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First Look: BCM KeyMod Rail System

by G&A Online Editors   |  January 15th, 2014 3

New for 2014, Bravo Company (BCM) USA and Gunfighter Industries are introducing a revolutionary new handguard system for the AR-15 platform. Weighing just 5-ounces, the 13-inch BCM KeyMod Rail System (KMR) is quite possibly the lightest and most versatile handguard on the market.

The KMR utilizes KeyMod rail attachment points, which have become a standardized rail mounting system across the firearm industry. KeyMod rails were originally designed to work in tandem with standard Picatinny rails to give operators the ability to quickly mount accessories at several positions on the hand guard.

Bravo Company’s KMR is constructed of an aluminum and magnesium alloy, weighing 7-ounces when installed with mounting hardware.

The KMR system will be initially available on BCM complete upper receivers two weeks after SHOT Show. Individual KMR systems in 10- and 13-inch variations will be shipping a few weeks after that, for around $269. We also expect to see 9- and 15-inch offerings coming later in 2014.

Check out our exclusive video of the new KMR rail system, as well as several more new offerings from BCM in our exclusive video from the 2014 SHOT Show:

  • Sez Eye

    Looks like a good addition to a light weight rifle build.

  • al

    I want plenty of space to put the bobbing Garfield doll, the mud flaps with reflectors, the 8 track tape deck I junked 30 years ago, six usb ports, rear view mirrors, tear drop spot lights, lasers, particle beam weapons, photon torpedo launchers, ….I have a novel idea: Why not just make a sleek piece that won’t hang on everything it passes by. Always some new “attachment” that if you don’t have, you’re ****. Might go back to the past and re-examine the Garand.

  • BigFED

    “How to Turn a 6 Pound Carbine into a 12 Pound Snag All, Batteries NOT included!!!”

    “I want a light weight, all purpose…”

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