The competitors in the 1983 IPSC World Shoot VI may have accomplished more for the gun industry than any other collection of champions. The then-unknown Rob Leatham won his first IPSC championship, and Brian Enos finished second.

Front row, left to right: Mike Dalton (currently owns the Steel Challenge), Ed Brown (Ed Brown Products, Inc.), Bill Wilson (Wilson Combat), Chip McCormick (Chip McCormick Custom), Ross Seyfried (former Guns & Ammo columnist), unknown (from South Africa Springbok Team), Bill Rogers (patented the plastic in a holster sold to Safariland).

Back row, left to right: Rob Leatham (professional shooter for Springfield Armory), John Shaw (owns Midsouth Institute), Mike Plaxco (professional shooter and representative for Smith & Wesson), Ross Carter (Arkansas gunsmith), Ricky Castelo (former head of security for Nissan), Tommy Campbell (former Smith & Wesson engineer and representative for Safariland), Brian Enos (professional shooter, instructor and gunwriter), unknown, John Sale (executive).

“We started this business,” said Ed Brown while pointing at this photograph.

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