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Mossberg Maverick HS12 Review

by J. Guthrie 8

At first I was skeptical (just like you) and nearly passed on the assignment to cover this shotgun. I figured… more »


Beretta DT-11 Review

by Payton Miller 2

I run hot and cold when it comes to shotguns. I’m gratified during the hot streaks and, of course, frustrated… more »


Shotgun Safari: Franchi Affinity, Franchi Instinct Reviews

by Layne Simpson 3

I was on my way to a hunt for Cape buffalo in Rhodesia in 1977 when I learned that the… more »


Ruger Red Label 20 Review

by Payton Miller 0

  Introduced in 1978 Ruger‘s Red Label has, in the past 31 years, become a classic over-under in its own… more »


CZ Coach Gun Review

by Denis Prisbrey 3

  In the Old West, while Colts were winning gunfights, shotguns were preventing them. Even at 10 paces, a man… more »


CZ 28-Gauge Bobwhite Review

by Richard Venola 3

Up until just recently, the term “Turkish shotgun” conjured up images of a sweaty, rheumy-eyed peasant squatting in the middle… more »


Franchi Highlander Review

by Richard Venola 2

There is absolutely, positively nothing new or innovative about the Franchi Highlander. Like a fine Shakespearean play expertly performed, it… more »


Stoeger Outback Review

by Payton Miller 4

The age-old question “If you only had to have one gun, what would it be?” has served as the theme… more »

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