EOTech has now produced over 1 million holographic sights, and more than half of those are in public circulation.

New for 2014, the EOTech Laser Battery Cap for 512-552 Sights is a drop-in upgrade that fits EOTech’s most common sights on the market—their 512 and 552 holographic sights.

The new battery caps simply replace your existing AA battery housing with a new assembly that includes a red visible laser and/or infrared (IR) laser.

Available during mid-summer, the laser battery caps will come in four variations: Red laser only, red laser with IR laser, the entire 512 sight with red visible laser, and the entire night-vision compatible 552 sight with both red and IR lasers. The laser battery caps start at $285.

For more information, check out our video from the 2014 SHOT Show:


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