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First Look AR-15 Optics Rifles

First Look: TrackingPoint TP AR 556

by Andrew Vanlaningham   |  August 19th, 2014 4

tracking_point_tp-ar_556_FTrackingPoint announced an addition to their Precision Guided Firearm (PGF) lineup earlier this year following the success of the XS Series PGF bolt-action rifles, featuring the flagship XS1 .338 Lapua Magnum.

TrackingPoint is now adapting the PGF system for the AR platform and will be releasing three rifles, chambered in 5.56, 7.62 and 300 Blackout, in the new AR Series beginning with the entry-level TP AR 556 in October.

Built on a customized Daniel Defense M4, V7 AR-platform chambered in 5.56 NATO, the TP AR 556 features a mil-spec lower and upper, Modular Float Rail 12.0 rail system, 1:7 twist 16-inch cold hammer forged barrel with a low profile gas block and three, three-inch modular Picatinny sections that can be moved based on shooter needs and weighs just over 10 pounds with the scope.

For the precision-guided mechanics to function properly, the TP AR 556 uses specially toleranced 69 gr. Barnes MatchBurner or 70 gr. Barnes TSX XactShot ammunition. The TP AR 556 comes with two Magpul 30-round magazines and includes three batteries and chargers, instruction manual and cleaning kit.

Like the XS Series, the TP AR 556 is equipped with TrackingPoint’s precision-guided Networked Tracking Scope with a parallax free zoom 2-14x optic and integrated guided trigger. Utilizing TrackingPoint’s Tag.Track.Xact (TTX) system for making long-range shots with impressive accuracy, the TP AR 556’s PGF system is ranged for 500 yards.


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The Networked Tracking Scope is much the same as the XS Series. However, the two lithium-ion batteries have been transferred from directly beneath the scope into the buttstock. Doing so allows TrackingPoint to better balance the rifle as well as reduce recoil to negligible levels. Another difference is the TTX range has been reduced from 1,200 yards in the XS Series to 500 yards in the TP AR 556.

The scope’s Heads-Up Display (HUD) features a 25mm objective lens that displays information on a 14.6 megapixel CMOS image sensor streaming at 54 frames per second. The TTX system is capable of tracking targets moving at speeds up to 10 mph.

Inside the networked tracking scope, sensors and gyroscopes measure temperature, barometric pressure and relative humidity. The internal Measurement Unit determines cant, inclination and yaw; while four three-axis gyroscopes, a single three-axis accelerometer and a single three-axis magnetometer comprise the internal components.

The networked tracking scope supports wi-fi connectivity and streams live video to smart eyewear like Google Glass, as well as Android and iOS smart phones and tablets.

The suggested retail price of the TP AR 556 is $9,995 and will begin shipping in October.

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  • storms-scare-my-dog

    In addition to the ten large, more or less, for the system, what will that special ammo cost?

  • JanitorWillie

    I’d like to see either of the two .30 cal rifles…and that price tag….cripes….I’d get three 7.62 rifles, mount a Nikon or leupold scope on each, and about a skid of ammo and still have enough dough left over for a happy meal. These will be oddities till the cost comes down.

  • DHConner

    When I hit the lottery…. For a military or police rifle, I can see it. Naturally, the disgustingly rich will be all over it. A professional gun for hire would certainly want it too. But I don’t see somebody making $50 K a year buying it for deer, elk, or anything else. This is a rich man’s toy and professional’s tool. When they mount it on .50 Barrett and get a 50,000 round MTF (Mean Time Between Failures). Special ammo? What special ammo? A computerized little bitty rocket with built in guidance and electronic control from operator to target?

  • GlovesQ

    I predict by 2020 these will be much smaller, lighter, more compact, easier to use and cost not much more than a deluxe golf rangefinder. I hope hope hope!

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