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8 Gun Accessories You Didn’t Know You Needed

by B. Gil Horman   |  August 15th, 2012 21

Gun enthusiasts are regularly flooded with advertisements for all of those gadgets, gismos and accessories that they just can’t live without, but how do you know which ones are worth the investment? Here are a few gems — some of them brand new — that have been taken for a test drive and found to work as advertised.

  • Big D

    i purchased the pistol hangers at a gun show a few years back they work great on short barrel pistols but not on long ones. the problem is the pistols with longer barrels stick out to much and you can't close the safe door. So they went on my pistol rack instead.

    • The Expendable

      Good to know. This are small details that the manufacturer won't tell you and consumers have to find out after buying them. I was planning on purchasing several for all of my pistols but now (thanks to Big D) I changed my mind and will buy just a couple for my Glock 19 and 26.

      • Fred

        Umm, it does say in the product description — 10-inches or shorter — It wasn't exactly hidden information…

        • The Expendable

          Yes, it does say "allow pistols 10-inches or shorter to be securely suspended from the underside"….but it doesn't mention anything about " Hangers may interfere with door closing in some safe models"

    • F Huls

      They work perfectly in my gun safe (M1911, Beretta M9. S&W 4" N Frames, SAA 4-3/4 & 5-1/2). They are really a space saver for me, as well as allowing easy access.

    • Duh…

      They make a model for handguns longer than 10". It's called the "Back-Under" pistol hanger. It clips on the BACK of the shelf so you have the full length of the shelf. I have a set for my target pistols along with the "original" pistol hangers and they work great:

  • @CrusaderCEO

    I had no idea this was coming out and wanted to say thank you from all of us at Crusader Weaponry.

    • Alan_T

      I went to your website and I'm REALLY impressed . Can we buy Slipstream / Slipstream Styx in local retail stores ?

      • @CrusaderCEO

        We have a few dealers and are looking for more all the time. If it's not in a local retailer, please request they start stocking it. I'd love to take care of them.

  • Cory

    Are we forgetting that the Leatherman company is on the other side politically?

    • Will Carry

      What Leatherman is made by Republicans? No way dude.
      I am a mechanic and I always laugh when someone pulls out a leatherman. All of those crappy tools in one package.

  • jonyrotten

    well if they fit a 2X4 at 1.5" thick, i could use them. what a thing to overlook, the world is constructed of 2X4s

  • Alan_T

    The Laserlyte target system is WELL worth the money , although I use their dedicated 9 MM , . 40 S&W and . 45 ACP cartridge lasers that fit in the chambers . It gives you immediate feed back on what you're doing and It WILL improve your trigger control and shooting technique . Just one suggestion if you get a set , buy a cheap red laser pointer to use after taking your shots , to activate the controls instead of relying on the gun's laser to turn the Display and Reset on and off .

  • Alan_T

    BOY ! ………………. I sure didn't know that I needed those 8 gun accessories !

    Well ………… those 7

    I mean ….. well ……. I have the Laserlyte Target System ….. but

    BOY ! …… I sure didn't know that I needed those 7 gun accessories !

    and …… this lamp ! These 7 gun accessories and this lamp …….

    And ….. this ashtray ! … these 7 gun accessories and this lamp and this ashtray ! ….. That's all I need ….. and …… this alarm clock !

    Tees …. Theeses … these 7 gun accessories dis lamp an dis ashtray an …. an ……. dis alarm clock !

    S'all I need ! …… An ……. dis ……..

    • John

      Well, Alan, some of us haven't heard of all of these items, and I found some of them to be quiet useful. Maybe you could back off of the caffeine, or meth, or what ever it is that's got you so jittery.

    • mickfury

      You should chill out and get some pizza in a cup ;)

    • fireman7

      Sounds like the “Jerk” to me!!

    • Duffy

      : )

  • Target Is Moving

    We don’t think of ourselves as an accessory – but its a necessity! http:///

  • John Wilde

    You can maximize your gun safe storage using a MOLLE Gun Safe Door Panel Organizer. Custom made for your safe and 100% American Made.

  • Stan

    Would the Gun Vault/Speed Vault SVB 500 be conducive for a vehicle (truck) ? Pros ? Cons ? Anyone tried this ?

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