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Best Gun Safes at Every Price Point

by Richard Nance   |  June 4th, 2013 16

Anyone who owns a firearm for home defense has an obligation to ensure their firearm is accessible in the event of a home invasion, and securely stored to prevent a child, untrained adult or criminal from obtaining it. The manner in which you store your firearm depends on the presence of young children in the home, the number of firearms in your collection, your particular home defense plan and a myriad of other factors—not the least of which is your budget.

Whether you have a few dollars or several thousands to spend, it’s your responsibility as a gun owner to ensure your firearms don’t fall into the wrong hands.  Don’t put it off any longer.  Tragedy can strike at any moment—and when it does, there’s no going back. There are many great gun safes on the market, and you need to consider your options before making a purchase. Here’s a look at firearm storage options ranging from less than $15 to more than $5,000.

  • Chris

    A nice selection, but you missed these: all American made, vet owned.

    • Daniel M

      Chris, this has a nice layout. Almost as nice as the

      informative gun safe reviews I found at gunsafecritic. I think it’s important to have an objective opinion and I’ve looked at all the review sites listed here on this page and these guys seem to have the best information.

  • MacTex

    If you consider items #1, #2 and #3 guns safes, you are not the person to be writing this article. Also, I’ve seen (and own) some fine safes in the $900 to $1250. It’s hard to believe that none in that range were included, especially since this article was to cover “all price points”. With that in mind, it starts looking like a way to push particular products – not educate readers.

    • Jaime Capra

      Totally right MacTex, This article looks like mostly product promotion. I would extend your comment to say that items 1 through 6 shouldn’t be considered when looking for gun safes.

      Even the title of this article is misleading. Not all price points are worthy of ANY consideration. Would you write an article about the Best Carry Pistol You Can Get for $50? Decent self-defense guns start at a certain price and go up from there. If you can’t afford the cheapest reliable pistol, you’re better off with mace, a knife, or a baseball bat.

      The same goes for gun safes. A weak gun safe centralizes your valuables while attracting attention to them. This can put your stuff in more danger than if you just hid everything. There’s a lot of bad information out there about gun safes. Before buying a gun safe, read some honest gun safe reviews. Also consider alternatives to a gun safes (see ideas on that site) to see if you want one at all.

    • Joshua Murillo

      Right on. I’d never consider a gun safe to be ideal unless it has at least 10 gauge steel. I personally opt for 8 gauge. It’s a pain in the rear to get in the house but that just means it would be a pain to get out of the house!

      I definitely don’t trust smaller gun safes – as discussed here there are definitely problems with some of the leading brands.

  • K Smith

    I have to agree with MacTex, there are a ton of other great options to consider in the $500-$1500 price points. Safes come in all price ranges, but I would say the “best value” gun safes can be found in the $400-$1200. In the end, it all depends on your specific need. Perhaps add these to your list

    Fort Knox FTK-PB Pistol Box Handgun Safe

    BARSKA Biometric Safe

    V-Line Quick Access Keyless Long Gun Safe

    Biometric safes are great, but make sure you check the batteries often!


  • CJ

    I’ve actually done a great deal of research on gun safes on the market
    and put together a guide that will lay out the specs for over 100 gun
    safes. They even give you an estimated price range so you can choose
    what you want, but one of the safes that stood out to me was the R19
    Winchester Gun Safe

    Personally I like the great interior features of the safe and the fact that I can store long guns inthere as well as either Ammo or some hand guns. The door organizer on
    it is a definitely bonus as it gives you that much more additional

    Another very solid option is the American
    Security Gun Safe TF5517
    . While this may not hold quite as
    many long guns as the Winchester model, it’s an excellent beginner safe
    with an 11 gun capacity and a 30 minute fire rating at 1200 Degrees.
    Plus it’s a very secure safe.

  • Mike Loshe

    Thanks for the share. I was wondering if someone can help me out here. For a home gun safe how thick should the door be? The one I am looking at is 3”, should that be enough?

    • Dan M

      Hey Mike – I’m not sure if you’ve purchased yet or not, but a friend of mine helped me do a ton of research before I made my first big gun safe purchase. He took me to his house and showed me the problems he had when he bought a safe that was too big for his closet and he gave me a couple websites to check out some detailed gun safe reviews before I ended up buying a Liberty Fatboy. Hope this Helps.

    • SuperOpinion8ed

      I’ve been researching and found that many safe manufacturers (especially those sold at big box stores) boast about the thickness of the door. First, the main part of the door is often composite. 3″ is maybe only 12 gauge steel (under 1/8″) and some fire foam stuff. The 6″ thick door is including the FRAME that houses the locking bolts. It’s really just a hollow space to hide the moving parts. So you see a thick, NORAD door, but it turns out it’s just thin sheet metal mostly. You get what you pay for. The expensive safes include 1/4″ steel doors. Also, my research said that many safes aren’t even continuously welded. They’re spot welded. So, thin metal, spot welds, etc. It’ll keep the kids out, true, but maybe not the determined burglar. Also, if you’re storing cash (and other valuables), that matters. $10,000 worth of guns is one thing. $10,000 worth of guns and $100,000 of cash and precious metals…. might want to spend up.

  • HellFogg

    I love when the comments section of an article has better advice than the actual article.

  • pgrant
  • Danny

    Great job

  • editorfaggots

    All of these so-called editors on these blogs that write this worthless information are nothing but c u n t s. They are shills for manufacturers, nothing more.

  • Sam Sneed

    “this trigger lock features a four-pin tumbler cylinder to prevent picking” – Ha! I would be in that thing in under 30 seconds. 4 pin Masterlocks are a joke. Your children could accidentally pick it just by jamming crap into the keyhole.

    • Ken Rollins

      I agree Sam – having a 4 pin Masterlock is never a good way to make sure that a safe is perfectly secured. It took us a while to figure out what safe we wanted to go with and we eventually settled on a safe with an electronic lock. We ended up going with a larger gun safe made by the Mesa Safe Co after reading some recommendations of others and also by doing our research online. We found a pretty good gun safe reviews article at this link here: which helped validate our decision and we honestly couldn’t be happier. Hope this helps anyone in the market.

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