surefire_M600AA-BK_ghostedrifle_FSureFire is adding to its Scout Light line of weapon-mounted lights with the introduction of the new M600 AA Scout Light.

The M600 AA Scout Light features a rugged high-output LED that generates up to 200 lumens of light and a patented TIR lens that shapes the light into a beam offering far reach while maintaining situational awareness. The new light is powered by two AA lithium batteries or two AA alkaline batteries, with the lithium batteries providing a run time of 3.75 hours.

The low-profile M600 AA Scout Light has a lightweight, hard-anodized aluminum body for an overall weight of 5.2 ounces and mounts securely to standard Picatinny rails using an integral thumbscrew clamp. The new Scout Light comes with an included pushbutton tailcap switch, but an optional pressure-pad tape switch is also available.


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