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Caption Contest: Ladies’ Gun Club

by G&A Staff  |  October 30th, 2012 112

In this week’s G&A Caption Contest, we meet a group of ladies who’d rather meet over guns than books or quilts. Caption this photo before Saturday, November 3 to win!

This Week's Photo
Caption Contest: Ladies’ Gun Club

The Winning Caption:

Michael Gorena
After reading Rough Riders by Roosevelt the romance novel book club took a slight turn.

The Prize:

Champion Re-Stick Target (25-pack)

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  • Ty Killjoy Brummitt

    "You see, Beth, I prefer rimfire because they tend to make less of a mess for you to clean up after the burglar's body is removed."

  • Lance M HIllier, Sr

    We are prepared for theREAL war on women, if Sharia becomes accepted in OUR homeland…

  • Joe Lucht

    WHAT ARE YOU DOING..? Don't load that in here…

  • James A. Buck

    This one time at the range ……

  • chris

    see gladys this is how big he said it was next time he lies i'm going to borrow that weapon and shoot his ass.and yes your tupperware orders are filled and i'm going to shoot who ever doesn't have my money by tuesday..

  • PJP1963

    Screw "50 Shades Grey" guns are the real "mommy porn".

  • Stunt

    Rhonda: Ran into my exhusband yesterday… unfortunately, after running over him again it didn't work.
    Shirley: Time to try something new.

  • Lucy Espinoza

    Aint' Nobody Got Time for Tea!!

  • robert

    cheat on me again I thank not

  • PJP1963

    "Fifty Shades of Smith & Wesson"

  • PJP1963

    I just told him, "the next time you leave the toilet seat up…."

  • auberjunois

    "I always add just a little bit of lemon zest because it helps with Earl's indigestion"

  • Bob Davin

    Alice and I prefer the longer barreled "wheel guns" because of the longer sight plane, making it much more accurate and making us perennial winners when we shoot Ladies Night at the club.

  • Windwalker

    "Yes Amanda and now Feinstein wants to take our semi automatic weapons away. I thought she was help us fight the war on women. What's up with her?"

  • Windwalker

    "Yes Amanda and now Feinstein wants to take our semi automatic weapons away. I thought she was helping us fight the war on women. What's up with her?"

  • Ronnie Boyd

    Ok lady's 2 things. First Its all about the double tap..And yes that is realy a 6$100 inch barrel

  • Wayne Rowe

    So its agreed, we yell "Please Freeze" before we blast their ass.

  • Nosfer6

    And the best part is these don't need battery's!

  • joelsteinbach

    aren't these gunware parties fun

  • infidel4life

    Ya know that poker game our husbands have on Wednesday nights? Well, now we ARE invited.

  • Hud

    OK girls time to lock and load!

  • Hud

    Betty, just slide one bullet into each one of those little holes in that round thing.

  • CodyL

    "…and ladies I swear his Revolver was THIS BIG!"

  • Black Cat

    Oh no Darla, no one will be shooting blanks here.

  • James M.

    Forget the fun party, this is the gun party!

  • Snake Plissken

    Those sons of bucks think they can stay out all night drinking and bowling do they?

  • Black Cat

    You take care of my husband Carol and Cindy will take care of Lisa's and round and round we go and no one is the wiser.

  • Stephen Malm

    "The Real Housewives of Phoenix, Arizona"

  • Black Cat

    Now that we've got our husbands' guns I say we go after their remote controls…

  • Stephen Malm

    Six-shooter Sister Wives.

  • Stephen Malm

    Ever since Leticia dissed the bridge club, sportsmanship took an ugly turn.

  • Stephen Malm

    What were the odds that all five of Ernest's wives would belong to the same quilting circle?

  • Black Cat

    And Clint goes, "Go ahead make my day." I got so excited I almost peed my pants…

  • Black Cat

    Teachers Lounge

  • Black Cat

    First Wives Club

  • Stephen Malm

    The ladies shared recipes for ballistic gelatin and their favorite pizza delivery boys.

  • MisanthropiLuv

    Woman with glasses: So, have y'all seen barbs son? I tell ya he's this big…
    woman loading gun: oh ain't that precious <3
    All: mhmm

  • Stephen Malm

    So….anyone want to know just where Mozambique really is?

  • Stephen Malm

    …..and I said "Mister, the only thing around here that's going to get spread is some lead".

  • Stephen Malm

    Five women that I've never crossed handling guns? Very sexy!

  • Nosfer6

    When the Mary Kay didn't work the ladies thought they would try something that their husbands would really like to get their hands on!

  • Nosfer6

    Suffragettes darker side.

  • Keven John

    Now, who wants a margarita?

  • Tds


  • Stephen Malm

    Just like drinking and driving, handling a gun and talking about "The Relationship" don't mix.

  • Stephen Malm

    Who's got a big enough getaway mini-van?

  • Triple4leverage

    "This ain't no Tupperware party"

  • Triple4leverage

    "Door to door salesman season is starting early this year"

  • connor

    Mm oh yeah,what a night

    Oh yes it's ladies night
    And the feeling's right
    Oh yes it's ladies night
    Oh what a night

  • Dan

    The "new" type of tupperware party.

  • Black Cat

    A split second before the woman on the far right blew off her kneecap the woman in glasses said: "Ladies there's just something amazing about holding 8" of pure power in your hands."

  • peter

    "oh yeah?, well my husband's magnum is this long!"

  • joe propst

    With these at our sides they will always complement our cooking no matter what .

  • Killian Goetowski

    It slices, dices, and makes Julienne fries!

  • John Tobin

    He sais "it's this big"……so I blew it off

  • Khalki Raheem Magadalakadi

    "And you see girls, this is the basic staple of the American Society."

  • Michael Gorena

    After reading Rough Riders by Roosevelt the romance novel book club took a slight turn.

    • dylan_polk

      Congratulations! You're the winner.

      Email me at with your address and contact information to receive your prize.


      Dylan Polk
      G&A Social Media Editor

      • Michael Gorena

        Thanks alot, my email is on its way!

  • Bill Griffiths

    No Martha, it isn't ready, fire, aim!!!

  • Bill Griffiths

    Now remember girls, it's front sight, front sight, squeeze.

  • Michael Gorena

    Next week ladies , we'll be discussing 1911s.


    No Betty, filling the dishwasher with Hoppe's No9 sovent isn't a good idea!

  • ysman

    When I hand the cheatin' S.O.B. the cokkies, THAT's YOUR CUE!

  • ysman

    NONE of these are as big as the guys claimed!

  • John

    No, contrary to what you've been told the short barrels are 2 inches long.
    This is 6 inches, the same as the ones you are caressing.

  • PackinMomma

    So we've got this straight? When our hubbies take us to the range we say, "Oh, MY I don't think I could handle anything THIS big."

  • oldtexasdude

    Keeping America Safe… one household at a time.

  • UncleB

    Why have a Pampered Chef party, when you can have a pampered shot party?

  • J. Miller

    The cure for Menopause!

  • scrompii

    Now Martha, if you put the gun in the middle of the cake the guards will never find it

  • Dan

    Betsy came up with a new idea for the neighborhood watch.

  • Dan

    How much do you think we can get for my husband's gun collection?

  • gangsta

    Whats wrong with a picture of 5 women with 5 guns?
    there's only 3 boxes of ammo

  • bst08051

    Remember – the contolled pair is best way to stretch your ammo dollar!

  • Lost Forty

    Ladies, these pistols will sell better than any Avon product any day!

  • Black Cat

    The all new "Truth or Dare", now with consequences.

  • Black Cat

    STEEL Magnolias

  • J.S

    Kiss this all good bye if Obama is re-elected.

  • J.S

    The gift that keeps on given.

  • thethinkingmetalhead

    Remember, ladies it's all about tight groupings….

  • locolawyer

    All my exes live in Texas . . . that's why I'm hidin' out in Tennessee.

  • SemperFlyBoy

    I know…such a limited choice of colors. Only brass or nickle.

  • Black Cat

    You never forget your first…

  • Mike Quinn

    Just imagine if the guys actually went to bingo to check up on us!

  • cameron Wilson

    and just think the boys think we are at book club

  • cameron Wilson

    now isn't this better than tupperware?


    Alright ladies, it's decided. Anyone posting more than a few stupid comments on G&A's caption contest will be dealt with appropriately.

  • @iMatti_

    Tough PTA meeting!

  • @iMatti_

    Women's suffrage… or death!

  • @iMatti_

    Test — My last couple of comments are being deleted for no reason.

    • Black Cat

      Annoying, isn't it. Had the same thing happen to me.

  • @iMatti_

    What?! She wore white after Labor Day?

  • TRUTH-8

    Feminists for 2nd Amendment ( 1st Amendment need not apply ).

    If anyone thinks I'm off my rocker take a look at everyone's ratings. Someone needs to find a sense of humor and cheer up.

  • Steven M Davis

    The only thing is, this type of knitting involves cutting out the 10 ring, ….ladies!

  • derekavl

    So you see ladies, size really does matter.

  • Robert E Hanley Jr

    Now girls if those men don't come home on time tonight they will be in store for one hellava surprise!

  • shooter3034

    "You missed him by this much".

  • Jeremy

    The Daughters of the American Revolution take their heritage very seriously.

  • Dennis Diaz

    And ladies after we shoot our revolvers we wiil knit some holsters.

  • Mike Ratcliff

    Bachelorette party.

  • Guest

    Forget the Caliber of the Man stuff! I want one with a bore like THIS!

  • C.k. Kelvin Wong

    (the women of the left said) Hey Gladys, should I use hollow point or FMJ if I found my husband cheating on me?
    (the women in the the middle said) Well Eleanor, picking the ammo is not important, it's a matter of where you hit him.

  • Black Cat

    Hell has no fury like a woman scorned.

  • Black Cat

    Post election cover of Good Housekeeping

  • Brandon P

    Ok, just remember 30 paces, about this big, then turn and shoot. This will settle the argument who's potato salad recipe is better once and for all.

  • Dave Y

    Yes, ladies, size DOES matter!

  • Dave

    Sure, Dad cleaning his shotgun on the front porch has SOME impact, but Mom loading a handgun in the living room is REALLY gonna scare the boy!

  • Mark

    Size DOES matter!

  • Mack Missieltoe

    "I tell you, Grettle, I feel OG when I hold my husband's revolver sideways."

    "I know what you mean, Brenda,. Just yesterday I learned how to shoot and I hit that bullseye dead-center. I haven't had that much fun since my honeymoon!"

    "Grettle, calm down now. We can't go telling our husbands about our new-found hobby. We have to maintain our Shoe Fund."

  • Mack Missieltoe

    At one point in history MADD took themselves a bit too seriously.



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