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best rimfire guns

10 Best Rimfire Guns Right Now

by Joseph von Benedikt 89

The best rimfire gun is about as debatable a topic as the best deer cartridge. Perhaps a bit lower key,… more »


Best Calibers for North American Big Game

by Craig Boddington 14

North America holds some of the most varied hunting conditions on the planet, from mountains to deserts to swamps, plains… more »


8 Examples of Guns & Government Oppression

by Dusty Gibson 24

Government tyranny is just as much a threat today as ever before. History books are loaded with gloomy illustrations of… more »


G&A’s Most Nostalgic Shooting Smells

by James Tarr 22

Humans have very associative memories. By that, I mean something we see, hear or smell immediately makes us think of… more »


10 Must-Have Handguns You Should Never Sell

by Patrick Sweeney 61

Sometimes you have to cull the herd. Maybe you’re on hard times and have to sell your superfluous guns. Or,… more »

Best States for Gun Owners 2013

Laws for Firearms: Best States for Gun Owners in 2013

by James Tarr 396

UPDATED 2014 rankings: The Best States for Gun Owners 2014  These days, it’s becoming more difficult for gun owners across the… more »


10 Best Apocalypse Movies of All Time

by James Tarr 36

Shortly after being tasked to put together a list of the 10 best apocalypse movies, I realized that it wasn’t… more »


G&A Basics: How Suppressors Work

by J. Guthrie 13

They are the darling of Hollywood directors trying to make assassins more sinister, and no SEAL or Delta operator’s rifle… more »

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