Michael Bane, host of Shooting Gallery on Outdoor Channel and Shooting Gallery Online on MyOutdoorTV.com, spoke with Patrick Kelly from Savage Arms at NRA 2018.

Kelly introduced Bane to Savage’s new MSR 15 Competition model rifle. Kelly, an experienced 3-gun shooter, uses his competition knowledge to help Savage create some of the best competition rifles on the market.

Savage partnered with PROOF Research to help design the rifle’s carbon-fiber barrel to meet specifications of a high-performance AR-type competition firearm. The new MSR 15 Competition model comes equipped with a quality trigger and a large magwell, which are all important features to competitive shooters.

The Savage MSR 15 Competition – chambered in .223 Remington and the new-for-2018 .224 Valkyrie – is fast to shoulder, fast to shoot and allows for quick recovery shots.

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