Dead_Air_Armament_7.62_Sandman_F1Dead Air Armament, a suppressor company based in Lawrenceville, Ga., has announced the launch of its first new suppressor line.

The new 7.62 Sandman line consists of three different models: the Sandman-S, Sandman-L and Sandman Ti. All 7.62 Sandman suppressors are manufactured in the U.S. and feature baffles constructed from 100-percent Stellite and tubes sporting a Cerakote finish for increased durability.

“I’m finally building the no-compromise cans that I’ve always wanted to make,” said Mike Pappas, founder and director of product development for Dead Air Armament. “No corporate bottom lines to deter the mission. The only thing that matters to Dead Air and myself is ‘how does it sound?’ And the Sandman sounds awesome…”

sandman-sThe Sandman-S and Sandman-L both utilize precipitation hardened, nitride-finished stainless steel tubes and incorporate a quick-detach (QD) system for simple, one-hand mounting with zero seizing and minimal point of impact shifts. While the Sandman-S, or “short” version, has a length of 6.8 inches and a weight of 17.3 ounces, the Sandman-L, or “long” version, has a length of 8.9 inches and a weight of 21.8 ounces.

The Sandman Ti, or titanium version, features a lightweight titanium tube with precision rifle direct threads. At 8.2 inches long, it has a slightly shorter length than the Sandman-L but a longer length than the Sandman-S. It weighs just 16.8 ounces.

In early 2015, Dead Air Armament will also launch its Mask-22, a .22-caliber suppressor. The company plans on introducing a centerfire pistol can at a later date.

The 7.62 Sandman suppressor and all future Dead Air Armament suppressors will be available through BPI Outdoors.

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