Leupold_Mark_6_Throw_Lever_Left_FLeupold has introduced the Mark 6 Throw Lever for its Leupold Mark 6 riflescopes.

The new Leupold Mark 6 Throw Lever clamps over the magnification adjustment ring on the Leupold Mark 6 family of riflescopes, providing a point of traction that allows the hunter or marksman to quickly make magnification adjustments, even when wearing gloves.

Offered exclusively through Alamo Four Star, the Leupold Mark 6 Throw Lever is available for $189.99.Leupold_Mark_6_Throw_Lever_Left_1


Gear Guide: Leupold Riflescope Roundup

In 1907 Fred Leupold set up shop at 5th and Oak Streets in Portland, Oregon. Soon joined by his brother-in-law, Adam Voe...

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