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At the Range: Slide Fire Belt Fed Rifle

by G&A Online Editors   |  June 26th, 2013 19

The new semi-auto Slide Fire Belt Fed Rifle (BFR) starts life as a standard Colt 6920. Slide Fire Solutions then custom mills the upper and lower receivers and drops in a proprietary feeding device, enabling the rifle to cycle belted ammunition.

They also replace the factory Colt trigger with a 3.5-pound, single stage trigger which is tuned for optimal performance with the included SSAR-15 stock and two-piece AR-15 Hand Guard. If you run out of belted ammunition—separate the upper and lower receivers, press the magazine release button and remove the feeding device from the magazine well. Attach the receivers back together, and now the BFR will accept regular AR-15 magazines.

The BFR comes to market by the end of summer 2013 at a price of $5,999. G&A Online Editors met up with Joe Green from Slide Fire Solutions, who discussed their new Belt Fed Rifle:

  • Evil Merlin

    $6000 for a non-automatic, bump-fire? Seriously? Are people really that stupid to pay that kind of money for yet another AR-15?

    • Gunz4fun

      Want to buy a “Real” Select Fire M-16? Be prepared to fork over at a minimum $16,000 and that’s not for an authentic “Colt”. $6K is a steal for a ‘knock off select fire belt fed. I have a M-4 with “the stock”, it’s a hoot in “rock ‘n roll”. My very real M1917A1 BMG will run you about $18K to $35K or more depending if the MG has any real history behind it. Mine has no history other than it retains all of the “Bronze” parts from “Pre-WWll. That would put it in the $20K range.

      • Evil Merlin

        Is the M-16 an AR-15? Nope. Is the M-4 an AR-15? Nope. Is the M1917A1 an AR-15? Nope again, so I’m not quite sure what you are getting at here.

  • Shayla Striffler

    I’m sure at least a few are Merlin.

  • Bob

    A stock Colt LE6920 can be purchased for easily under $1200.00. So for around $4800.00 more you can make it belt fed. I owned a LE6920 abd it does not have the heavy duty “machine gun” barrel. So how many rounds can be fired before the barrel becomes excessively overheated and is damaged. A handful of 30 round magazines and a few seconds time to replace an empty mag, does not justify that price. The gun is not fully automatic, but instead has the SlideFire “bumpfire” stock, which retails for $350.00. I curently own a DPMS 308, with a SlideFire stock, along with a needed muzzle brake. It has all the firepower I could ever need, and the total cost was $1600.00.

  • Bart

    I live in the republic of New York. Do they make 7 round belts?

    • Adam Jankowski

      Read the law, does it outlaw belts over 7 rounds or just “magazines”. If it only stipulates magazines then your good to go.

    • Alex

      Actually 7 round magazines are what you’re forced to deal with. However, less free states (like California or New York) have no limits on how many rounds you can have on a belt

  • Shawn O’Loughlin

    A belt-fed semi-auto? Would be an interesting novelty gun but putting a bump-fire stock on it will remove any chance of getting decent accuracy from the gun. I suppose if you can afford to drop 6k on this you can afford to drop another 6k on ammo for an afternoon of not hitting squat really fast.

  • Mike Runyon

    I can just see these as exhibit A in senate hearings on gun control. A little harder to argue its not an assault rifle with that kind of rate of fire. And no I’m not pro gun control, just pointing out the obvious.

  • Ryan

    Um yea 6 grand for 1200 Dollar Gun, 200 bucks with of Gunsmithing, 350 for their over priced piece of plastic, 100 for the trigger and I’m going to guess it probably costs them maybe 100 bucks for the belt fed widget. You’ve got to be joking

  • jason

    For a 1500.00 bucks more I can buy a M2HB. Little much for an rebuilt ar15. No thanks ill buy a few beta dums and save some $$$$.

    • Gunz4fun

      Feeding the M2 HB .50 Cal. BMG at a rate of $4.00 around(Ball Ammo).

  • shooter2009

    Hey…um, Joey…how come the safety is “off”?

  • anthrogirl

    This is what people use to hunt, to target shoot or to protect their home? Interesting.

  • anthrogirl

    This is what people use to hunt, to target shoot or to protect their home? Interesting.

    • david

      no dusche this is what people use to keep their government from becoming tyranical

      • anthrogirl

        Your intent to disparage me is only effective if you know how to spell your insults. Otherwise, you just look like a low intelligent person.

        • Gunz4fun

          But you still got the Point!

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