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Caption Contest: Supersized Cavalry

by Dylan Polk  |  August 26th, 2013 265

In this week’s G&A Caption Contest, the cavalry just got a little heftier. Caption this photo by Saturday, Aug. 31, for a chance to win!

This Week's Photo
Caption Contest: Supersized Cavalry

The Winning Caption:

Christian B
Republicans finally go on the offense.

The Prize:

Blue Book of Tactical Firearms Values 4th Edition

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  • Bas W

    The first prototype of a armored personell carrier

  • olesniper

    When John Wayne, on a horse with a .45 Colt, just isn’t enough.

  • Dave Arber Jr.

    That tricky mouse scared old Charlie for the last time…..

  • Christian B

    Republicans finally go on the offense.

    • dylanpolk

      Christian B,

      Congratulations! You’re the winner.

      Email me at with your address and phone number to receive your prize.


      Dylan Polk
      G&A Social Media Editor

  • swg

    Elephant gun? I don’t think so.

  • Frank Macera

    Screw this crap………………I’m running away with the circus!

  • Frank Macera

    Who says the Army isn’t a three-ring circus?

  • Matthew K

    Before the civil war, we had horses and wagons. We just took a step up by introducing… A traveling zoo

  • Richard Slugoski Sr

    German pacyderm 37

  • Rhodesianranger

    Hey Ted Wait until the inmates see this in the exercise yard !

  • Josey P.

    If Hannibal could do it, so can I… which way to the Pyrenees?

  • Debbie Finley

    I got your backup!

  • puntgunner

    its a packin-derm.

  • puntgunner

    The way Simba was finally able to overcome his fear of mice.

  • puntgunner

    An elephant never forgets to reload.

  • puntgunner

    The first “Trunk-gun”.

  • puntgunner

    A branch of the military that enjoys being paid peanuts.

  • Dale L Burgess

    Did you put the ear plugs in for the elephant,George?

  • Brian Lund

    “Nope! Not high enough, Get me the giraffe.”

  • pt

    Bring out the clowns.

  • Featherman

    Watch me pop his ass Marge!

  • Michael Hernandez

    “Gunga Dumb”

  • jkbchemist

    Poach this!

  • matheu b

    Do you think this Elephant makes my gun look big?

  • Knotty Brown

    Sure, I smoked a camel while riding an elephant.

  • Adam

    Dude, that’s not what I meant when I said “Elephant gun”!

  • Webster

    Looks like the “New Packing-Derm Portable Back & Ball Scratcher” model 1 works fine!

  • MafSaf

    What has four legs and is always ready to travel into combat?

  • msiple

    Heavy Firepower

  • Gabriel Davila

    You can see it in the elephants eyes he is thinking “Someone get this dipshit off of my back”

  • Edward Marrone

    Betcha Hannibal would have loved to have this packin’ pachyderm!

  • DC

    In super slow mo “dada da da … dada da da …” (Ride of the Valkyries)

  • jw

    Hey, Jumbo, move a little to the right!

  • bltact

    I hope neither one of these backfires!

  • TruthNLogic

    And number one on our list of ten dumbest military ideas in history; the pachyderm mounted machine gunner.

  • Mike Crabtree

    Conservatives begin their quarterly training session in an effort to be prepared for the next round of Liberal gun control legislation.

  • vic trotta

    Republican border security.

  • quijote2009

    Problems are found in granting Elephants security clearances, all over the length required for non-disclosure statements

  • Ken

    Quit complaining, you shouldn’t have raised your trunk that high.

  • Frank J

    When they said a “Jumbo” shooting platform, I thought they meant a large Jeep!

  • PapaBear1A

    I said, ALL you clowns outa the car!!!

  • Rob M.

    Now, if one shows up, I can fill my elephant tag !!

  • MarkM60

    Say hello to my not so leeetle friend!!!!

  • Ynot

    What’da mean blame the sequester!!

  • John W.H.

    dang! ever time he fires that machine gun it scares the crap out of that elephant, and they make me clean it up.

  • Paul Apicella

    I had better not be doing this for peanuts!

  • Mike H.

    Horton used to hear who’s…….

  • Ricarrdo estavans

    Stop swaying I’m trying to gauge the windage

  • Steve S

    The original Deuce and a half!

  • Jimmy the Greek

    Gunga Done!

  • Frank Roberson

    SEND REINFORCEMENTS!!! We’re taking HEAVY machine gun fire!!

  • Rod Lanier

    Roll Tide!!! Go Bama!!! We are going to blow them all away!!!

  • Ken Conley

    Hey dumbo, get me my jumbo sized earplugs or I’ll dump you on your butt!

  • C.K. Dexter Haven

    Where do I get a pair of size 2000 foam earplugs?

  • Kay


  • rhds1

    Third world APC model

  • John Lyman

    OK, Dumbo, now fly, and we can get that rascal Von Richthofen!

  • silver fox

    Pinch your ass, this might smart

  • stolleteddy .

    Hannibal on Steroids


    Without proper hearing protection, Howard hears a “WHO?”

  • d s

    Okay now, a little to your left.

  • Steve

    New meaning to “Elephant Gun”.

  • Tommy

    My new coyote rig…

  • Mike Meall

    Mike Mike Mike Mike, Guess what day it is….TRUNK DAY!!!

  • Jeremy

    Bad enough India went and got a nuke, now they got tanks too!

  • Pat Bean

    Sequestor Effects!

  • Arnie S.

    In answer to the U.S. Sherman Tank, this I the third world’s version: The Jumbo Tank. It is rather slow but produces excellent gas mileage. The other gas it produces….not so good.

  • John Malesky

    Please dont shoot it hurts my ears

  • Bruce

    Hannibal returns with a Vengance

  • Pedro Marrero

    We are strapped for money, need to improvise:
    ATV, check…(the zoo)
    Machinegun, check…..(the museum)
    Gunner, check…(third world country volunteer)
    What about the belt to keep the gun on top? …..still checking…..

  • ian t

    The modern tank of the day.

  • Monte crews

    The cross country test for the new Humvee replacement went well. Now it is time for the armament field test.

  • lbrack

    This setup may just have some potential. But before I fire this thing off, we need to find one of those foam mattresses so we can make ear plugs for the elephant.

  • Donn Kelly

    Nothing like Elephant hunting ,with a Elephant gun, on an Elephant. I tell you old chap !!!

  • ltcusaret1995

    New definition of the crew in crew served

  • Jeffrey Sacks

    Another Big Elephant gun!

  • JMB

    My African cousin, Jumbo, got his ear pierced with a Howda Gun. I hope this guy can shoot straight.

  • Sr Viejo

    Hum-Vee Prototype

  • milsurpgun

    And the trunk’s a great brass catcher.

  • CalvinMD

    I cant hit a damn thing when Dumbo gets the hiccups!! I HATE budget cuts!

  • Paul T

    1st Gurkha Machinegun Regiment

  • tanstaafl2

    And the best part is – they work for peanuts!

  • ShotgunKenny

    Once we mount the Vickers on Dumbo then we will have an Air Force too.

  • Nramem

    That’s not a Vickers, it looks like John Browning’s “POTATO DIGGER” machine gun.


  • Capnjj

    I like the seals better.

  • paul berardi

    We dont need no stinking horsepower!

  • Brian Ackermann

    hold still……wheres the brakes for this big ass animal…..I got a terrorist in my sights.

  • Brian Ackermann

    holly shit watch the recoil !!!!

  • Paul Dodge

    Beep-beep my ass!!!!!!

  • George Blake

    Gives a whole new meaning to the term “elephant gun!”

  • Graybeard

    Anyone got an aspirin, I’ve got a shooting pain on my back!

  • Hurbain Cote

    Hurbain C. Big ride heavy Gun will travel.

  • Russ H.

    Wait till they see the four wheel drive on this thing!

  • Fug

    PDP part of the MMMM
    Potato Digging Pachyderm first prototype of the
    Machine gun Mounted Military Mammals program

  • allen

    Let ‘em blow up my fuel depot, they’re not stoppin’ me.

  • lgw1949

    Heavy machine gun to the front! Heavy artillery at the rear!

  • Mike L.

    Hold Still Betsy, They’re Getting Away..!! If you can’t Shoot from the building, then I’ll Just Shoot looking over it..!!

  • Devildocdon

    My Pachyderm’s packin’ some serious heat!!!!

    Hadji, spin her to left and pass more ammo, kr̥payā

  • Lurch47

    Did you guys remember to put the ear plugs in Dumbo??

  • Stephen Malm

    “Bullets, Gunga Din, bullets!!”

  • Ed Miller

    Excellent. How much does it cost!.

  • Zilberbak

    I thought I was joining the circus not the Foreign Legion!

  • alva

    is this the result of high fuel cost? I wonder if the extra ammo
    is still in the trunk.

  • Don

    Results of sequestration caught on film.

  • mowerman

    Peanuts anyone come and get your peanuts

  • Bobby D.

    Great, the so called “elephant” in the room is now armed!

  • Lee

    This is not what I meant, when I said “I want an elephant gun”!

  • Lee

    Those CLOWNS in Washington have really turned the military into a circus now!

  • Allen Richter

    “Damn Obama and his budget cuts!!”

  • Tom W

    The moment before the hot brass hit the elephant….

  • Tom Brewer


  • Robert N

    O’k, Myra — a little to the left, little more, more……..ah

  • wannakloo

    I can see clearly now the plane is gone … I can see all obstacles in our way

  • nambu1810

    I wish I had ear plugs!

  • EJF3

    My Daddy can whoop your Daddy!!!

  • Ron

    Get up on your hind legs Jumbo,I need more elivation!

  • Rocky’s Dad

    Dang! I knew I forgot something. I need my ear protection.

  • Fog Ducker!

    It seemed like a good idea, and then….

  • cvedrick

    Fortget digging, I want them ‘taters smashed!

  • Thomas Condon

    In Soviet Russia, Elephant hunts you!!!

  • Ron

    New Republican Platform for reducing the size of government

  • disqus_yLVkDPb7gk

    The Shriners Circus thought adding their heavy artillery side attraction to the clown car would Send the wrong message.

  • Bonnie Homer

    keep up we are going in

  • Gary B.

    Elephant ” The first time this clown cranks this thing off he better know how to swim”

  • Tim Dawson

    You can shoot from any elephant, once.

  • baron.j

    SEQUESTER!!!!!!!!! what else can you say

  • Shiva Raj Bhandari

    Don’t move buddy! Now let me shoot.

  • Guest

    How do you like my Elephant Gun!

  • steve

    Zee poachers are over zare, vee shall shoot zem !!

  • Roy Adolphson

    where’d that damn mouse go?

  • mazzman

    Nothing can stop us now!

  • Michael

    How to hide an Elephant for DUMMIES

  • Stephen Malm

    Moments before Gunny became known as “Squishy”.

  • Stephen Malm

    The inspiration for the video game “GRAND THEFT ELEPHANT”.

  • Stephen Malm

    The army’s solution for elephant constipation.

  • Stephen Malm

    Years later, Sarge would find out the hard way that elephants truly never forget.

  • Stephen Malm

    “I’d rather be crossing the Alps”

  • Stephen Malm

    Since getting laid-off from the circus, poor Jumbo spends his days swatting flies and hot brass, and nursing a bad case of “recoil rash”.

  • Bob

    How did I go from the Zoo to this Circus?

  • Stephen Malm

    Hadoop and the sergeant became oddly inseparable after the repeal of “Don’t ask, don’t tell”.

  • Bob

    Hand over the peanuts!

  • Aaron K

    Shoot far… shoot straight… eat peanuts.

  • Bakka Boy

    The Marine Corps says that ammo costs are high, but the things runs on peanuts.

  • Bakka Boy

    Wait till that Regular Marine Corps elephant hears what they are paying the civilian contractor Elephants!!

  • Lymer

    The sign says “DON’T FEED THE ANIMALS!”

  • bandana

    oh,shit I mean shoot

  • Phil

    It’s a jungle out there…

  • harddollar

    Come on damn it I need bigger ear plugs

  • Angel Pagan

    Here mousey, mousey, mousey.

  • j. lane

    ” I told them that accuracy would be impossible without a proper saddle!”

  • Capt Bli

    This isn’t exactly what came to mind when you invited me to go elephant hunting!

  • Johnny Boy

    “We will never forget”

  • Chuck

    Tankphent cruising!

  • George Plunkett III

    Elephant Battery

  • T. A. Kreie

    Have gun, will travel…

  • Kenneth Carty

    Pistol packin’ pachyderm!

  • Nacho L

    The first machine gun with a trunkated barrel.

  • JimL

    The left lane is for PASSING only!

  • Grant S

    I guess this beats the hell out of a camel!

  • John W

    Keep your trunk down, Dumbo…I’m taking the shot.

  • Rich

    The latest round of Defense cuts.

  • snakedoctor

    I can’t remember where the guy is that pooched my tusks’

  • will g

    Not sure about the new tripod attachment being very stable but let’s give it a shot!!

  • Kent

    I’m required by law to tell you I’m pachyderm’n.

  • Ron

    “Terrorize this!”

  • Ron

    “Godzilla, you are mine!”

  • Ron

    Brownings and elephants – what a gas!

  • Ron

    “Hide – the elephant’s outside!”

  • Rasa Guin

    Thats right! The mouse is just over there!

  • Rudy T

    University of Alabama ROTC on the parade grounds.

  • Andy Anderson

    Maximum memory sighting system.

  • Auggie Doggie

    Ok Boys, just gotta figure out how to mount the reactive armor plating and we’ll call it a Tank!!

  • gunsmoke10

    Look!! Every time that gun goes off, so does the elephant, and I ain’t cleaning that up.!!

  • bcbasslet

    jeez, dude. when you gonna get me some EARplugs!

  • Barry friedman

    Tanks I don’t need no stinking tanks!

  • Froddoislost

    Hey Y’all, watch this!

  • David S.

    So, Comrade General Hannibal, you can see that these elephants are much better than your previous models and will get you through the gates of Rome.

  • Dude2285

    Hold it steady private! But sergeant I have to pee.

  • R..C.M.

    Gas for the gunmount-peanuts, ear protection-out of your price range

  • BPC4570

    In another misguided effort to promote gun control,by Presidential decree the Obama administration bans the re-importation of elephant guns

  • Jim Finley

    We tried Shetland ponies, but that didn’t work out.

  • Peabody1911

    Last time I tried this, the damn tripod went up my ass.

  • Peabody1911

    Last time I tried this, the damn tripod went up my a$$.

  • Peabody1911

    Last time I tried this, the darn tripod went up my a$$.

  • Peabody1911

    Hopefully, with this new tripod arrangement, I won’t have to see a proctologist!

  • Peabody1911


  • golfsuper

    Don’t worry ‘Jumbo’, I’ve got that freaking mouse right in my sights!

  • Nacho L

    The first machine gun with a trunkated barrel.

  • Geno

    Gonna need some awful big earmuffs

  • rycsailor

    Due to sequestration, Abrams tanks are being retired and agile self-feeding,self-reproducing transport is substituted.

  • SAD

    +p+E(lephant) Calvary

  • bpilot53

    When I bought an elephant gun online,this is not what I expected.

  • Casey Lee

    Ammo is in the trunk

  • styles7

    The Lions better no be asleep.

  • styles7

    Tje lion better not be asleep!

  • styles7

    The lions better not be asleep!

  • Tom L

    Don’t ask, they told me my horse was lame and I still had to go on patrol.

  • Heavy_Weapons_81mm

    Quick mom the ride just stopped, put in another quarter.

  • Doug

    Damned Sequester!!!!

  • Fred Niehoff

    Forget? HELL!

  • Russ

    Do they make ear muff’s in my size??? Where are they???

  • Stephen S. Konegni

    Look Pyle, the Commander in Chief gave all our armored vehicles to the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and he says that due to the high costs for Obama-Care, this is all the Marine Corps gets for its new assault vehicle. It’s big, and commands respect. Besides, It could be worse, the Army is on Donkeys.

  • hal

    The Marine Corps Newest Fighting Vehicle after Obama cuts the National Defense Budget

  • jml

    who’s afraid of a mouse ?

  • Marine68

    Now this is an Elephant Gun!!

  • Stutch

    Getting the gun up there? Naw, that was easy. The hard part was training the elephant to let out half a breath and hold it so I could get a steady shot.

  • puntgunner

    Sequel to Operation: Dumbo drop
    Operation: Dumbo has got the drop on you

  • puntgunner

    1943: General Patton needed ivory pistol grips, Simba needed a better weapon system than tusks. A deal was made!

  • Edward Marrone

    That’s a packin’ pachyderm!

  • Dave Bates

    Pacoderm packs a whallop!

  • Elninoknappa

    Is it too much to ask for a pair of ear plugs!!!!!!

  • Ryan K. Alred

    The ultimate elephant gun….er.

  • sjohnson

    Ok, Ok, this is the last time I tell you, quit farting and hold still, or there are not peanuts tonight!!!

  • alex

    I’m the biggest mother Fu&%$r in the forest

  • John – Atlanta

    The sequestration effects upon combat troops in Afghanistan.


    The original MRAP: Multipurpose Ridden Armed Pachyderm!

  • Pete Wallace

    Now that is a HEAVY machine gun!


    So Hosni, You think this Desert Warfare Equipment will work this time?

  • sarge

    “Forward, March!”

  • Bill Barnwell

    Gunny said mount that gun on a four wheel drive and bring it back for me to me.

  • Daniel Bailey

    “Hey, I can see my house from here!”

  • puntgunner

    African elephants mount their defense against poachers.

  • puntgunner

    What Hannibal would have done if he had a machine gun.

  • puntgunner

    With terrorism at the level it is, Ringling bros., Barnum and Bailey Circus had to step up their security.

  • Jon Harlan

    DAMN THaT’s A BIG TIGer!

  • Scott Stringer

    Your sure you can shoot off of him, right?

  • Jeff

    Lawrence Of Arabia has nothing on me.

  • Jeff

    We will finally get that Tarzan guy.

  • Stephen Malm

    Is that a Pakistani packing on his pachyderm?

  • Jeffrey

    Packin’ pachyderm !

  • Stephen Malm

    The dumbest idea since they banned dum-dum bullets!

  • jack72

    Now that’s what I call a pac-n-derm!

  • John Becker

    When riding into battle don’t leave your gun in the trunk

  • The Joker

    Jambo, I dunno why they put me up here, cos da elephant is a much better shot! Geez, this pole is making my family jewels numb. If I cannot perform,me wife will kill me anyway. Betta to die up here ya.! One more fart from dis animal and I am dead anyway.

  • Philip

    Dung Ho!

  • Dj

    Have gun will travel

  • country boy

    We can shoot an ant off the butt of an elephant!

  • Vince Amann

    Does this make my butt look big?

  • Yehuda Alan

    Doesn’t he need a saddle?

  • strider98

    After the last tiger attack, Krishna decided to upgrade his Howdah pistol

  • Michael T.

    Great spotter, remembers where last shot was. Works for peanuts , handles recoil really well , and lifts me up here too!

  • Michiel

    Day 45 “As all the snow melted it apeared that i was not shooting from a rock”

  • David Brooks

    “Are you sure the elephant is deaf?”

  • BigSkiff

    Just hold a bit over the front corner of the house and when your ready call pull!

  • Victor Fox Sierra

    Oh my! What one has to do for a peanut…

  • Ricardo

    Sgt Sharir wondered if it would be difficult to remove those rolls of toilet paper once practice ended…

  • Willy T

    Trunk gun my ass

  • msheak

    A Marine who took the phrase “adapt, improvise, and overcome to a whole new level !

  • Edward Harper

    suck it PETA

  • SailorInSD

    In the days before elephants could get CCW permits.

  • Sosumi

    Suddenly Bill found the Over-Hill-Over-Dale of “Sporting Clays” much more to his liking.

  • CDK

    Hunting elephants with an elephant gun on an elephant… priceless.

  • Sand Viper

    You shoud’ve looked back Richard Parker… “sniff”

  • greyghost44

    I’ll bet I see the targets this time.

  • Adam Wade

    I know that elephant is close – real close.

  • Shawn M

    Pvt. Hannibal, knock it off!

  • Leowyn

    I’m sorry to inform you that you will NEVER be as cool as this guy.

  • Jeffery Legere

    does the elephant get hearing protection?

  • Jim M

    After the test fire, learning to sit to the side of the tripod leg proved to be a lesson well learned.

  • Greg

    Indian or African Anti-aircraft battery?

  • Eugene

    Who needs a birds eye view!

  • Mike Smith

    Now, wheres that mouse that scared you?

  • mikeylikesit

    Prepare to be Hosed !

  • Spencer Patton


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