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G&A Man on the Street: Why Are Gun Owners Misunderstood?

by G&A Online Editors   |  July 19th, 2013 4

It seems these days everyone has an opinion about guns and the American citizens who own them. It’s one of the biggest debates in our political landscape.

With all the opinions floating around in the media and amongst the general public, there are a few misconceptions about firearms and the people who own them, though their rationale is never really quite explained. In an effort to try and solve this phenomenon, we set out to find out why gun owners think they’re misunderstood.

  • Bret

    Ignorance of people who choose not to own guns to recognize a gun as a anything but a murderous weapon and not as a tool for sport and or defense.
    Basing their opinion of gun owners on Maniacs in the news you tube videos of douche bags with guns gives gun owners a bad image especially to people who are unfamiliar with guns.
    People who grew up in cities or states with bs gun laws are brain washed to automatically associate guns with criminal activity.
    At least a million more reasons that all boil down to ignorance and misinformation.

  • Gunst

    I believe gun owners need to do a lot more to police themselves and weed out the crazies in their own groups. As a hispanic gun owner I love shooting, going to gun shows and posting on gun message boards but I’ve seen quite a bit of open racism that a few gun owners express but none of the majority of normal gun owners attempt to correct or shun them for their ignorance. I went to a gun show and was accosted by an irate vendor who angrily claimed that just because I was hispanic I must have “voted for obama” and thus was against gun rights. I reported him but going back to the same gun show next year he was still there. It’s the same way on gun message boards, reveal that you’re someone who isn’t white and you get a few crazies that immediately insult you while everyone else simply hangs back and watches without comment.

    • gatorbait51

      I’m sorry to hear this. The Gun Shows in my area,m South Louisiana , have terrific vendors for the most part. They do tend to be fairly knowledgeable , but busy.

      There is no excuse for what you are telling us. Sorry it happened .

  • regularguy2

    There are three basic types of people on this subject: Wolves, Dogs, and Sheep. Wolves are pure predators that use their weapons (guns/teeth, cunning, etc.) to project power over others. Dogs are mostly live and let live. They have weapons similar to Wolves (guns/teeth, smarts, etc.), but their weapons are meant for protection. Sheep have no weapons (guns/teeth or brains), but they do see safety in numbers. Then we have the Wolf in sheep’s clothing. He would like to eat the Dogs also, but they have those pesky weapons that makes them harder prey. Since there are more sheep than dogs the trick is to get the Sheep to pressure the Dogs to give up their defences. They do so by convincing the Sheep that the weapons and intentions of Wolves and Dogs are equal. Lo, even the devoted sheep dog that protects the Sheep is now a Wolf in the eyes of the Sheep. Conversely, the Wolf-in-Sheep’s-Clothing-in-Chief is seen as a Sheep saviour.

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