Ruger_LCR_9mm_Rvolver_FRuger has extended its LCR line of revolvers to include a 9mm Luger offering that loads and fires from moon clips.

This 17.20-ounce double-action wheelgun features a polymer fire control housing that reduces both overall weight and felt recoil. Its monolithic frame is made from blackened 400-series stainless steel, while its five-round cylinder has extensive fluting and an Ionbond finish for added durability. The LCR 9mm’s stainless steel barrel measures 1.875 inches and gives the revolver a 6 1/2-inch overall length.

A replaceable front sight and integral U-notch rear sight ride atop the frame, and Hogue Tamer Monogrips provide a cushioned grip for recoil reduction. A set of three included moon clips make for easy loading, and the LCR 9mm can be fired with moon clips attached to the rounds. Upon initial drop testing, the moon clips maintained their grip with loaded rounds when dropped onto the ground.

We expect this revolver to become an excellent choice for a primary carry gun or a backup gun for people who carry 9mm semiautos, especially because it will run with +P ammunition.

The Ruger LCR 9mm is available now for $599. Check out more photos and information below.


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