Versacarry Holsters, known for its minimalist holster designs, released a low-profile spare magazine carrier for 2016 called the Versacarrier.

The Versacarrier offers many of the same benefits as the Versacarry holster. There is very little bulk to the carrier itself, which makes for a simple, print-free waistband carry of your spare magazine.

The mag carrier works by using excess space in the magazine after the last round has been loaded. To mount the magazine to the Versacarrier, simply push down on the exposed round and slide in the carrying surface. The two mag carrier prongs will lodge in between the top round and the magazine feed lips.


To remove the magazine from the Versacarrier, simply pull up on the magazine. The retention prongs on the magazine carrier will slide out from underneath the magazine feed lips and release the magazine.

The Versacarrier does not require the removal of a round from the magazine in order to function. Rather, the design uses excess space after fully loading the magazine. In addition, the pressure of the fully loaded magazine ensures that the magazine will stay retained in the carrier until a firm pull removes it.

The Versacarrier will work both inside the waistband and outside the waistband. The suggested retail price is $15.versacarry-versacarrier-1

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