Gun guys always appreciate anything that involves shooting, touching, holding or even thinking about a gun. We love war movies, shoot ‘em up flicks and first-person shooter games—really any form of entertainment that involves muzzle flash.

Some might say, at least for the younger generation, video games lead the pack. Through the years, these games have affected us in ways that we might not even fully comprehend. Who doesn’t remember blowing away ducks on Nintendo after middle school, or look forward to sniping some terrorists Call of Duty-style after a tough day at the office? Face it; we need these games as much as we need range time.

So, in celebration of thumb aerobics and couch time, we decided to come up the best eight shooting video games ever to aid in wasting your time. What are the criteria, you ask? We based our selections on a few things: the realistic portrayal of guns or their use, impact on popular culture and the overall fun-to-play factor.

Go ahead click through the images below, let out your inner Guns & Ammo geek, and tell us your picks.

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