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At the Range: Ruger GP100 Match Champion

by Guns & Ammo TV   |  May 15th, 2014 16

Screen Shot 2014-05-15 at 1.10.06 PMIntroduced at the 2014 SHOT Show, the Ruger GP100 Match Champion has what it takes to be a real winner in the wheel gun world.

This competition-ready revolver comes out of the box with fast split times and tight groups in mind. Based on the original Ruger GP100, the new Match Champion version is a fine-tuned double-action pistol that features polished internal components and custom machining to reduce the weight by more than 2.5 ounces. It also combines .357 Magnum performance onto a stainless steel frame with Novak sights and Hogue grips.

Find out how the GP100 Match Champion performs at the range in this segment of Guns & Ammo TV on the Sportsman Channel.

  • daryl

    I always thought Rugers were great values but they must have been smoking some of that legal weed when they came up with $899 retail price. You are looking at $1000 by the time you pay tax and do a back ground check. Maybe they have forgotten about the working guy since they are selling every thing they make, but make it $599 and still make a profit and keep your “great value” reputation.

    • howler1968

      You pay for background checks????????

    • Logic

      11%+ sales tax and “paying” for a background check, you must live in a very blue state. Also MSRP /= retail price. Don’t tell me you pay sticker price when you buy a car!

    • WinchesterMan

      You can find them on Gunbroker for $699 and less. I also agree that a good gunsmith can do the same or better action job on a regular GP 100. I do not like the notch they cut into the top strap for the Novak sight. Looks like a major weak point to me. I’ve always “stoned” down the sharp corners of all my Ruger revolver hammers. They will peel the skin off your thumb from the factory!

  • scmp

    I have one. Charge holes are NOT chamfered, the hammer was shimmed only on one side and scuffing on the other side and trigger was not shimmed. Buy this at a premium but expect the same pos QC from Ruger and then work on it as on any other GP100. Fixed sights but regulated for 357Mag, found POI=POA at 25 yards to be at 235 power factor. Who in their right mind shoots 235PF in IDPA when minimum is 105? There in nothing “champion” or “match” about this revolver; just an overpriced GP100.

  • Will Satmary

    Yawn. Not much new here. Seems like a nice, slicked-up GP-100, but nothing that a competent gunsmith couldn’t do. And the switch to fixed sights seems like a giant step backwards. I’d like to see Ruger make a 5-shot GP-100 in .44 Special, or maybe in .40 S&W, or even 10mm, with moonclips. S&W recently released a 5-shot .44 Mag in their L-frame. Ruger needs to follow with something like that in order to get my attention.

  • oldguyingreensborovt

    Sadly the company has slipped quite a bit since Bill Ruger died. I’ve heard many complaints about quality control and to be honest some of the later designs never should have gotten out of the development stage. To be fair though the market has changed. There are a great many people out there that want what many of us would call nonsense and who care more about how stylish a firearm looks today rather than how or even if it will function in 50 years. (my latest Ruger, an American rifle will not last that long). The problem seems to be the same with most of the industry though. Not just Ruger

    • Gcracker3000

      IMO the best thing to happen to Ruger & it’s customers was Bill Ruger Sr.’s death.

      • oldguyingreensborovt

        Opinions are like the lower extreme of the alimentary canal. Everyone has one and most people are of the opinion that theirs should be highly admired by everyone else.

        • Gcracker3000

          Was he a personal friend of yours? He was certainly no friend to staunch 2A supporters. His political ideas were holding the company back from giving the public what it wanted. He was too worried about pleasing politicians at the time. Motives aside, his views were not widely appreciated. The past decade has shown what the company is truly capable of & their sales have proven that the gun-buying public approves of this direction. Are you one of those gun rights supporters that believes that bolt-action hunting rifles, double-barrel shotguns, & five round revolvers are all that we peasants should be allowed to possess?

          • oldguyingreensborovt

            My but you are getting hysterical.

            I believe if I buy any product it should be of quality construction and functional. Does that sound unreasonable to you.

            I did not agree with all of Ruger’s thoughts on magazine capacity BUT, it was his company. If he wanted to make seven round mags or 20 round mags that was his business decision. If you or I liked it did not matter. In the end customers vote with their wallets. Correct?

            My 1955 Standard Automatic will still be working just fine and hitting the target long after my 2013 American rifle will be shot out. The quality is just not there. I have heard a great many complaints about quality control on Ruger products in the last few years. That bothers me.

            You yammer on about political considerations and attempt to paint me as something I am not. My point was, and is about the quality of the product Ruger is producing today.

            Sadly many people who claim to be supporters of the Second Amendment only fulfill the ugly stereotypes that the opponents love to push. At least you did have the wherewithal to not use the words, “cold dead hands”.

            I fully support the Second Amendment. I do not do it by being abusing and combative though. That sort of behavior, along with trying to stir up conflict with other supports does much more harm than good.

          • Gcracker3000

            Hysterical? Really? I take it you’ve never encountered a hysterical person. BTW, you fired the first shot.

            I hope you know the whole story & not just the part dealing with his “high capacity” ideas. You do realize what Sr. was doing? Selling out gun owner’s rights to protect his interests by basically trying to limit other companies from producing anything that would out sell what Ruger offered at the time, all while pushing his capacity agenda? If he didn’t want higher capacity magazines then he didn’t want other companies to be able to make them. He put forth the idea of limiting magazine capacity & other insane provisions to appease politicians after a school shooting in the 80’s. Have you ever heard his quote “No honest man needs more than 10 rounds in any gun.” or “I never meant for simple civilians to have my 20 or 30 round magazines or folding stocks.”? People have now learned that if you give a gun hater an inch, they’ll take a mile. We don’t get to vote on bans with our wallets. My first post stemmed from these issues.

            Yes. The American Rifle line is pretty much junk. They’re $250, mostly plastic & sell at Wal-Mart. These should be clues that they won’t be handed down to future generations. I love Ruger firearms. I own four. Two pistols, two rifles & hopefully a new SR1911 soon. I just hated Bill Sr. for what he did to the gun community. I usually look to Ruger first when contemplating a new purchase to see if they offer or offered a product compatible with my wants & needs. I’m only able to do this because they can now be competitive, in ways other than price, since moving into the 21st century with no members of the Ruger family running the business. I also appreciate that they’ve moved almost all operations to a gun-friendly state, use American products & workers & have renewed their unwavering stance on the 2nd Amendment, which was shaky under Papa Bill. I can’t attest to recent QC issues as I haven’t purchased any of their newest offerings yet.

            I never “painted” you as anything. I simply asked a question & by no means was I abusive or combative. I’m not aiming this at you, but I’m afraid very soon people are either going to have to be for the 2nd or against it, not for it if…..

            Like it or not gun ownership is a political issue. Best of luck.

          • oldguyingreensborovt

            Yes, hysterical.

  • Marlinlever

    Why fixed sights on a “match” gun? Didnt Patrick Sweeney say something along the lines of big , big heavy sturdy built Ruger to keep gun from rising during recoil. Then they shave down the sides of the barrel and go with half an underbarrel lug. Yes a lighter gun can be moved quicker in competition but contradicts what he said on tv. I do love my 4 inch barrel GP100, wish it was a 5″. And I changed over to those style Hogue grips a few years back. Mine had the old wood insert, which I think are ugly but very comfortable. Tried Hogue rubber with finger grooves, didnt like much at all. Then bought these same grips which I like better.

  • Joe Doeyy

    I have to echo some of the other comments about the lack of a adjustable rear sight, Ruger should’ve gone with one over the Novak sight.

  • Ken Fleet

    I bought a Ruger GP-100 Stainless about 25 years ago. Only put a few boxes thru it…mainly .38s. It is still good as new. I used to joke that if the perp was close, the gun was heavy enough to just take him out by throwing it at him. Fire escaping has a big flinch factor!

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