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Caption Contest: The Zombie Hazmat Suit

by G&A Staff  |  February 18th, 2013 225

This week’s G&A Caption Contest features one zombie hunter who’s leaving nothing to chance in the apocalypse. Caption this photo before Saturday, Feb. 23, to win!

This Week's Photo
Caption Contest: The Zombie Hazmat Suit

The Winning Caption:

Alright! Who replaced my filter with a urinal cake?

The Prize:

Brite-Strike Tactical Blue Dot Illumination Tool with Tactical Touch Switch

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  • Bryce

    your sure this suit will stop the zombie bites, right?

    • Beaujohn

      Sure it will, It is made in the good old USA. No cheap stuff would work on Zombies.

    • Johnny

      This AR sure stinks!

  • Bryce

    Your sure this suit will protect me from Zombie bites ?

  • Bryce

    OK, who cut the cheese? its a good thing i always pack my respirator

  • Bryce

    MOM my wrist aren't covered…

  • Matthew

    if the dead raise from the grave, they are gonna smell like putrid road kill on a hot summer day.

  • Natalie

    "Does this mask make my nose look big?"

  • Retiredguy00

    "Yeah…I'm sure I'm well protected, but I can't see or hear!"

  • L J C

    damm zombies splatter all over when hit !

  • Jim

    Prepper Hell, have you been in the port-a-potty!

  • Gary Lanphear

    I'm headed to Camp david to shoot some skeet

  • UncleSamsArmy

    "Does this outfit make me look fat?"

  • Dennis

    The cloths make the man.

  • Dbro

    Wheres my whiskey filled camel back

  • Dbro

    You know what they say about a guy with a big gas mask

  • L J C

    them zombies sure do splatter when you wack em .

  • Jim

    Prepper, No way, have you smelled the port-a-potty!

  • James D

    Prepper, nah, Have you smelled those port-a-potties?

  • Jim

    Really? Your sure….. The chicks dig this look?

  • Greylock

    Well, it lubricates OK – but that skunk oil is just not going to cut it.

  • Donna M. Laws

    I spent $3,000 nose job and I have wear this?

  • NicePiece

    Mike TV still suffering radiation effects of Wonka-Vision 40 years on.

  • Marcello

    "Ready to vote Obama"

  • eric house

    ah yes the latest spring fations are in!

  • remlapalpha

    Can anyone here me out there I've got to pee!

  • peter

    Paintball? What's that?, 21st century Mr clean

  • Stephen Malm

    Hey, ain't you the guy from Scream 1 through 6?

  • Stephen Malm

    All I could make out was "Fnork-snork-bork, fork-bork-tork."

  • Stephen Malm

    Larry was still having trouble with the concept of the Witness Protection Program.

  • Stephen Malm

    Right now my new formulation of smokeless powder is not quite "stink-less".

  • supergrunt

    Man I hope I don't fart

  • supergrunt

    Time to Change Granpa"s Depends

  • barracuda66

    Shoot a zombie???? I couldn't hit an elephant in this outfit…….

  • Jason

    Umpa Lumpa on steroids. BOOYYAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Stephen Malm

    Once again, gentlemen – the three pockets across the top of your vest are, from left to right: Three Musketeers, Snickers, 40mm grenade shell.

  • Stephen Malm

    And to think, in high school, Edgar was voted "Least likely to date women, ever!"

  • Brian Church

    Funny, I get the same look while Im wearing this that I do when I tell people Im going Zombie hunting.

  • Brian Church

    This new zobie suit was only $30 more than the normal suits…..and it came with all the same features. What a deal!

  • WeepingEagle

    As you can see Mr. President it’s going to take more than you think for you and your U.N. buddies to wipe us out.

  • Dylan

    Over kill? What does that even mean?

  • *Jason*

    If I only had a cape:(

  • satmanski

    FEMA's little known Zombie Control Division

  • dustin

    I miss the old days when SPF 30 was enough

  • dustin

    lets see if these guys can hit 80

  • laramy

    With that kind of shooting you guys are really stinking up the range

  • DavidDrums

    OK Everyone, STAND BACK. I have now come in contact with the evil AR platform. We need to get rid of it.

  • Consteacher

    I hate it when I get head detal!

  • Aesch33

    It is truly scary how prepared our generation is for the zombie apocalypse.

  • Mhendrix

    Its a fine suit now but whats he going to wear after labor day?

  • I1i1i1

    Oh God! I farted.

  • deadfoldmike

    Doe's this make me look fat?

  • deadfoldmike

    How do I pee?

  • deadfoldmike

    You guys smell that?

  • deadfoldmike

    Nothing to see here!

  • saul

    I swear I was this close to Ted nugent.

  • BJD

    I'm starting to think I got into the wrong prepper group.

  • Freedom

    Gasmask… Check
    Has-Mat suit…Check
    'Cool-looking' tactical vest… Check
    Customized AR… Check
    Extra Mags and Ammo… Oh Crap!!!
    Overall assessment (Completely Unprepared for anything)

  • wsr1961

    "All we know is they have hostages, and they've been eating beans."

  • Frank Kovacs

    'Go ahead and laugh, but I've seen what those CSI people can find.'

  • Frank Kovacs

    Turns out its not funny at all when you fart in a gas-suit.

  • Nick Saunders

    OK honey, I'm ready to change the baby's diaper this time."

  • Nick Cockerham

    Better safe than sorry.

  • NGC

    "Any one else watch the Walking Dead?"

  • John York

    White House Inspector,just trying to clear out the rest of the undesirables !

  • Doug Frederick

    I sure am glad they decided to issue us this gas mask., It's hard protecting Obama for the droppings and the smell.

  • Cousin Bob

    Damn, I knew I shouldn't have eaten those Burritos and re-fried beans for lunch!

  • Cousin Bob

    Okay, who filled up my gas mask filter with Limburger cheese?

  • Cousin Bob

    Are you sure I won't draw attention to myself when I arrive in New York city?

  • Cousin Bob

    Where did you say those "Killer Bees" were?

  • Cousin Bob

    Damn, I never knew "Zombies" smelled so bad!

  • Jeff Knight

    What are ya going to do…It was chili day at camp and you know how that affects George!

  • Nosfer6

    Aww crap, I just farted.

  • Nosfer6

    And you thought these things smelled bad… on the outside!

  • Quinton BrubakerGass

    I forgot all my mags and ammo, so I hope this thing is bite proof for when the zombies come!

  • alan

    zombie apocalypse…game, set, match.

  • Brandon

    Dodging deadly icicles and taming Black Bart were child's play compared to what happened to Ralphie next…

  • Sean

    Alice…i am your father.
    (in his most breathiest voice)

  • Austin b

    That pastrami sandwich probably wasn't a good idea.

  • yp3

    Zombie Hunter in action.

  • Tanstaafl2

    Fooey! – I wish they made HAZMAT suits in tactical black too.

  • tanstaafl2

    Heh! Heh! – in this get-up, they can't tell that I'M the zombie.

  • rti

    stop the zombie crap already.stupid articles such as this give liberal anti-gun wackos fodder.

  • tanstaafl2

    Wile E. Coyote with his latest ACME purchase.

  • Dave

    I'm ready for anything… that doesn't require bullets… still out of stock…

  • tanstaafl2

    How the heck do you get a cheek weld with this thing on!?

  • tanstaafl2

    YECH! I just sneezed.

  • tanstaafl2

    Momma'd be so proud if she could see me now!

  • tanstaafl2

    What do you mean, "Take off your mask" – I'm not WEARING a mask?

  • Trey73

    "Painters Protective Apparel" taken a little too far ?


    "Gawwd, I'm allergic to Zombies. Hey, how do you wipe off a big snot in this thing??!"

  • Throwlead

    The Emperor's New Multicam

  • Anynamewildo

    "Bobby, we have a code 4 in the men's restroom!" It sucks being the new guy at Taco Bell

  • Milo

    These aren't the zombies you're looking for…. move along, move along

  • Evan

    Regular zombies? Not a problem. It's those zombie-bees I'm scared of.

  • Sammy

    "How do i know if this mask is really working" "Do i need to hit a switch to turn it on" "Should i see a light"

  • Indiana Oak

    We've got to quit having our club shoots next to these cattle pastures!

  • Hemi

    First time changing your baby’s diaper

  • Indiana Oak

    Zombies!!!?? They told me this was winter camo!!

  • Consteacher

    The wife says 'try a little goat cheese, no body will know you even ate any!

  • Jeff

    Man run one zombie threw with your gun and the smell never comes out.

  • mattb302

    Now if I can only find ammo…………

  • Ron

    Alright, who replaced my filter with a urinal cake?

    • dylan_polk


      Congratulations! You're the winner.

      Email me at with your address and contact information to receive your prize.


      Dylan Polk
      G&A Social Media Editor

  • GunFlint

    Mr. Pesident

    I thought you said their was no iminent danger?

  • SamF1911

    So this is what Obama Care looks like.

  • gi_joe079

    What do you mean haloween was yesterday?!

  • mike degiorgio

    I'm all dressed up and now I Have to pee

  • JimmyV

    What you looking at? I always dress up for Easter.

  • Bryan

    It's a black and white dinner, right? Am I over dressed?

  • biggun44mag

    Do I get the camo jumpsuit after I kill my first zombie?

  • JSkaggs

    Zombies are the Least of my Worries……I had chili for lunch and I cant get out of this damn suit!!!!! It smells like something died…

  • martygunman

    Zombies are easy,but you guys after a bowl of beans. No one is safe.

  • Doubletap Tommy

    What costume party?

  • JMB

    Damn it, I have to go to bathroom!

  • Terry

    Only seven rounds? That stinks!

  • Steve

    Okay dude, you got your camera?! I can't believe we actually made a concentrated fart bullet! WATCH THIS!!

  • Norman Swinehart Jr

    Are you sure I can't catch the flu in here, or are you just saying that to make me feel better,I think am I hiding from the Zombies?They can't see me can they?

  • Patrick

    What do you mean the Iraq war is over. I just got all dressed up!

  • paddy

    Manfred had failed to consider the potential consequences of an IBF (irritable bowel flare)

  • Jk5693

    Hells Angels approved. We're wearing these to sturgis!!!

  • lambo

    Dont worry im from the government and im here to help.

  • paddy

    Whew….I failed to consider the potential consequences of an IBF (irritable bowel flare)!!

  • Hooter Horton

    "I don't know about protecting anything, I just figured, Hell, if I can look just a little bit scarier than they do"…………..

  • NICK


  • Edmond69

    I think they all turned to zombies after a week long chili feed, so I came prepared

  • Bob Schroeder

    Just act normal. We'll blend in and they will never notice us.

  • DalhartCHL

    HELP! We're being lead by Zombies. I'm having to wear this suite to clean up bad legislation being passed! It smells like someone rewrote The Constitution. Please send reinforcements!

  • kraig

    And I thought they smelled bad on the outside

  • matt lehman

    if the zombie apocalypse dosent occure i know someone whos going to be flu free!

  • matt lehman

    BACK OFF OBAMA ! this is what i need to clean the bed bugs at the local red roof inn!

  • Tom

    Yes dear, I know I can change the babys' diaper!

  • Scott594

    No point in even trying, Gary Lamphear has it!! Busted a gut

  • paul

    Does this rifle go with this suit

  • Eric

    What, the news reports in Montana were just a hoax?

  • Robert

    There's no way gun grabbers will look at a picture like this and label gun owners as paranoid lunatics…nope, none a chance.

  • RSpittler

    Chicks dig me because I rarely wear underwear and when I do….it's usually something pretty special.

  • J.C. Cropper

    Why, yes, I will be attending a meeting with Piers Morgan, Obama, Biden and Feinstein….. why do you ask ?

  • ArchAngel

    Here zombie here zombie daddy got something for you a nice 5.56

  • Ron

    Alright! Who replaced my filter with a urinal cake?

  • Cody trostel

    "Never put all your eggs in one basket" 2013 is here and now I have to pay my credit cards back for all this s#*t! Lol

  • Glenn Chase

    This suit is a double duty suit it repels zombies and blocks the smell of Liberal gun grabbers .

  • Bubba Varela

    Whats wrong with me? Nothing, Im in my Sunday best for the new Apocalypse church down the street.

  • Shane

    OK, who put the stink-bomb in my AR?!

  • harryp269

    Who says you can't wear white after Labor Day?

  • Shane

    Howard's taking gun safety to a whole new level with the introduction of the "Full Body Condom"….only $19.99 at fine gun shops everywhere.

  • Big T

    MMM. Zombie white meat.

  • Nosfer6

    And you thought these things smelled bad…on the outside!

  • laramy

    These new gun laws are really leaving a democratic odor

  • Nosfer6

    Okay I am ready to do the kitty litter!

  • Brandon

    The new uniform for the county bean eating contest

  • Radcliffe Cutshaw

    Now, I'm totally safe!

  • Frank

    We're in the fight of our lives to stop gun control and we're still talking about zombies!!? This does nothing to help or cause

  • R2STUD

    Momma said there would be days like this, there would be days like this, my Momma said…

  • Valentino

    Just what kind of blind date did you set me up with?

  • spaulding49

    I swear… it smells like bacon in here!

  • mikek30

    Crap! I just dutch ovened myself.

  • Tommy

    AWW Man, Latrine duty……AGAIN

  • LD :)

    Hey, you may think I look CRAZY… But, then you think about it for a minute…. you are going to be saying to yourself "WTF" Why, didn't I think of that? Nobody is going to mess with that CRAZY Ass guy in the suit and mask!!!

  • Yosarian87

    This gun smells…where is my AK?

  • Bryan

    The sh*t is about to hit the proverbial fan…and when it does I think I got it covered!!!

  • stevenwlm

    Hasmat: check
    Tactical gear: check
    AR-15: check
    Ok I'm ready to clean out the refrigerator.

  • Loyd

    Zombie Badges? I don't need no steeenking Zombie badges !

  • John Tsaklis

    "Now…I can visit my Marlboro toting mother-in-law."

  • Rob

    Daryl… do i look as cool as you?

  • Loyd

    Zombie badges?

    I don't need no steeenking zombie badges !

  • George Washburn

    Man, I should have NEVER eaten those prunes!

  • Mark thomas

    No beano, No problem

  • Archeron

    Hmm, no extra magzines, no extra ammo……this thing is going to make a lousy club.

  • Jim

    Oh, so you think I look stupid, huh?

  • Toyotim

    Zombie fighting suit… $35
    Tactical vest…$69
    AR15 after the mention of "Assault Weapon Ban"… Priceless!

  • Jacks Mule Barn

    For the last time, YES I am the new elephant cage cleaner at the zoo ! ! !

  • Steve

    Man, this suit makes my thighs sweat.

  • Jgnat

    Tyvek suit..$6
    Ar-15 ………$1200
    Gas mask…$30
    Tactical vest.$60
    Knowing that the guy behind you taking pictures and laughing at you is gonna be screwed should zombies actually rise from the grave………priceless.
    For everything else there's gold/whiskey/cigarettes or anything else I can barter with.

  • bassplayer34

    Idiot in sheep's clothing?

  • Joh

    In other news, a local man prepares to join in a peaceful protest against unreasonable anti-gun legislation followed by a town hall debate. When asked about the hazmat suit, he simply replied by stating he would need protection from "the zombies who feed on civil rights and liberty" from the opposing side of the debate.

  • Mcuda

    Time to change the diaper.

  • CUDA426

    Time to change the diapers

  • Lou

    I hate these baked bean and sourkraut cookoffs

  • Thor363

    I thought we were hunting ARCTIC zombie bunny wabbits!


    Yeah, everything fits, but do you have different colors other than black and white?

  • Ron

    No one told me the filter only works for smells and gases outside the suit.

  • City Zen Ommm

    No, Commander, none here.But…Perhaps OLD York has intelligent life.

  • Will

    They want to ban guns and legalize marijuana, either way I ready!!

  • Chris visage

    Diane feinstien " these weapons must be handled with the utmost care. The proposed assault weapon handling suit or AWHS will allow safe handling of these deadly weapons"

  • Ryan

    This AR reeks of freedom and the constitution. It can't possibly be owned by civilians.

  • michael

    gas mask! check. full body suit! check. gun! check. magazines! damn knew i forgot something

  • Jason c

    Now we know what is happening to all those bees.

  • RMW556

    Smells Like Gun Control around here!

  • Logan

    Mom! you're on Guns and Ammo!

  • Olen

    Ok guys I am ready to testify before congress about the gun control.

  • BuzGuy

    I just love the "READY TO VOTE" as a caption for the picture

  • RickO

    So, you say you've had some termites?

  • Dead Eye Jedi

    Who would have thunk only the characters from the "Spy Vs Spy" comic would survive the zombie apocalypse?


    Fart all you want…. I'm covered

  • SamF1911

    Nah man the AR15 is for the zombies and the hazmat suit is just there to protect me from those filthy gun grabbers.

  • Clowd87

    The label said Zombie and Paparazzi repellent… Return!

  • Gettysburg Reb

    Gee Whiz! Should not have had garlic for lunch!!!!

  • Brasscase

    This was all I had to wear, My Batman Suit is at the dry cleaners.

  • scott reinhart

    If it is good enough for Israel… it's good enough for us… does this chest rig and vest clash with is chem suit and mask or my ar-15?

  • Don

    Aw hell, I have to go poopies!

  • kyle martin

    this is the last time i volunteer to go in after a rabid skunk.

  • Tim K.

    Sure it keeps the bad stuff out, but it also keeps the farts in!

  • Christopher

    What's black & white & ready all over?…

  • Christopher

    CRAP!… Forgot to spit out my chew…

  • Wayne

    The final and most effective layer of protection is… the Lunch Lady hairnet! Yeah!

  • Umar

    No, I don't need no peripheral vision when I got this here red dot sight!

  • Dale Bailey

    Yeah! I'm from New Jersey,how'ya know?

  • Henry Rybczyk

    Come on Obama i'm ready!!

  • antler234

    After thinking it over, Jack began to believe he overreacted when he heard they were serving chili at the gun show

  • will

    I heard the government has mutated Africanized bees, one sting and you'll believe anything they tell you and I'm not taking any chances!!!

  • Frank Davidson Jr

    Dang, do I have to wear all this stuff just to clean my rifle!?

  • Keith

    All i can think of reading these posts, I hope the Anti gun people dont look at this,,,,,Gives them more ammo to take our guns away when 90% on here look at this picture and can only think of Urine, Farts & Beans,,,After all most of the new laws are targeted towards the mental ILL….Starting to think the posts were written by people that are a few frys short of a happy meal.

  • DS5

    Going somewhere, Solo?

  • sam

    They will have a great time trying to ID me totake my guns

  • Umar

    How am I going to see a zombie sneaking up from the side while I'm engaging a group in front of me? F*** you, that's how!

  • MoMan

    Osama, I am your father.

  • twofeathersfutes

    Awwwwww , damn't……………….WHO put the freaking zipper on the inside ? I gotta peeeeee !

  • Wayne

    As he suited up for the Occupy Wallstreet security detail , Officer Williams decided no matter how sexy the watch commander's wife was , it just wasn't worth it .

  • largemarg

    Getting white house security ready for al rocker

  • marlin man

    wish my perehpial was better

  • Kevin G.

    I KNEW IT, fifteen minutes to get into this thing and now i have to go pee!

  • Six

    Los Angeles Zombie Smog suit. Prepared for the Apocalypse

  • n_flentge

    Obama's Gestapo Training Camp.

  • dchewitt

    Democrap nearby

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