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At the Range: Glock 41 Gen 4

by Guns & Ammo TV   |  July 1st, 2014 13

glock_41_gen_4Recently introduced at the 2014 SHOT Show, the Glock 41 Gen 4 was designed with competition shooters in mind.

Its 5.31-inch barrel and extended slide combine with a 7.56-inch sight radius to keep shooters on target with less recoil and muzzle flip. The full-size polymer frame fits standard 13-round, .45 ACP  Glock 21 magazines and comes with detachable backstraps.

Find out how the Glock 41 performs at the range in this segment of Guns & Ammo TV on the Sportsman Channel.

  • Sylvan Tieger

    I will stick with my Sig 226 that I left In Florida

    • john

      Must be mad because it looks better than your Sig

    • Daryl

      What good is a Sig 226 in Florida.

  • Brad

    I like the Glock 23.

  • UpperTen

    Totally love my G41. It replaced my G21 as my duty firearm.(LEO)

    • Teddy Tricepts

      Its second only to my kimber team match2 but 2nd favorite gun I own

    • Arcz

      Thank you for your service, hero.

  • RLJ

    Looks like a nice pistol. I like my Glock 22 & 36C, but would consider switching to the 41, mainly because of the .45 auto, 13-rnd capacity.

  • Brian Drewry

    What is the price point?

  • Joshua R. Poulson

    Now it needs the 50GI conversion from Guncrafter Industries.

  • Tom Detty

    This should be the us military’s next standard sidearm. Everything that they want and a lot more. Only issue is a new us Glock factory is needed.

    • Tn Hillbilly

      There is one in Smyrna GA

      • Tom Detty

        Cool do they make all the part there or is part of the gun imported still?

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