Mossberg is getting patriotic with an all-new line of bolt-action rifles for 2015.

First introduced at the 2015 SHOT Show, Mossberg’s new Patriot bolt-action rifle platform is classically designed as an affordable hunting rifle. Each Patriot rifle features a 22-inch fluted barrel and Mossberg’s Lightning bolt-action trigger, a user-adjustable trigger that can be set from 2 to 7 pounds.

The Patriot also incorporates a fluted bolt for smooth cycling that sports a redesigned bolt handle and knob for improved handling when wearing gloves. The rifle will be available in walnut, black synthetic, camo synthetic and laminate stocked versions with either a blued or protective marine coat finish.

The new Mossberg Patriot will be available in 11 different calibers ranging from .223 Rem. to .375 Ruger and will range in price from $350 for basic versions to $550 for some of the scoped combos.


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