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Caption Contest: Granny’s Got a Gun

by G&A Staff  |  May 2nd, 2012 373

The first ever G&A caption contest features a hardcore grandma who seems to be just living in a gangsta’s paradise. Caption this photo before Friday, May 11 to win!


This Week's Photo
Caption Contest: Granny’s Got a Gun

The Winning Caption:

You down with AARP?? Yeah you know me!!

The Prize:

Real Avid Gun Boss pistol cleaning kit

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  • RosenOtter

    I would hope these guys know the difference between a 'grenade launcher' and a flare launcher.

  • Chuck

    Where my grannies at?

    • milton rivera

      nice to see grannies packin – they are the reason we are here – go on granny!

  • Crock Porman

    Oh really, you think I should go to the nursing home??!?!? Feeling lucky?

  • Perry Planton

    Screw you Angela Landsberry. Murder I wrote!

  • Cody

    The british are coming!

  • Sonya Schutt

    Stand over there by the cement pond and say that again, sonny!

  • mark

    at least I still have two good trigger fingers

  • Joe Sobotka

    Don't mess with Gamma. Peace out….

  • Craig

    Ron Leatham eat your heart out and feel free to look me up for pointers;)

  • Orrico

    My family went to the NRA convention and all I got was this lousy HK USP compact.

  • kojak

    This new iron is horrible. It just put two holes through my favorite shirt.

  • gnikstaitis

    NO 911 granny. If you get up, I'll put you down.

  • Kris K.

    Your goin' be fallen and you won't get up!

  • James Weiand


  • Chris Gillespie

    Stop or my mom will shoot!

  • Tyreguy2

    I've already buried 2 husbands. Would you like to be number 3?

  • George D

    Let's Rock !!!!!!!!!!

  • Blake F.

    Bingo night just got real!

  • javier

    Nice Gun lol

  • Mike

    You know it's hard out here for a pimp.

  • HarryG

    America making it possible for gun owners since 1776

  • SamH.

    Gerald! You're gonna clean those gutters now or be cleaning the blood of your shirt!

  • Rich Emmerling

    Gangsta my ass! Bring it.

  • John Doe

    What! Make you a Sandwhich? I don't think so…

  • Joe Brown

    Mothers day is coming up… Hint, Hint… I should have two guns in my hand right now.

  • Joe Brown

    Back in my day… You could get two of these for a nickel!!!

  • Joe Brown

    I want two grandchildren… NOW!

  • michael shivley

    heres my damb life line

  • Tony

    Grannie get your gun!!

  • martin gilliam

    mess with me and you'll learn the true meaning of "gettin jiggy with it."

  • Jim OBrien

    Make my day!

  • cheesebread27

    Granny's packing heat and hitting the street, swerving on some gin and juice with a duce duce!


    I may look like a Granny so go ahead and make my day!

  • cheesebread27

    Do you think granny has a shot with Matlock now?? ;)

  • cheesebread27

    Baby Ive got a six pence that says I'm a better shot than Annie Oakley was back in my day!!! :D

  • HMS Gunsmith

    Grandma got run over by a reindeer . . . NOT THIS YEAR!!

  • Rowdy113

    Aerosmiths sequel to Jani's got a gun …

  • blair

    I said have some pie

  • Niblic

    What am I afraid of? Not a damn thing!

  • Bubba

    I ain't your homie

  • Lavaaron Davis


  • Kent

    I said "Bring me my Geritol" !!!!

  • Erik

    What exactly did you say about "granny panties" B*tch??

  • David

    That's right, daughter, we're going to the range for my birthday party!

  • Robert Lesser


  • Kurt Munchoff

    HK's ROCK!!!

  • Single4fun

    Of course "I love you." "Y" do you ask?

  • J G Hill

    If you don't keep your finger off the trigger, you could lose more than 2 fingers.

  • Richard Hammon

    Just wait till my Hommies see this!

  • Joe V.

    For the last time, what's the magic word?!

  • Granny

    Bring it on Betty White!

  • Harry

    "Love, Peace and Kiss My Ass"

  • Aunt Betty

    Ain't no one gonna send me to the retirement home!

  • K Williams

    I'm not only the president of Gun's For Granny's, I'm also a member!

  • K.Peters

    I never knew that, those" red hat society ladies" play for keeps!

  • Swamprat

    If I was expecting trouble I would have brought my rifle.

  • Cindy the Bear

    I made this using my own punch press!

  • Mavrick

    And you thought all I carried was a sewing kit?

    • clem Bronkoski

      That's good.

  • Walt

    Blue haired, flashin' the horns and slingin' the lead!

  • Mark

    OG…Original Granny!

  • Clem Bronkoski

    If you put down the TV and leave now I'll give you 2 steps.

  • Sean Parkinson

    I'm a Crip sukka. I just sportin my granny blues and flashing my gangsta. West Side!

  • JIM


  • JIM


  • GROG

    Time to go old school.

  • porkchop6209

    Listen up homies! Granny's back in the hood and you mofo's are goin' down!

  • David Patton

    Retirement Home my ass!

  • Keith

    I may be 65, but I'm packin" .45!

  • chuck hiveley

    grannies gone gangsta……… reality series

  • Jim Raymond

    "Two down , Two to go"

  • Robertr E. Cole

    I've been bangin since you were a twinkle in yo daddys eye!

  • LMM

    Hook 'em Horns…I mean it!

  • Will Barber

    I'm a 'pistol packin' heavy metal mama!

  • Jeffe' Sampson

    Two outs, bottom of the ninth: Exit Camera Right!

  • Wizardwarrior

    Despite shooting off two fingers of her left hand, Mrs. Florence Harper of Franklin Lake, New York, still has not learned to keep her finger outside the trigger guard and off the trigger.

  • Get er done

    I'm going to Washington!

  • donfixit

    Breaking News: Warning!!! Crips are recruting the nursing homes!

  • mad

    Hey homes, touch that bingo card &Ii'll put a cap in your butt!!

  • Brian Henricksen

    Stay still Sonny,I'll Shoot

  • neil crystal

    What! Me Worry! This ain't nothing, go check out the garage!

  • Frank Demundo

    Go ahead make my day…Dawg!

  • allen

    Chuck Norris's mom

    • bontaiJoe

      I think we have a winner, at least in my opinion! That there was FUNNY!!!!

  • Mark D

    Down with the Gericide!

  • r.t. brush

    99 Problems but a womb ain't one, shot me!

  • Chris

    You mofos touch my social security and you be toast!

  • Earl

    Don't make me open a can of Geritol on you!

  • Dan

    Go ahead…rock my day!

  • sgt of marines


  • Chris Walsh

    who you callin "typical white woman?"

  • Ryan

    Granny To Red Riding Hood. I got you covered. Clear to bring me cookies.

  • maxlovins

    due to rising health care costs, granny has resorted to crime to aquire her meds. classic case of arthritis.

  • Bill Sier

    The poison in the tea was taking too long, and some people have been surviving. Strangling them has been troubling my arthritis, so,….

  • Nichole Carter

    Hey diddle diddle right down the middle!!

  • Steve Harlow

    This Granny ain't bakin no cookies and cake, you think you're Tough I say you're a fake. Now get outta my face with your ugly mug, cause this here granny is a full out THUG!!!

  • Justin

    Check yo self fool! – "O.G. : Original Granny"

  • Richard Sparks

    Damn. Now I've got to patch more holes in grandpa's shirt!

  • Anthony cruz

    Grandma busting caps since 1911

  • mike

    I've fired and now they wont get up.

  • CSPAN7

    First one that yells "BINGO" gets a cap in their ass!

  • Richard Poole

    I can punch your buttons for you if you would like.

  • Chris

    AARP huh. I'll show you AARP!

  • Erik

    The legendary gang leader "Granny-G" was made notorious after the drive-by gang hit of a rival gang stronghold. In the incident that would later be know as the "Gusty Meadows Retirement Center Massacre", she was reportedly seen driving away in a gold Lincoln Towncar with the left turn signal on.

  • jeff

    upper case "G":

  • Mark Adams

    Granny with an attitude

  • George T.

    No need to shoot blanks here…. I'm WAY past menopause.

  • Jason krueger

    ". how bad do you want the purse?"

  • Ariel

    Grannies & Ammo

    G & A

  • Glen Davis

    Hmm…when did they say I should put my finger on the trigger?

  • William Adams

    Football be damned! I said "dinner is ready" — NOW MOVE IT!!!!

  • Cabbil

    The album cover for Aerosmith's new album "Grannie's Gotta Gun".

  • Russell Browning

    The two fingers I can do without but losing that thumb was a bitch!

  • Donnenworth

    WANTED : Grandma AKA "lil granny" Leader of the notorious Duece's. A violent street gang founded in The Villages, Florida, formerly known as america's friendliest home town.

  • Donnenworth

    "IM going going, back back to Cali Cali"

  • Brian P

    My Social Security Check Better Be In The Mail DAWG !!

  • Dale Tubbs

    I love your gun, You'll be fine,You get another one ,This one's mine.

  • P161911

    This plastic gun is cute, but where's my 1911!

  • Steve Schlieper

    "Yo, fools, Chuck Norris got 'nuttin!"

  • Woob

    I've been looking at this picture for two days and still can't think of anything funny. Funny, huh?

  • Woob

    I'm down to three fingers and one gun. But I'm still "happy" and "able".

  • VarmintHunterX

    Mess with the bull and you'll get the horns!

  • MissouriMike

    I carry IWB, so this is the only GUN to get near my granny panties in years ;)~

  • keith willis


  • Paul Crosson

    Peace, or consequences.

  • ken

    Shooting keeps me young.

  • Bohdan jaworskyj

    Go ahead,throw my paper on the house one more time.

  • Dan

    Who called my boy a grandmotherf*****!

  • Chris

    West Side!!!!!!!!!!

  • Daniel Toler

    I started the West Side Grannies Sonny. So don't talk to me about Gangbangers!!

  • John

    What's my gang? DEPENDS.

  • jotaele

    lock and load, ready to go

  • stealth

    one for the money two for the show three to get ready and i'm packing this pistol and its time to go.

  • claude paris

    don't worry about the dog just hope gramaw isen't home if she is we have had it

  • John

    I told you I didn't need Life Alert

  • PMH

    I dare you.

  • Andrew Zukunft

    you can take granny out of the gang,but can't take the gang out of granny

  • Jared PK Livingston-Dabbs

    I'll show them how much arthritis I have in my hand.

  • Erick Hernandez

    Grandma Dolores, keeping it real since 1956

  • Michele

    This is what happened to the last person who tried to take my gun, wanna try?

  • Steve

    Keep steppin sonny or I'll put two all up in ya.

  • Tom M

    Dats right! You know Tupac threw down on da wrong Ho!!!

  • gipb

    WORD to y' MUTHA, yo!

  • Christoefur

    Nursing homes aren't what they use to be, Grandma's got to protect herself from Chester the Molesters Long horn style!!!

  • Rich Williams

    Two center mass — and this close together – not bad at all!

  • Joel

    "My grandson always takes my picture and puts them on something called the interweb. Am I going to get in trouble for this?"

  • Nicholas Sikes

    Don't f*ck with me or you'll end up like my 2 middle fingers.

    • Nicholas Sikes

      OOOPS damn smartphones, I fat fingered it and gave myself -2 DOH!!!!!

  • dko

    "Where's the BEAF?!"

  • Tommy

    Not too old to rock n roll, but still too young to die.

  • realbadjuju

    OG now stands for Original Granny, Packing heat since the 40's

  • realbadjuju

    "I dare them to call me the crazy cat lady now"

  • realbadjuju

    "Nursing home? I dont need no stinkin' nursing room"

  • realbadjuju

    " N.W.A = Nanny With Attitude"

  • realbadjuju

    "I'll show that jar of applesauce not to open"

  • realbadjuju

    "I may have arthritis, but not in my trigger finger"

  • Ed

    It looks like grandma got some social security after all.

  • hahagobangbang

    I brought you into this world and i can take you out, peace out.

  • kcham4u

    "Badmouth my potato salad and this is what you'll be gettin!"

  • Sarge

    Hell! You should see my BIG one!

  • Ken cherry

    Granny's got it goin' on!

  • Jim1911

    Peace,love,and superior firepower.

  • david s

    Hang loose but carry a big gun-peace out

  • Ralph De La Huerta`

    Granny, Get Your Gun!

  • J. Lunsford

    Bet he don't do it again!!

  • Mike Dixon

    I'm the MMFIC in this house!

  • James F.

    GIG EM ! Texas Longhorns! Then I'll shoot eM!

  • Bill Thompson

    Every morning at the range you could see her arrive
    She stands five-foot-two and weighs one-twenty-five
    Kinda broad at the shoulder and narrow at the hip
    Everybody knew you did'nt give no lip to Big Mom
    Big Mom, Big Bad Mom

  • BJC

    Now that I have your attention!

  • Rocky the Southpaw

    Well, at least I won't lose any fingers like in that M2 .50 cal…

  • american-american

    Rock out with your Heckler-Koch out!!

  • Zak

    "I swear if I go to the salon today and Doris perms my hair the wrong color again, I'm gonna dye HER hair!"

  • Boots

    peace or war, punk?

  • Clearcutter

    And she makes a wicked bundt cake, too!

  • Tgelarden

    Her chair ain't the only thing that rocks

  • jHole

    Grandpa said, "I'm gonna teach Johnny to play catch. What do you want to show him?"

  • Mauro Isar Cervantez

    Slow your roll "G", or I'll bust a cap in you OG style

  • tim

    …point to the target with your left hand and squeeze off two rounds…

  • hardcast

    West side H&k thats how grannie rolls!

  • Matthew Blackwood

    The original 2nd Amendment supporter! or

    Supporting the 2nd Amendment since 1791

    And FYI She is not giving a "gangsta sign" that is the metal horns….which now days just means "awesome"

  • David Gary

    Ms. Majestic

  • Dick Lossen

    Granny Fritters Shoots more than Critters

  • Guy C.

    How about I put a cap in your Ass !

  • Ron Cragoe

    Something for you to know, this ain't MY first rodeo.

  • Ron Cragoe

    Granny says, Here is something you all should know, this ain't my first rodeo…………

  • grizzzly77

    Which way to the Lady's room? Quick!

  • James Munsell

    Why Granny, What BIG TEETH YOU HAVE.

  • Patrick

    "COME AT ME BRO!!!!!"

  • Nick Kelso

    My prescriptions are how much?! Guess again…

  • Greg

    Grammy's life motto: Sex, Guns and Rock and Roll!!

  • good mojo


  • SloMoGlock

    Rockin Granny Gun Slinger don't call five 0

  • John Lahr

    " Devil horns and 9 mils, doing bingo gangster style yo! "

  • DBarton85

    My pies are gonna stay on that window sill now! Damn thugs!

  • Tiffany

    DONT let my beautiful smile fool you! I got a gun and KNOW how to use it! Don't believe me? TRY ME!!!

  • Peter Novak

    Grammy's version of Homeland Security.

  • mjb358

    My potato peelin' days are over. But listen up, varmint. I can still blow your hide clean off'n yer carcus…

  • Rodney Hinshaw

    Don't Let My Smile Fool Ya!!

  • F.E. FELIX






  • Rich

    Ain't nobody going to mess with my Social Security!!

  • Rich

    Welcome to Wal-Mart..Buy your crap and get out!!!

  • Shannon

    the newest member to the westside chapter of the tre g's ( grey gals gangs) rep'in the hard hood of St.peter's senior citizens home!

  • Vito Fashoda

    Jerk that pistol and go to work!

  • Joe D

    Granny celebrates another win at her bridge club

  • fuelboy1

    You down with AARP?? Yeah you know me!!

    • Ben_OBrien

      You win! Send me your information (mailing address and email address) and I'll get the prize to you asap. (


      Ben O'Brien
      Managing Editor

  • JamesD

    Yo dawg, ya go bustin into my crib an I'll pop a cap in yo ass!

  • A Martin

    Pop a cap in your depends

  • Ceapea

    Yo,if I have to get up outta this chair again, I'm gonna open up a can of whoop-ass on ya!

  • Ceapea

    Yo, if I have to get up outta this chair again, I'm gonna open up a can of whoop-ass on ya!

    • Ceapea

      Double post…sorry.


  • Angel Pagan

    Smile and wait for the flash.

  • Fred B

    "Hey Jo where you going with that gun in your hand"

    Pictured is Miss. Joanne Hairtrigger

  • Rog

    Don't think I won't pop a cap in yo ass. Now, eat up your veggies dear.

  • Eric Price

    Guns don't kill people, Granny does!

  • Joseph Riggio

    Granny don't play

  • Zack SkazOne Casciato

    you got the juice now gramma

  • Mike Dixon

    This photo doesn't affect me, affect me, affect me!

  • Tree Dee

    "I am going to break a primer in your fanny, young man!"

  • Dennis Coleman

    I dont dial 911" Sucker"


    Think I'm stayin here? Get outa my way now!

  • Jared

    This year, those reindeer better run from this gangsta granny!

  • DC_

    Ethel Nugent; beloved mother of Ted.

    • bontaiJoe

      I spit my coke all over the place laughing at this one. Definitely 2 thumbs up!!!

  • Wilson Lobao


  • Jim Kitchens

    Crips, Hell. Granny's got her gun.

  • UncleParrothead

    This is what I call 'Heavy Metal'

  • Mike Robinson

    1 for the money, 2 for the show, 3 to get ready, now go, Bang, Bang, BANG!!

  • wesp22

    Keep steppin' beeeeatch!

  • Adalberto Alcaraz

    I'm a rockin gunnin granny .

  • Ben

    Don't flash me them gang signs

  • Command

    A shout out to all my homies!……peace out.

  • jacks1911

    Crips or bloods?

  • John Calvillo

    Flash This…Get This

  • Command

    Who needs V**gra?

  • JustWondering

    So you want to play on my lawn?

  • Bob Rosanna

    yuo have just maid my day!

  • Jack

    Geritol mofo!!!

  • walt

    Don't mess with Texas!

  • Joseph Aloia

    Are you Talking to ME!

  • John K

    Hi shot my two middle fingers off but I GOT HIM!!!

    • John K

      Sorry, I re-entered mine due to type O.
      See the next one.
      John K.

  • John K

    He Shot My Two Middle Fingers Off But I GOT HIM!!!

  • armydoc37

    you just think you are going to take away my damn social security, you damn commies

  • Howard Adams

    " GO Ahead Punk …..MAKE MY DECADE!!!!!!! "

  • Bryan

    Daughters of Liberty 2012

  • Don

    You know granny loves ya so I'll ask you to put that TV back.

  • Paladin Airwolf

    Pistol packing mama lay pistols down pistol pack make your world go round. dont mess with pistol packing mamas

  • Bill P

    With me being on a small pension and ammo costing so much, I have to tell you that no warning shots will be fired.

  • J L Rich

    No warning shots , hook em horns

  • JohnnyC

    It's a 45auto because they don't make a 46cal!!!

  • DKR

    Try the new Blue-Hair Hollowpoints. One and done!

  • Lance

    That's two down and one idiot to go!

  • Joe

    Come on in BRO.

  • Sarasota Bill

    Forget a-bout it, this "Maloik" is for you. "Capeesh"?

  • skip

    get a dg, MY ASS!!

  • ron

    go granny go.

  • skip

    get dog, MY ASS!

  • Jim E

    Ok Bro, Make my day

  • Roy

    I went like this…he went like that.

  • Jim

    YOU are perched upon the horns of a dilemma !

  • Brett

    Back up and hang loose sucker! This may not be my single action 45, but you better believe I know how to use it!

  • John Kornegay

    Granny Badger don't give a s**t!

  • Marty

    Well ! He won't be back…..

  • Nutnyahoo

    Granny's got her groove on.

  • Keith

    Kids are grown , Husbands Dead. I've got nothing left to lose. Go ahead try and steal somethin!

  • dynamitebd

    For all you younguns; remember, you should always carry a backup. Has anyone seen my M4, I think I had it in the kitchen this morning.

  • Jake

    Keep that finger out of the trigger guard UNLESS you are prepared to fire that weapon.

  • James F.

    Don't Ask! Those 2 behind me are Idiots!

  • Paul Moore

    Poke you in the eyes or shoot you in the eyes, your call!

  • hands637

    Where my thugs at!?

  • nathan

    Depends! I diont need your stupid Depends!

  • Aloysius Jenkins

    The door is there to my right, I believe the hospital is somewhere to my left, you pick!

  • Dom

    OG's enjoy new firearm's too!

  • telling4

    Don't you tell me I have dementia, I'm telling you I am 2pac home boy.

  • Ryan


  • Dave Martin

    Yo, yo, yo.. Granny in da house!

  • DOC8404

    Should I use sign language or smoke signals

  • chfd_rfitz223

    Thug Life….OGma

  • purplefred2

    Granny's got her Gun; Where's yours?

  • rokrok

    This is REAL "old school!"

  • ragnar49

    This is the piece I carved out of licorice so your grandpa and me could escape from those terrorists in the jungle when we were missionaries back in "67".

  • Joe Brown

    It's 2pm… Time for dinner. I'm bringing my gun, you never know who you'll meet out on the town at this late hour.

  • jlbreeden04

    Jerry Miculek's Pin-up girl!

  • jlbreeden04

    43 years later the co-founder of the Crips comes out of hiding!

  • jlbreeden04

    Who knew Ronnie James Dio was an NRA supporter?

  • jlbreeden04

    Welcome to Utah!

  • jlbreeden04

    If Ted Nugent and Barbara Bush had a love child…

  • jlbreeden04

    Thanks to my profile picture on Facebook, I lost my walmart greeter job.

  • jlbreeden04


  • ima larduss

    don' make me bust a cap off in yo ass sucka

  • jlbreeden04

    Where are they now presents: Patty Hearst.

  • Jack W.

    My Obama, Read my lips…….. On second thought, better not, it's a felony.

  • jlbreeden04

    Have a Snickers grandma, you get all ghetto when you're hungry.

  • J. Junior

    Two burglars? They will make my day!

  • jlbreeden04

    Prescription Drug Lord!

  • Dan

    "No Wolf Here Deary"
    "My What Big Rounds You Have"


    My entry:
    I might not have teeth, but I bite!


    Smile and look for the flash

  • jlbreeden04

    Osteoporosis pushed Thelma over the edge. She now leads a militant anti-Obamacare group from her home in Boca.

  • jlbreeden04

    Thank you Florida!


    My Mom taught me to shoot

  • Jim

    Who loves ya ?


    Proud to be locked and loaded

  • john

    My special toy don't need no batteries!

  • KDR

    Oh Eric Holder, you've been a BAD BOY! Granny is coming for you, it's prison time!

  • ejsharp

    "The Longhorns better win this season or that coach is answering to ME!"

  • Tom

    "Now remember when clearing a round keep your fingers away from the muzzle."

  • rick

    I used to be a lefty, but after the shooting accident, I had to switch to right handed shooting and decided to join the NRA.

  • Ken Lewis

    Nailed both them suckas as they busted through my front door!

  • Bart clemente

    I said BINGO

  • pgfrench

    Com on inna my house!

  • Carl W.

    Yo! I'm the OG…..that's Ol' Granny for you punks! I'm gonna put a cap in your butt!

  • Micah C

    Old or not, mess with the bull and you get the horns!

  • rickbrixius

    Crips are getting older

  • chris

    You Better Step Homie !

  • Allen

    Obama's gonna cut my Medicare! I don't think so!

  • andy669

    You robbing' or raping?

  • sparky

    Granny- a one percenter gangsta in the double tap club!

  • Jon L

    this is my security…government not needed !

  • jlbreeden04

    The LPGA Legends Tour is playing in Compton this year.

  • jlbreeden04

    Estraderm makes me cranky.

  • Joe

    Watch out jack, granny's back and packing

  • Leon Gallie

    Carefull Boys This granny bites REAL hard!

  • Ron

    Go ahead, tell me I'm too old…..I dare ya!

  • schucky04

    Don't f–k with me. I'll blow you head off!

  • Sorzy

    911?…This granny don't need no stinking 911.

  • James Martin

    You damn kids better get off my lawn or I'm going to put a cap in your a$$!

  • robert worthington

    Speak English!!!!!

  • Rhino

    So you're here for my pills? I've got a couple of pills for you!

  • S-W-S

    It comes in all shapes and sizes

  • Don

    2 broke in…2 carried out. My home is my castle remember that before you mess with Gram's and her .45

  • Bruce Polsky

    Really dear, could say that again about my cookies being overcooked ?!!

  • Mitch Sellers


  • Ron

    Since Granny is a University of Texas fan (Hook 'em Horns sign), "Don't mess with Texas!"

  • Jim Raymond

    You're never too old to aim well, shoot straight and and keep your eyes on the front sight.

  • Greg

    Dude – just who do you think taught "old school" ???

  • John Isgett

    There may be snow on the roof, but there is a hot fire below.

  • woodchuckwacker666

    Yo bitch! Guess who's going to be doing the gang banging now!

  • Lee Dutra

    Hey Homey, wanna party?

  • Rob Cox

    WHAT!!!!! ME WORRY????

  • bontaiJoe

    Meet the world's most interesting woman. Her cookies have been known to stop small wars. Her house cat is a tiger. She is the one that taught Jeff Cooper the double tap. She doesn't always drink beer, but when she does, it's PBR.

  • Scott

    NO Homeboys in my home, boys!

  • Carpman1

    "She's got what it takes and she knows how to use it….."

  • Jeftacular

    Granny: Reach in that bag and pull out my wallet.

    Bad Guy: Which one is it?

    Granny: It's the one that says bad mother@#$%er on it.

  • JJ murata

    Think I'm kidding?

  • moosikman

    "Dang this arthritis! Anyway, as I was saying, I put 2 in each of the motherf$%*@rs. Shoulda used the Glock. Wouldn't have had to reload!"

  • Mick

    Senior assisted living: Courtesy of HK

  • Robert

    "I shot my two middle fingers and my thumb off my other hand by being careless and having my finger always on the trigger like this…"

  • Kiko

    "Let me tell you what OG really stands for."

  • John Kreuz

    My name is not MARTHA STEWART,dog!!

  • john spillane

    My husband gots some explainin' to do. Where he at?

  • john spillane

    Forgive me Lord the devil made me do it!

  • Douglas Newman

    Hot Granny For Hire

  • Dave Hicks

    Ride or Die!
    For Life

  • adam

    u gonna try to take my purse agian? come at me

  • Tim

    As a matter of fact, I WASN'T alive when the Second Amendment was written. You got that homie?

  • Jason

    Even granny can rock out with her Glock out.

  • Blake

    Q. What do the gun, the grannie, and her diaper all have in common?
    A. They are all loaded!

  • Stormycromer

    I don't know which hand is more dangerous…

  • Raymond

    You know DAMN well not to call me Gramma…It's G-Rida.

  • sneakyfatguy

    Rock out with your glock out!!

  • anonymous

    This is gonna hurt you more than it hurts me.

  • Brandyn

    For my homies that be gone! Crips represent yo! Would you like a cookie deary?

  • chasingtexas

    Peace or Pistol. Your choice.

  • chasingtexas

    Do I LOOK scared?

  • jlbreeden04

    Winning caption makes me think the judges got tired of reading before they got to anything good.

  • W Moore

    I don't want to hurt you, but I will if necessary.

  • Ted Noll

    What are you going to do when they come for you?

  • Stephen Guertin

    So…You think cigaretts are bad for you health?

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