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Blue Book of Gun Values: Top 10 Firearm Industry Awards 2014

by Dennis Adler   |  February 26th, 2014 1

Every year, armsmakers and others in the firearms industry roll out their best and brightest new products at the annual SHOT Show, and it always seems that there are a handful of standout new guns and products that either rewrite the book on the physics of gun-making or dazzle us with unorthodox engineering.

We are always drawn to those that exhibit exceptional innovation or are of historic importance. In every instance, there is something very interesting about the gun/product featured here and why it is worthy of mention in this article. Prepare to be astounded, enriched with history, and enticed to add to your collection.

Check out the Blue Book of Gun Values Top 10 Firearm Industry Awards for 2014:

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    Have had 2 Remington R51’s in the last week. The first one froze up in the first 50 rounds. After obtainiing a replacement pistol (the dealer had 2 R51’s) I managed to get to almost 400 rounds before the slide locked up solid on the second one. Ii think Remington has more work to do here before this pistol is ready for prime time.

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