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8 Examples of Hollywood Anti-Gun Hypocrisy

by James Tarr   |  January 28th, 2013 35

As part of the recent push for gun control, the improperly-named Mayors Against Illegal Guns—they’re actually against all guns—launched the campaign “Demand a Plan.” A key part of it is a video featuring A-list celebrities calling on Americans to demand a gun control plan from their elected officials. Problem is, almost all of these celebrities have made a lot of money waving guns around on-screen. The staggering hypocrisy of the video was too much for at least one person, who put together a video response to “Demand a Plan” that has since gone viral. Bluntly titled, “Demand A Plan—Demand Celebrities Go F*** Themselves,” it deftly intersperses the celebrities’ call for gun control with clips from their movies where they’re shooting guns.

For some reason, American society seems to idolize celebrities and actors much the same way Britons do royalty, even though they don’t actually do anything. Think about it: Their job is to play dress-up and make-believe, all while being paid huge sums of money, surrounded by people who constantly tell them they’re great. Is it any wonder they’ve lost touch with reality? Why anyone pays attention to what actors say offscreen is a mystery to me, but people do. While the list of celebrities who think with their heart—and in doing so, are strangers to logic—is very long, so here is a short list of “artists” who are publicly anti-gun, yet have no problem using guns to make money.

  • Spike1point5

    This again….really?

    Yes, it's a bit hypocritical. But you just know this is going to start a massive wave of people opining that we should "take away the guns of those guarding these celebrities, and see how they like it."

    Is it hypocritical? Well, sort of. I mean they don't choose how it's written, they just make money off of having a marketable skill. In this case, pretending to shoot people while spouting witty one-liners. They are pretenders. It's what they do. So they're ont actually shooting guns, they're putting on a show. But yes, it makes guns look cool then they criticise them, I know I know I know.

    On the other hand, who cares? It's their opinion. They're entitled to it, and they're entitled to it without any of us condemning them. They have a viewpoint, they have the high profile to express it to a large sample size.

    If you had that level of exposure, wouldn't you speak out in favour of guns? I would. As such, I can't criticise them for it, because that is what, ladies and gentlemen? Hypocrisy, yes.

    So I know this is probably in vain, but can we NOT have the hate-mail at celebrities like there was last time? I like guns, I love them in fact. A celebrity viewpoint won't change that, so why should I care? And if I don't care, why get all het up about it?

    • rebart

      You should care because ignorant people pay attention to these creeps. I personally hate them and I will pay attention to what they vote for and be sure to vote against them.

      • Spike1point5

        Ignorant people also believe that anything not chanting bible passages is a demon, reality tv shows are actually based on anything approximating reality, and that the word "your" has the same meaning as the word "you're."

        This is not a legal move. This is a bunch of people who happen to be famous, giving their opinions. Screaming about it online will not help the cause, trust me.

        Any vote on the matter, I am firmly pro-gun. But I recognise that this is not something I can change. So why bother trying?

        I like Damon. He's a good actor. Mark Wahlberg too. They are very good ACTORS. I.e. they are very good at assuming the identity and mannerisms of someone else and portraying them. The use of guns in films? that's what they get paid to do. It's a paycheck. Nothing more.

        Like I said, I like them as actors. Their politics have nothing to do with their skills, so I will happily go and pay my cash to watch them do their thing. Why not? *I* can't bankrupt them. Hell, if everyone on this site boycotts their films, do you know how much they would be hurt?

        They wouldn't. It would make no difference but to deprive us of viewing pleasure.

        Look at it this way:
        Court-appointed lawyers sometimes get told to defend murderers or rapists. It's not a
        moral choice, it's a financial one. In the same way, these people are making money from a skill, which is lying in an entertaining way.

        Why do you expect their screen personas to match their real ones? That doesn't make sense.

        Look, if someone started on you in the same vein as many of the comments here, because you are pro-gun….is that right? IS it justified? Is it fair?

        No, of course not. So don't do it to them!

        And we would all do well to remember: Second amendment is the right to bear arms.
        The one above that is the right to free speech.

        Either uphold the Constitution or don't, you don't get to cherry-pick which bits you want to adhere to.

    • bob

      Perhaps these theoretical gun toting heroes and heroines would see things different if we excused ourselves from any and ALL movies, bought, rented or seen on tv and and in the theater, which has ANY gunplay, shooting, firearm discharges or display of a firearm in them. I think their hypocricy would take on a whole new flavor.l

      • Spike1point5

        Maybe. But, speaking personally, I rather like action films. I'm not going to deprive myself of entertainment just because I disagree with someone's politics.

        They're exercising their Right To Free Speech. That seems fair to me. I may not agree with their views, but they have just as much right to them as anyone else.

        As soon as we attach any more importance to their views than to those of everyone else, we've fallen into the same trap as those who take any word from Oprah as gospel truth.

        The only thing that getting angry about it will accomplish is to make gun owners and advocates look like angry, bigoted idiots who aren't prepared to listen to anybody else's point of view. That will do more damage to gun rights than any celebrity opinion.

        At the end of the day, it all boils down to this. "I may not agree with what you say, but I will defend unto my death your right to say it."

  • MMcQuown

    Already, there is pressure in the UK and Australia for 'sword control' since there were some incidents in which people were killed with katanas. Which only proves the point (pun intended) that gun control doesn't work. Take the guns away and people with murder on their minds will find another weapon. If this kind of thinking (?) continues, we'll all be eating Pablum out of a soft container so nobody can hurt anyone with a spoon. Let's see: no ice picks, electrical cords, blunt objects….

  • Crowds Gather

    Hollywood and hypocrisy? Aren't they synonyms?

  • Tanstaafl2

    I'm sure the challenge here was not finding Hollywood hypocrites, but how to winnow down the field to something that wouldn't result in a list so big it would crash servers all across America.

  • SheepDog

    The people that follow these Hollywood Phonies are just more proof that you dont have to be educated or have any moral standards to elect a political puppet into a govt office.
    Simple solution……stop paying to go to the movies. And stop spending money with all the anti-gun corporations.

    • Bill

      NRA used to print their Hall of Shame, listing all the anti-gun and individuals. I haven't seen it in years. I wonder what happened to change in leadership to ditch that useful tool?

      • Bill

        That should read anti-gun corporations. Stupid smart phones!

      • James Tarr

        Bill–unfortunately, the list is now too long to print, but you can find it on the NRA-ILA website.

      • Tommy

        It's still available on their website.

  • Dangerousdave

    I'll take a good Chuck Heston movie over any of these clowns! Whicj reminds me vote with your pocket book, last time i paid to see any of these accomplices at the teater was… ah well never. good for me.

    • Msamples

      Sober up and learn to spell if you want to post a credible comment.

  • cpa

    Come on James, the only reason these yahoos make this kind of money off these kinds of movies is because of conservatives and gun owning ticket buyers. In other words, like Lenin's dictum about the capitalists ("They will bid for the contract to provide the rope with which we [the communists] will hang them.") conservatives, by patronising the theaters that show these action movies, are providing the millions of dollars paid to these actors who then use the money to fund their various pet anti-gun anti-conservative causes. The actors' hypocrisy won't stop until the gunowners' hypocrisy stops, i.e. if you don't like the gun control advocates' hypocrisy STOP PAYING THEM FOR IT! Stop buying their product, it's that simple. If conservatives stop flocking to these movies the studios will stop paying the enormous sums to these actors to make them. It won't change the actors' liberal views. But it will certainly put a dent in their bank account balance. Support conservative gun-owning actors. Hey James, how about running an article on these folks, the gun-rights supporting actors?!?

    • Bill

      Well said, sir!

    • Brian Astby

      Get the movies for free via torrents.

  • rebart

    So, where is the information about these jerks anti-gun policies?

  • jib quinn

    Big difference between just making films that use guns, and making those that glorify their use. Most must realize that some of their films have such incredibly high and gory body counts, at the hands of heroic and admirable characters, that they probably influence some unstable people to consider seeking fame by going out and commiting gun crimes. But how can you expect them to trim their earning power just to save a few lives?

  • FA/SWS

    You know what should be banned? Automatic and film/video cameras. I mean, seriously, who needs to take more than one picture at a time? All these cameras do is inspire people to take more photographs and videos, like the ones in the papers, the news and the internet; our grandparents did not have these cameras and we don't see violence back then, right? There is a connection!

    Beware the so-called "professional photographer": their cameras are black and take dozens of photographs with one press of the shutter button: interchangeable lenses? SLR? Electronic FLASHES?

    Ban 'em all! No cameras with more than ten-pic films/memories! No swappable batteries, nothing black or chromed, no filters…

    … they'll never go for it… sounds too ridiculous, doesn't it?

  • jc4ii

    Want to fight back……Just quit going to there movies

  • tkellnerus

    It doesn't seem hypocritical to me. Hollywood action movies are make-believe, and nobody with any sense would imitate them in real life. It's reasonable for an actor to perform escape fiction and, at the same time, believe in gun control laws. None of these actors have advocated a ban on guns, only their regulation.

    • Alan Brent Baird

      it’s “the people without any sense” that concerns us… in young impressional minds…like most of the recent killers…you and me might not be swayed by the onsceen gon violence,but other minds ARE! you gotta be smart enough to figure that out,it’s not rocket science dude.

  • gun owner

    i cant say what i want on here my last comment was deleted so much for free speech hun gun magazine ! i want someone fighting for my rights that arent hypcrites themselves like you and your magazine is

    • dylan_polk

      gun owner,

      Your comment was deleted not because we disagreed with you, but because of the foul language you used. G&A welcomes shooters of all ages, and we therefore prefer to keep our content appropriate for all ages—that includes comments. Sorry for any confusion.

      Dylan Polk
      G&A Social Media Editor

  • Jim Cottle

    As a Brit, we do not idolise the royal Family, we respect them, and they dont do "nothing". Princes Andrew, Harry, and William have all served in Warzones as did Phillip, so a little respect from you would not go amiss.

  • James Perry

    I could not agree more. It is personally embarassing to me, the way that people of the U.S. worship these fools. Hollywood makes billions of dollars off from people pretending to be pretend people. It actually makes me sick. The actors pretend and because they make big money, the celebrities are given all this credibility. Personally I am more interested in the opinion of guy across the street, because me actually lives in the real world. I stopped watching movies years ago, there is no need to give the hypocrites any more money.

  • PB2013

    You left off Rambo.. Sylvester Stallone… and his latest movie…. Bullet to the Head.. .

    • chumpster

      he dodged the draft for Vietnam and coached womens volleyball in Europe, then did Rambo a Vietnam vet experiencing ptsd and Rambo 2 a Vietnam vet in Afghanistan fighting soviets then Rambo 3 idk, then the old guy Rambo fighting for ppl in Myanmar I think. wut a chump

      • James Lots

        yea chumpster you are right. he also was the star in many other gun action movies which were quite good, but then you realize these phonies are scamming us all, it is sad

        • RiCker

          chumpster and lots you babies need to see that these celebs r the best things we got, at least ther for real , whut hav yall don that is so great except live offa food stamps and welfare

          • James Lots

            well ricker, I am sorry that u feel that way. if people would open their eyes and stop believeing everything they see on television and ignore the advertisements the general populace could begin to remove the craziness in this world

          • mistermo45

            craziness?? wt h , we need ta bring the luv back baby, its all about separaton and stayin inside all day watchin junk on tv and buying into all the b s that’s handed to us is how we got here. I mean, in most cases its illegal just to defend your life, how can you live with the fear of being kidnapped by “legit” authority psychos for trying to defend yourself, how can you be a man and have honor, they make us fel they are afraid of us getting boo boos but in reality they are turning us into wimpos

  • Gene Roman

    Funny how everyone, left or right, idolizes hollywood actors. Unless you have posters of Gunnery Sgt Basilone, General Patton, Carlos Hathcock, etc (You know, REAL badasses), you’re just idolizing false prophets. Gun prophets that is. Doesn’t matter even if it’s Clint Eastwood, John Wayne, etc.

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