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10 Best Personal Defense Stories of 2012

by G&A Online Editors   |  December 20th, 2012 9

When push comes to shove, a gun owner will not hesitate to use lethal force in dealing with a threat, but in doing so, it’s imperative for the gun owner to be well-trained in personal defense tactics and firearm use. That’s where we come in. Personal Defense TV host Richard Nance’s blog, Defend Thyself, provides plenty of know-how to deal with a threat to you or your family drawing from real-life scenarios.

With 2013 just around the corner, we’ve rounded up the top 10 personal defense storylines of the year, from the weird to the heroic, and we hope to impart some knowledge to you, the readers, as we head into the new year.

  • Mack Missiletoe

    I started using Yahoo for news since MSNBC was obviously anti-gun and now Yahoo is taking 'anti-gun un-educated news media' to a whole new level. Yahoo! is literally trying to teach people 'about guns' when they themselves are complete n00bs. And they themselves have an obvious slant against the belief that guns can be used safely. It is sick and twisted.

    A commenter on one of Yahoo!'s news article stated, "Thumbs up for pro-gun and thumbs down for anti-gun." There were 800+ Pro Gun thumbs up and only 80 anti-gun thumbs down. This shows how real media is keeping it… Half of those thumbs down were most likely Yahoo! employees…

    I have yet to meet an anti-gun person here in TX. Honestly I don't ask everyone new I meet, it is kinda personal, but the topic comes up quite a bit these days.

    News media is complete crap these days. So many lies, white lies, and held information.

    Does anyone know a good online news site that isn't so anti-liberty? I love Guns & Ammo as well as other gun sited but I also need a good general news site that doesn't put their opinions in their reports.

    • H Stan Boring

      I know what you mean! The current so called Press is shameless in there bias. I suggest you try Fox News. Despite what you may hear from other media, Fox is fair and balanced. They quite ofeten have opposition comment. I thin you'll be pleased. I have no attachment to Fox, but I am a retired Navy Chief Petty Officer from Georgia, who is sick and tired of the bias shone by the "press", and liberals in general. Most of them are self righteous and ill informed. Chief Boring

      • H Stan Boring

        Should have proofed better. It's "their", "often", and "think" where you see mistakes. Sorry. Chief Boring

      • jewett

        Hey Chief. Might want to copy edit your next letter. Lots of misspelled and inaccurate words.

    • Bill L


      FOX, Breitbart, Newsmax and PJmedia all have something to offer. But they're not perfect either. Just like the Liberal mainstream media, these sources can have "selective blinders" to key facts. Unfortunately I don't think there is a single news source that can be relied upon 100%. All I can offer you is what I do for myself – read several media outlets' spin on anything that's important to you and decide the truth based on the varied reporting.

    • Mark

      I usually get my news from; it is fair and balance.

    • Fred Ruggles

      Watch FOX News

  • ferdie

    True or false: A firearm used in a home defense incident will be confiscated as evidence and will not be returned to the owner. Thanks for your inputs. Just ignorant about it.

    • BeGe1

      Partially true, partially false.

      It will likely be taken as evidence. But in case of a legal shooting it will be returned. The amount of time varies though. Some places do as well as 48 hours, some as poorly as a year or two.

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