Proudly owned and operated in America, Brownells is perhaps the world’s most well-known supplier of gun parts and gunsmithing tools.

Brownells retails products from several brands, but they’ve recently announced a whole new line of Brownells-branded products for 2014.

Notably, Brownells is now offering several new parts and accessories for the AR-15 and AR-10 rifle platforms, such as their new stainless steel, nitride-finished rifle barrels. They’re also offering an M4/M16 bolt carrier group, great for folks who choose to build their own rifles.

Other new rifle accessories include 5- and 10-round AR-15 magazines which have an extended polymer base plate for ergonomic seating and ejection from the magwell.

For even more new products from Brownells for 2014, check out our exclusive video from the 2014 SHOT Show:


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