Introducing Guns & Ammo’s new weekly web contest: The G&A Vault

We’re opening the official Guns & Ammo photo archives to give you chances to win awesome prizes for correctly identifying rare/obscure/historical guns, gun parts or famous personalities from G&A’s extensive collection.

To participate in the G&A Vault contest, simply leave a comment on the current week’s photo identifying the make and model of the pictured firearm. For example: “Springfield M1903A4.” Specific instructions for identifying the weekly photo may apply.

The first participant to correctly identify the subject of the weekly G&A Vault photo will win a prize. Each G&A Vault contest will run from Monday to Sunday, and G&A will announce the winner at 10 a.m. EST on Monday of each week.

You’re invited. Step into the first G&A Vault contest and win!











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