is a very small concealed carry semi-auto initially chambered… more »


Colt Mustang XSP Review

by James Tarr 15

I’ve always been a fan of the .380 Colt Mustang, but by the time I had both the inclination and… more »


Scaled for Self-Defense: Springfield XD-S 9mm Review

by Patrick Sweeney 10

There are people—and companies—who have one good thing, one trick that they work for all they’re worth. Then there are… more »


Kel-Tec PF-9 Review

by Payton Miller 24

To paraphrase an overused marketing catchphrase, “9 is the new .380.” And it’s not really a fanciful overstatement. Why? A… more »


Power Pair: Ruger SR1911CMD and Ruger SR45 Review

by Patrick Sweeney 7

It was a typical Tuesday here at Gun Abuse Central. An email in my inbox announced, “Patrick, overnight package arriving… more »


Nice-Price Nine: SCCY CPX-2 Review

by Patrick Sweeney 35

OK, it’s easy to get jaded in this business. Everyone has something “new,” everything has something that “hasn’t been done… more »


Remington R1 Carry Review

by Patrick Sweeney 12

Some days, it is as if I’ve awakened in a sci-fi movie, one where I’m in an alternate reality. I… more »


Taurus 24/7 G2 Review

by Steve Gash 13

There’s no shortage of reasons for the ascendancy of polymer-frame pistols. They’re relatively light in weight, darn-near indestructible, reliable and… more »


Ruger Single-Nine Review

by Payton Miller 13

What put Ruger firearms on my personal radar was not the company’s original Standard .22 pistol (I’m too young for… more »


Steyr C9-A1 Review

by Payton Miller 8

Someone of a cynical nature might well conclude that the last thing the world needs is another polymer-frame, striker-fired DAO… more »


Grab and Go: SIG Sauer Adaptive Carbine Platform Review

by Patrick Sweeney 20

The utility of handguns is obvious. Compact, durable, reasonably powerful and holding a useful amount of ammunition, handguns have been… more »


CZ P-09 Duty Review

by Eric R. Poole 26

The CZ Duty series is the most underrated line of 9mm and .40-caliber pistols to be found. In the summer… more »


Palm-Size Two-Shooter: The Heizer DoubleTap Review

by G&A Staff 33

The newly announced Heizer Defense DoubleTap combines elements of several previous types of small, palm-size personal defense handguns into a… more »


Ruger 22/45 Lite Review

by Payton Miller 31

Longer ago than I care to admit, I thought the 4-inch Ruger Mark II bull-barreled Target model pretty much embodied… more »


Pocket Parabellum: SIG P938 Review

by Patrick Sweeney 36

Back before Archduke Franz Ferdinand took that fateful ride in 1914, Browning had designed—and Colt had made—a beautiful little carry… more »


Service Auto Supreme: The Sig Sauer MK25 Review

by Eric R. Poole 11

In November 2011, Sig Sauer announced that it had received permission to officially make the P226 MK25 available to the… more »

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