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G&A’s Christmas Wish List

by Jim Bequette   |  November 29th, 2011 45

With Christmas just around the corner, it’s time for me to poll our staff of writers and editors on their respective wish lists.

Well, our writers and editors range in age from the mid-30s to mid-60s, but they were all eager to get their wish lists in. But these lists aren’t for Santa, they’re for our manufacturing friends in the shooting sports industry.

Let’s hope they’re listening, and feel free to leave your own Christmas wishes below.

  • Mike D.

    I agree whole heartedly with Garry about the miniature Browning Hi-power. I have three normal size hipowers in 9mm and .40 cal and love all three, but would love one that is smaller.

  • silsmanagement

    He thinks he a cowboy! Is he a reenacter or what?

  • Dana

    how about a 44 mag in an AR type pistol format. We can use handguns in Iowa to hunt deer and this would be the perfect gun for that. may have to limit mag capacity to 5 and barrel of 12-14 inches.


  • Robert

    I would like to see a 1911 Commander, not a 4" Pro but a 4.25" Commander, no bull barrel, just a barrel and a bushing. And with an old school rear slide serrations and ring hammer, not skelatonized. Other than Colt (Springfield, Wilson, Kimber etc..) at an afordable price. Merry Christmas.

    • sgt.ret

      Got that exact pistol, but alas, its a Colt. It was customized by Earl Stroupe in the early '70's. The only other feature it has that you did not mention, is a gold cup style sights and flat top slide. My fav pistol by far.

    • KDR

      Robert, I have a 70 series Combat commander brushed nickel I purchased new way back in the early 70's. I think at the time I paid about $250.00 new. Last week I purchased a Sig 1911 RCS, thru a very popular auction site for $799.00 + $15.00 shipping . Now I figure, comparing to what I paid for the Colt, & what I just paid for the Sig. You know, I think I paid less for the Sig. . By the way, I really like this Sig! Have Merry Christmas Kent

  • John

    Mr. Bequette-
    You wrote, " I’d also like to see a major manufacturer introduce an economy-grade bolt-action rifle." Really?? Remington has the 710/770, Mossberg has low-end models, T/C has the Venture, Weatherby has the vanguard (which might only be "economy grade" by weatherby standards) and S&W recently had the i-Bolt. Are those not major manufacturers, or not economy grade in your book?

    • Bob

      Don't forget Savage/Stevens, either.

      • atm

        Especially with the Accu-trigger. Budget gun with a trigger that every gun maker has tried to copy.

  • Tommy

    I second Dick Metcalf's vote for the 9mm Smith & Wesson. I want something small like the Kel-Tec PF9 or PF11. But with the Smith & Wesson quality we all know and love.

  • Joe_Cooler

    For Christmas I want a scandium K-Frame S&W 6 shot revolver with a 3 inch heavy barrel, smooth radiused trigger, bobbed hammer (retain single action option), fully adjustable night sights in a round butt configuration. Please stipple the backstrap and round the cylinder release. While you are at it, chamfer the cylinder holes. It should chamber .357/.38+P+ or .38 Super/SuperComp/9mm with moon clips. Engrave it nicely without any pictures or themes, just decorative shapes. Finish it off in that great Zero finish that requires no oil and eliminates wear. If you can fill the engraving with durable silver filler that would make a nice contrast….;0)

  • Mike C.

    For Editor Sweeney; I just picked up a Ruger Blackhawk in .327 Federal Magnum for my new trail gun. It's a bit heavy at 48 ounces yet the recoil is very manageable for a second or third shot if needed. Eight rounds and a 5 1/2 inch barrel, stainless frame and simulated wood laminate grips. American Eagle makes reasonably priced cartridges that'll stop most anything I expect to encounter.

  • Ron_Dog

    Would like to see the Ruger M44 brought back with removable 5 & 10 round magazines (rather than tubular), a Bull barrel (instead of the too light weight unit) and a recoil pad that works.

  • JoeHBro

    Ruger needs to introduce a carbine like their old .44 mag carbine but in .500 S&W or .460 S&W with a detachable hi-cap magazine… you could use it on deer to elephants and it would be one heck of a personal defense piece.

  • Sattie

    Amen to Craig Boddington! I couldn't agree more! …from one south-paw to another!

  • Sattie

    I'd also like to see a left hand version of the Ruger Hawkeye Compact rifle and have it chambered in 6.5 Creedmoor since they discontinued the .260 Remington version.

  • Pete

    I'd like to see a wheel gun in .44 S&W with a concealed hammer like the old S&W Model 49.

  • Barry

    I'd run out and buy this if it became available. Winchester 1885 single shot, low wall, octagonal barrel in 250-3000 (.250 Sav).

  • Ron_Dog

    What I want for Christmas is a Marlin model 1895 XLS in 45-70. Looked all across the US for a new in box and there aren't any. C'MON Remington, what's the hold up? Santa….Please give us some help here!

  • Antonio

    Gee, Santa, I've been really good this year. A 30-30 lever action is all I ask, not because I need it — I don't — I just want it.

  • Spike1point5

    Personally, what I really want for Christmas would be a Colt New Service update…always loved it.

  • Dean

    I'd like to see S&W do a run of 625 .45acp/ar Mountain Gun with a 4.2 inch barrel for us Canuks North of the border!

  • Nelson

    How about a M-1 Carbine in .45 ACP, the caliber that it should have originally been chambered for.

  • shadow1911

    I would be happy to find a Ruger SR-1911 under the Christmas Tree.

  • Lonn

    I'd like to be able to aquire Keltec's RFB .308 bull-pup. Would also like to see Keltec build a semi-auto version of their new bull-pup shot-gun.

  • porkchop6209

    An M-1 carbine in .327 Fed and .45, a double rifle in .45-70 or .500 S&W( I know, but it would just be outright cool) more .260's in single shots, like H&R, NEF, and CVA. I don't want to give my daughter a .243 or 7-08. I guess I can give her an AR in 6.5

    • Dreager

      Baikal makes a 45-70 double. shoots well, and price is right

  • danny

    Christmas wish list: Browning Bar (Belgium made) I would also like to see Weatherby make the Vanguard VGX again. They were as beautiful as the Mark V series, and way more affordable. Although I do like many of the "black guns" of today's times, including the Ak's and AR's, but there just something about the beauty of the high gloss finished stocks and deep blued metal found on some of the guns of yesteryear that still attract my deep attention. Although some of these types are still available, the price tags that go with them make them very unaffordable for most, and especially in today's crumbling economy.

  • David Barham

    I would love to see some (one) of the Colt revolvers return to production. Like maybe the Python or the Trooper MK III. In stainless, or course.

  • P161911

    J-Frame sized snub nosed revolver in .45ACP or .45GAP with a 4 shot cylinder.



  • Fernando Tejero

    I would like a double-single action 1911 clone with a hi-cap magazine ( full size and compact).

  • Lopaka Kanaka

    For my wish list is my Marlin 1894 20 inch barrel 357/38 stainless steel would be a great Christmas gift to
    myself. Or I could go for a Henry Golden Boy in a 357/38. A Marlin 308MXLR with a 24 inch barrel would be
    also a great addition to my rifle collections. Hello Santa please have this rifles under my Christmas tree by
    December 16, 2011 my birthday or December 24, 2011 for Christmas. Thanks for your time on this important gift that I will always be happy to use on my shoot outs.

  • Dreager

    I wish Marlin would chamber 327 Fed or a 500 S and W in a lever gun

  • Mack M.

    I'd like to see American hunting rifles come with iron sights standard! I think it's odd that the American hunting rifles comes without iron sights. I suppose it has more to do with the looks of the rifle… but c'mon!–we put SCOPEs on rifles. A scope defeats the whole sleek look and all, ya think? Yah…

  • Wayne Patterson

    @Dreager, The 327 Fed is almost, but not quite a .30 Cal Carbine. Wouldn't it be fun to see Marlin bring back the .256 Win Mag in the model 94 with an 18" barrel. Then make a .312 version by necking the .357 with minimum neck length in a similar model 94. The .357 conversion would give stronger brass and should easily exceed the .25-20 and .30 Carbine, in a very light, accurate lever gun. With the right steel, they could run to 45,000 CUP and get some great performance for medium game.

  • Guest Ron

    The Remington Nylon 66 in "Mohawk Brown" was a dream rifle for me, as a teenage hunter in the early 60's but, I didn't have the money to buy one with other priorities. It would have been the perfect rifle for the Nova Scotia winter rabbit trap line treks. I used a Savage .22/410 instead. Remington – bring back this world famous "fun gun". Most I have seen at gun shows are over-priced and shot out…

  • atmiller

    .22 conversion kit for XD/XDm. Its the only major duty pistol without a .22 conversion.

  • Kyle

    id like to see ammo that doesnt eat $20 bills for salad.

  • Dave Carloni

    I would ask the fat guy in the red & white suit for the following:

    1) Reproduce an affordable M-1 Garrand

    2) Reproduce an affordable M-1 Carbine

    3) An affordable bolt-action rifle in ..308 Winchester WITH IRON SIGHTS!!!!

    4) An affordable bolt-action rifle in .223 Remington WITH IRON SIGHTS!!!!

    5) A lever-action rifle in .327!!

  • Dale

    How about the old High Standard Derringer in 22 Magnum and an M1 carbine in .357 magnum.

  • buck

    stainless steel S&W 27 with 3.5 inch barrel 8 shot with the old style lines with a round butt-not the new Performance Center profiles, Kahr PM 45 in 45 gap and/or 10mm, S&W 16 in .327 Fed (old profile again), M1 Garand, Colt Delta Gold Cup 10mm, Stainless Python 2.5 inch I guess that's enough for now :)

  • Gerald Morrison

    Eric Poole needs to check that date for the nylon 66 50th anniversary! Its NOT in 2016! I had one
    of those when I was 16 years old, in 1962! Just sayin….

  • Gonefishn

    Bring back a new SAVAGE model 24B-DL over and under. .223 over 20gauge would work nicely for me.

  • Gonefishn

    Winchester could bring back their COMBO rifle/shotgun. .243 / 12 Ga. I would love to get my hands on one of these also.

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