Until the 2015 SHOT Show, equipping a Glock pistol with a mini red dot sight (MRDS) required custom gunsmithing that was often expensive and risked voiding the pistol’s factory warranty.

Now available as an OEM offering, Glock’s new Modular Optic System (MOS) configuration makes it easier than ever to mount common MRDS optics such as the Trijicon RMR and Leopold DeltaPoint. Glock’s MOS configuration will be initially offered on four pistols:
– 9mm G34
– .40 S&W G35
– .45 ACP G41
– NEW 10mm G40 pistol

With a 6-inch barrel and 15-round magazine, the 10mm G40 reflects the largest handgun ever produced by Glock. The G40 looks to be a great option for hog hunting or as a sidearm in bear country.

We expect to see additional Glock models equipped with the MOS platform in the future, but for now it is only available on their longslide models.


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