Winchester_Pattern_Board_FBallistics apps are garnering more respect in the shooting and hunting world as we explore how these tools can pay off in the field. Winchester developed its Ballistics Calculator app to help shooters stay on target, and now the company has introduced a new app designed specifically for turkey hunters: Winchester Pattern Board.

Available on a laptop, tablet or smartphone, the new Winchester Pattern Board app is the first of its kind offered for shotgunners. The app allows gobble gunners to see how different turkey loads pattern at varying distances without actually testing each individual load at the range. 


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To collect data for the Pattern Board app, Winchester engineers fired more than 3,000 actual patterns at the range, using several of the turkey loads the company currently manufactures. The data they collected gives app users the ability to input shotgun gauge, choke constriction, shell length, brand, pellet size and distance of the shot. Pattern Board then generates a shot pattern based on the inputs. It will also produce comparisons showing how some of Winchester’s other turkey loads will perform with various loads, given similar input factors.

Just in time for spring turkey season, check out the app for free and you’ll be tracking down old Tom in no time.


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