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Caption Contest: SWAT Kitty

by G&A Staff  |  November 7th, 2012 151

This week’s G&A Caption Contest features a tense standoff with a vicious, deadly… kitty cat? Caption this photo before Sunday, November 11 to win!

This Week's Photo
Caption Contest: SWAT Kitty

The Winning Caption:

Just a day in the life of the newly expanded ATFC (Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, & Catnip).

The Prize:

Champion Re-Stick Target (25-pack)

Simplify life at the range with Champion's peel-and-stick paper targets. For more info, check out Champion Target.

  • Robert

    Stop right there kitty! What have you done with the dog?

  • Charles Jewell

    I'll cover you while you cuff him.

  • RobertinCPG

    Just a day in the life of the newly expanded ATFC (Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, & Catnip).

    • dylan_polk

      Congratulations! You're the winner.

      Email me at with your address and contact information to receive your prize.


      Dylan Polk
      G&A Social Media Editor

  • Stephen Malm

    Sarge! It's making a funny sound – could be the timer on an IED!

  • Stephen Malm

    All the hours of SWAT training for "KITTY", the urban camo tactical feline, really paid off!

  • Jason

    Obama and the UN's war on terror has gone too far!

  • Anthony T Williams

    SWAT protecting our streets from LOLcats!

  • scott m

    Taking time to stop and pet the kitty

  • Reggie Bonzon Laude

    get down kitty! I know you've got 9 lives, but between me and my partner, we have 60 rounds!

  • Frank

    Retract the claws, step away from the litter box–DO IT NOW!

  • Hayden

    Look America's Most Wanted cat burglar!

  • Jim Purcell

    I checked him for weaons, Sarge. He's clean

  • Aaron

    warning their has been evidence of some sick hooligans inserting explosives up cats anuses. Beware if your cat has been outside lately and has got problems at the toilet it may be an………………………………….. explodo cat

  • Stephen Malm

    Maybe we should wait for backup!

  • Stephen Malm

    Kitty diverted the SWAT team's attention from the two tomcats under the nearby getaway cars.

  • Stephen Malm

    I am sick & tired of having my kevlar vest used as a scratching post!

  • Eric Laurain

    Attack cat deployed.

  • Dustin Marshall

    Today, local SWAT officers located and took into custody "Sniffles", the alleged leader of an international cat nip smuggling ring. He was arrested without incident and after a body cavity search, was additionally charged with possession of a controlled substance.


    Who let the cat out of the bag?

  • Renee TondreGarza

    Call in the dogs!

  • Stephen Malm

    We prefer the term "Target-Rich Environment" instead of "Pu$$y Galore".

  • Stephen Malm

    Got to break the new recruit's tendency to "spray and pray" during a gunfight.

  • puddleduck

    we got fed up with neighbors cats so we hired our own property border patrol

  • Dennis

    Sarge: "Command says to let him pass. Apparently he's a friend of Garfield."

  • John Kuhns

    Heh, Heh, Heh, disguised myself as a cat and walking right past these idiots

  • John Kuhns

    He might have nine lives, but I got 30 rounds

  • Jon

    Careful, Mike! He might haz a cheeseburger!

  • Black Cat

    Local assets are used to prepare the troops before deployment into hostile situations.

  • Black Cat

    Another 2 years and they'll work up to a dog-guarding duty.

  • Black Cat

    Police Academy

  • Black Cat

    In an effort to improve community relations LAPD deploys a Cat-9 Unit.

  • Black Cat

    The hiring of non-English speaking officers lead to, what police commissioner called, a simple case of misunderstanding, when a sex crime unit corralled local street walkers.

  • Black Cat

    LAPD partnered with PETA in the latest sensitivity training exercises.

  • Black Cat

    An officer uses a "hitman" hand technique, popularized by Hollywood, because no one likes to get blood splatters all over their clothes.

  • Nosfer6

    Zombie cat zombie cat!!!

  • Nosfer6

    Who let the cat out, meow meow meow meow meow!?!

  • Cdubs

    Sergeant, the next time we deploy for a raid with unknown numbers of suspects on premises, please refrain from assuring your officers that the perps are just a bunch of pu$$ies! That's an order sergeant!


    Luckily, Officer Scruffy from the K9 unit called for SWAT backup just in time.

  • stevenwlm

    Alright puddy tat, release tweety and no one gets hurt!

  • alfenton1988

    Where's the Suspect Sergeant? Right Here Get It!

  • JGuss

    Look! A fur covered silencer.

  • Nick M.

    When feral cats attack…

  • Karl

    Dang it, I lost my Bore Snake…Hmmm, maybe this Bore Cat will do the job…

  • Darq666

    Following SOP Billingsly began to pat down the subject…. what could possibly go wrong….

  • Joe Keating

    Drop your weapon!

  • theprofessor

    " Dispatch we have a " Code 4" & Code 10-91L "

  • theprofessor

    " Sarge, the cat is right ! says he came across the border as a student.
    We can't hold him under the new ICE rulings."

  • Calibrator


  • Nosfer6

    Dem-a-cat, no ID, no job, no clue.
    Still gets to vote. Maybe they're trying to give him a metal.

  • Kitsroyal

    I cover him you check him for catnip.

  • Stephen Malm

    SWAT deployment seemed like overkill for a simple misdemeanor case of Kitty litter-ing.

  • RG Smith

    Stop—"Don't move a wisker or you are dogmeat"

  • Stephen Malm

    Frisking Frisky.

  • Stephen Malm

    Stay back for your own safety, citizen!

  • Dustin

    God Dammit Johnson! I'll put a bullet in the next cat you pet on the job!

  • Justin Time

    Tactical Fail

  • Lotto

    Purrrrrfecting a tactical approach!

  • Justin Time

    From that day on, Mr. Mistoffelees was revered by felines everywhere.

  • Justin Time

    Shortly after, Sargent Bigsby was demoted for failing to impersonate an officer.

  • Tim

    "Listen Sarge, when I said I thought we should go out and, you know, "get some" this is not at all what I had in mind"

  • Stephen Malm

    High Five…..C'mon cat…..don't leave a brother hanging!

  • Stephen Malm

    Q: What time is it when Officer Jones mistakes a cat for 200-lb, red-headed prison escapee?
    A: Time to get new glasses…..or a new line of work!

  • jrp

    Wait! Don't shoot him! He's part of the president's new "kinder, gentler" war on terror. He sends the kitten in to soften them up. Then he hits them with a blockbuster apology.

  • Robert Johnston

    Cat-Break Time!
    Furry Fur-Child giving the SWAT troopers some "warm & fuzzy" time.

  • Michael Gorena

    Getting a drug sniffing cat was a bad idea.

  • John J

    Niiiiccceee pusssy…!!!

  • Michael Gorena

    Freeze, show me your paws! At that moment twinkles was sure he should have shared the roof of the car with Tom and Missy.

  • Michael Gorena

    After stopping to pet the kitty during the big bust, Monday turned out to be Robert's first and last day on SWAT.

  • Ron

    we must ask you cease and leave this is our litter box.

  • guest

    YOU! Put down the hairball and step away!

  • Sami Barnett-Moore

    It seems to have some sort of force field around it! A shield, try shooting it!

  • J. Prieto

    Ok Sarge, that was life number 3. My turn.


    Tonight on COPS

  • UncleTedRocks

    You are indeed brave, Sarge, but the fight is mine!

  • Justin

    No… I said put your PAWS up.

  • Christopher

    CAR-15 vs CAT-15

  • Christopher

    S.W.A.T. faling for the old "designated decoy" trick.

  • Bobby Lewis

    Drop that tail right now Mr. Pus.

  • Roger Rechsteiner

    Remember, Hal, five of its six ends are sharp!

  • moneysaverbob

    Alright cat hold it right there lay down and put your paws behind your head and don't move.

  • Holden Doyon

    New training procedures at the Justice Academy have officers out in the field practicing arrests.

  • Charles Steverson

    It's cool boys,they call me Tom and I'm on my way for some time with my babe under the Jeep.

  • Branch2610

    Find out if that cat's foaming at the mouth or just had a bowl of milk… Don't worry, I've got your back.

  • RSagun

    Catnapper! Freeze!!!

  • MattyB

    Ok, Who fed the cat C4?

  • john

    Cease Operation !!! Stand Down !!! We Said Cat Burglar !!!

  • john

    I think we are going to need a K-9 Unit !!!

  • john

    These training missions are getting out of hand …

  • john

    I think we have found our peeping tom …

  • john

    You sure the description fits me , And not them other three !!!

  • john

    We have witnesses , And you and your three friends over there are coming in for a line up ….

  • Lakewood Ed

    Wannabe's over at Animal Control Unit overspent their budget again.

  • john

    We are going to have get this situation under control , The crowd over there is starting to howl ………

  • john

    HEY TOM !!! Get back under the cars with us , we don't think that's the regular animal control bunch……

  • Robert Keith Ando

    Your constitutional rights don't matter. I have reasonable suspicion that you are a criminal!

  • Karl

    Our animal control office just got its Department of Homeland Security grant money!

  • Coldcase

    Fluffy, you're the damned negotiator! Tell those feral fools to come out with their claws sheathed. Ya got 5 minutes, then we're releasing the K9s, so ninja up, Puss Boy!

  • john

    Now !!! Don't make us shock collar you ..

  • john

    Now that you walked a line , Tell me how many fingers I'm holding up .

  • john

    Now tell us again , Which car were you and your friends driving.

  • Momkat66

    Suicide bomber disguised as a feline. Purrfect idea. And he will still have 8 lives to go…..

  • Wayne Rowe

    The new, no nonsence City Animal Control.

  • john


  • Nosfer6

    This is one of those Andrew Lloyd Webber cats, be very, very careful!

  • Mazzman

    This is not the kitty we're looking for.

  • Black Cat

    Talk to the hand !

  • Mack Missiletoe

    "No! NOOOOO!! Don't eat me! Ahhhgggh [gurgle]!"

    "Wha…? Bill, noooo! Ahhhgggg [spurt spurt]!"

    This is just the beginning… duh-duh duuuuh!

    That Military Zombie Apoc training and Civilian Zombie Preparedness movement will surely come in handy. Time to see if those .22 Rimfires are up to the task.

  • hamishtown

    Can has tactical bacon?

    No way kitty!

  • Black Cat

    The officer is practicing a non-lethal apprehension technique – Sleeeep. Sleeeep,

  • Black Cat

    Ace Ventura Pet Detective prequel.

  • Nosfer6

    The Force is strong with this one, I fear the Hiss Lord has returned.

  • Cori

    We are Tough, Bad Ass, Highly trained, Manly….. LOOK A KITTY!!

  • ebower71

    How to give a cat a pill.

    • NOYFB

      Why is that of two pages of comments every single one has multiple thumbs down (negative feedback), but your stupid comment has +9?

      • Tarfu

        You obviously never tried to give a pill to a cat!

  • Wayne Rowe

    The new no nonsense City Animal Control at work.

  • Roddy

    Careful! They purr just before they attack!


    Those suspects under the vehicles are suicide bombers!

  • Kevin Lance

    Worst case of on the job ADD "Sir, put the gun dow, OOO KITTY!"

  • james schlipp

    Don't lift a foot. I'm sure I can disarm it

  • james schlipp

    STOP. Who'd you vote for?

  • james

    oh……… I did something bad, didn't I? Meow.

  • Wayne Rowe

    Careful Joe, just like in the training video, slow and easy then grab the tail.

  • Kelly

    Drop the bag of Catnip!

  • Bob

    Next time call the Fire Department to get the cat!!

  • shane stevens

    THIS JUST IN – Homeland Security averts potential cat-astrophe.

  • Stephen Malm

    Cough up the evidence, FUR-BALL!!

  • Dee Mann

    You show your papers or get on the train, HEY…where do you think your going ? STOP RESISTING ! STOP !

  • Jersey Mike

    Local K-9 unit forced to reorganize and down size. Meet the new and improved Feline Unit.

  • sal s

    When in doubt fur-gure it out!

  • Bob

    Careful!!!!….Remember what happened to Serge when he did that with the Energizer Bunny!!!!

  • marlin reese

    Stand back please let the experts handle this beast !

  • Rik

    I'm telling you ,no judge will EVER believe that he was armed .

  • garda137

    Let me see your paws!

  • Cliff

    We are from the government and we are here to help you.

  • tom westbrook

    release the gold fish so we can get you the help you need there is more to life than just fish it will all be ok

  • Tom

    He doesn't have a licence! – Take him OUT!!!

  • Jamie

    Define Badass! Tactical facepalming a cat! Thats right… Bad Ass!

  • Andy

    We can't shoot it untill its this tall.

  • jamie

    You see son thats why we have 30 round magazines, i can kill all 3 and have 3 left! Cause 3X9=27

  • SigMan4769

    SWAT we're caled in and finally cornered the cat burglar.

  • Sigman4769

    The TSA insisted on patting down EVERYONE.

  • Kevin b

    The force is strong with this one…

  • Mike K. YYC

    Yup. She's hot. Call the bomb squad.

  • scott

    Wait, there's dog poo…

  • popgun

    tactical cat exorcism ???

  • Bruno

    Well, you see leut. if Lionel says thunder FOUR times….

  • 99cobra68vette

    First the guns, then the knives now the claws.

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