The new semi-auto Slide Fire Belt Fed Rifle (BFR) starts life as a standard Colt 6920. Slide Fire Solutions then custom mills the upper and lower receivers and drops in a proprietary feeding device, enabling the rifle to cycle belted ammunition.

They also replace the factory Colt trigger with a 3.5-pound, single stage trigger which is tuned for optimal performance with the included SSAR-15 stock and two-piece AR-15 Hand Guard. If you run out of belted ammunition—separate the upper and lower receivers, press the magazine release button and remove the feeding device from the magazine well. Attach the receivers back together, and now the BFR will accept regular AR-15 magazines.

The BFR comes to market by the end of summer 2013 at a price of $5,999. G&A Online Editors met up with Joe Green from Slide Fire Solutions, who discussed their new Belt Fed Rifle:


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