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8 Best Shooting Video Games Ever

by G&A Online Editors   |  October 20th, 2011 39

Gun guys always appreciate anything that involves shooting, touching, holding or even thinking about a gun. We love war movies, shoot ‘em up flicks and first-person shooter games—really any form of entertainment that involves muzzle flash.

Some might say, at least for the younger generation, video games lead the pack. Through the years, these games have affected us in ways that we might not even fully comprehend. Who doesn’t remember blowing away ducks on Nintendo after middle school, or look forward to sniping some terrorists Call of Duty-style after a tough day at the office? Face it; we need these games as much as we need range time.

So, in celebration of thumb aerobics and couch time, we decided to come up the best eight shooting video games ever to aid in wasting your time. What are the criteria, you ask? We based our selections on a few things: the realistic portrayal of guns or their use, impact on popular culture and the overall fun-to-play factor.

Go ahead click through the images below, let out your inner Guns & Ammo geek, and tell us your picks.

  • Michael W.

    Battle Field Series.

    • Zachary

      Amen……Battle Field FTW!!!

  • Dustin Ellermann

    Sniper Elite was a very cool game that actually gave you the option of real external ballistics. Hold over and windage were a must to make good shots. The live "bullet cam" was an awesome perk as well.

  • Aaron Sprowls

    I read that most people don't know it but Duck hunt is 2 player and one player can control the duck if you plug a controller into the 1st player port and the gun in NES 2nd player port.

  • Space Marine

    Did you guys ever play a game called Halo???

    • Kyle

      Sorry we live on earth. Guns shoot bullets not lasers. and it doesnt take 3 magazines to kill something.

      • Nikolai Macready

        It's called sci-fi. It's not supposed to be realistic.
        And by the way the weapons fired plasma energy, not lasers, unless you were reffering to the Spartan Laser in the third one.

  • Mark

    Hands down for me was the MOH series. They have done an excellent job. The other that I play is Call of Duty, which is very good too. I just prefer the engine in MOH.


    • Jake

      MOH rocks!

  • John

    Most of you folks are probably too young to remember DOOM! Nothing was better then finding the BFG!!
    It set the bar and it has not been surpassed yet.

    • Metalchemist

      The B.F.G.
      What you had to go through to get that gun.

      But the guberment (misspelled intentionally) didn't like the "splatter" games…
      Remember (Fat Al's wife) Tipper Gore, Joe Lieberman (the supposed independent) and of course THE anti gun Hillary Clinton having senate meetings concerning the blood and gore.
      What a bunch of foolish pansies.

    • Michael W.

      I remember it well!

      How about Wolfenstein? It came a little after the original Doom.

      • De_n00bWOLF

        No, Wolfenstein 3D was id's first true FPS, then came DOOM.

  • Metalchemist

    Doom, Quake…Rage, Halo series.
    The worst had to be Sniper Elite.

  • Manic

    Counter Strike was a game that was around for years. It could be said it started what we see today in 1st person shooters. In my opinion best by far.

  • grim

    americas army

  • sgtsnorkles

    As far as weapons realism and tactics, the Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter and Warfighter 2 are about the best. I have played most of those listed and those mentioned. Have all of the MOH series and all but one of the Call of Duty. Also have most of the Tom Clancy games.

  • John

    To Metalchemist. It took me almost a year to get that gun and finally win the darn game. There was no way to win the war without it. I do recall the Senate hearings. Like I said, Doom set the bar for games. Least not forgot the hearings on the music industry and ratings. The (I believed you did mis-spell it) Gooberment is the reason I donate every extra penny I can gather to every Gun and 2nd amendment group I know of. Obama, his UNDER THE RADAR ( Fast and Furious) approach and his ilk will never give up and neither should we.

  • roblugosi

    METAL GEAR!!! that game introduced me to guns i'd never even heard of!!

  • Ben_OBrien

    Our honorable mentions: Doom, Metal Gear Solid. Good ones guys! Keep them coming.

    Ben O
    Editor, G&

    • Ken Smith

      I don't see Halo on the 'Honorable' mention list! What's up with that!

  • AJD

    Duck Hunt Rules!!!!! Im going to hook up my NES and play it!!

  • zach

    Medal of honor modern warfare 2 and medal of honor big red one are two great shooting games

  • Mike

    Call Of Duty series is my favorite!

  • SgtMuldoon

    What about Soldier of Fortune? The first and second installments were very cool!

  • Rhythm

    Hmmm. The FPS with realistic bullet drop and windage, as well as destructable environment, is the Battlefield series. Maybe that doesn’t count because it’s too good, IDK. ;)

  • Ron S

    10 years ago my wife and I bought X-Box with Halo for the kids at Christmas, we are all shooters. The most fun for shooters in bad weather there ever was. Halo and its sequels set the standard for first person shooters period, you made a mistake period. We also love all the Medal of Honor series, Call of Duty series, Rainbow Six, Battlefield , but Halo started it with weaponry and affects.


  • Ron S

    I must also mention Ghost Recon series lots of fun

  • Jim

    DOOM! and Id software's followup Quake both of which caused me to go without adequate sleep for months because I couldn't stop playing either one

  • Zachary

    Ghost Recon, Call of Duty, Halo all games, Rainbow Six Vegas, and Battlefield FTW!

  • JL>m

    What about Delta Force 1 and 2 on the PC.

  • mack missiletoe

    Until Battlefield 3 is released, the best sniping game so far is Bad Company 2. It has actual bullet drop. And great sound. The guns feel good.

    I don't like the shotguns though because the enemies do not have to use sights–they have a cursor–it's just dumb. I think Battlefield 3 will fix that and also the aiming will be more sensitive and fluid.

  • John R Willis

    I went down this pretty quick and I didnt see "STALKER : Shadow of Chernobyl" ( ). This one took me by surprise , realistic ballistics , real weapons (as real as can be in a game) bullet drop, realistic penetration. And so many MODS the game is almost unending. I love this shooter.

  • zach laurin

    how about hidden and dangerous 2 and the socom series? both had very realistic guns and hd2 had ammo that worked in the both K98 and the K98 scoped.unlike call of duty where you cant get more sniper ammo.

  • redneck

    MOH series has my vote!!!

  • redneck

    doom & final doom have my 2nd vote!!!

  • Kedves Lehel

    Thank God we have a lot of great shooting games,i like the MOH series,the Call of duty series,and also the KILLZONE series,it's a great game,and i'm playing wright now the Socom 3 US Navy Seals,it's awesome.Good luck everybody,Semper Fi!

  • Kedves Lehel

    I personally like the tactical shooting games,like Socom US Navy Seals,i like to sneak in,waiting for the right moment than shoot.One shot,one kill.I like to reach the 100% accuracy,using the element of surprise and accurate weapons.You americans are very lucky to live in such a free country where every person have the constitutional right to have a firearm.God bless USA.

  • Sterling the Bandit

    Does anyone remember “Black” on Playstation 2? I was sorely disappointed that it didn’t make the list. The game’s whole premise was shooting different weapons (and picking the best one for the situation you where placed in – a suppressed sniper rifle will inevitably get you killed in a close quarters combat mission, and a shotgun in a situation requiring a long range weapon will do the same). The virtualized versions of real weapons that I’ve shot felt incredibly similar. All-in-all a badass game.

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