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Caption Contest: Home Improvement AR

by G&A Staff  |  April 16th, 2013 277

This week’s G&A Caption Contest features an AR built for home improvement rather than home defense. Caption this photo by Saturday, April 20, for a chance to win!

This Week's Photo
Caption Contest: Home Improvement AR

The Winning Caption:

Scott Gramman
Weapon of Mass Construction

The Prize:

Champion Re-Stick Target (25-pack)

Simplify life at the range with Champion's peel-and-stick paper targets. For more info, check out Champion Target.


    Pull the trigger and let’er eat!

  • Rowdy Rick

    great, now Dianne Feinstein is gonna want to ban my cordless.

  • Bruce O’dell

    Don’t get mad – Get even!
    No Mr. Bloomburg…
    It’s not, you’re going to screw me!
    It’s, I’m going to screw you!

    B O’Dell
    Marshall, MI

  • Rowdy Rick

    i finally find a cordless that works great but it can only hold ten.

  • Eric Valli

    Nail’n the Bad Guys One battery at a time!

  • Pyro Chuck

    The new DeWalt AR-18v, putting the “screw” back into “screw you”.

  • Scott Gramman

    Weapon of Mass Construction

    • Paula

      VERY Good!!

    • dylanpolk


      Congratulations! You’re the winner.

      Email me at with your address and phone number to receive your prize.


      Dylan Polk
      G&A Social Media Editor

  • Jeff Hill

    DeWalt semi-automatic rechargeable nail gun

  • Michael Hernandez

    Make sure you use the right tool for the job.

  • Amy

    Great for all your drilling needs, puts holes anywhere you aim it!

  • Bryan Herbert

    I told him, if I ever catch you messin’ with my daughter Imma nail your @$$ to the wall – and that’s what I’m fixin’ to do!

  • Bill Helmick

    I”ll take…How to install a fence at one hundred yards Alex.

  • Donn Kelly

    Construct your home from a distance by adding to the DeWalt Battery Power Nail Gun by adding the new Dewalt Lazar Scope for down range construction.

  • Jay Twist

    This is only my nail gun, you wanna see my Saw ?

  • Keith Farrugia

    The real multipurpose tool

  • J.r. Risher

    Knock knock, who’s there? Dewalt. Dewalt who? DEWALT U COME INTO MY HOUSE?

  • Scott Steinbacher

    Anyone seen my cordless drill it looks just like an AR-15?

  • James Richmond

    When your tool just isn’t big enough for the job…

  • Bevy Holden

    Caution…man at work…with heavy artillery

  • Richard Doss

    The Binford 6100 dream tool.

  • Steve Sikma

    It’s a tack driver

    • Ceapea


  • Derek Mcfall

    “hang picture frames from across the room”

  • dan

    more power arrrrrrrr

  • Dav Jaggard

    Ever have one of those days when you can’t nail in a tight spot or it is just out of reach? The new DeWalt AR-15 nail gun. For those tough to reach spots!

  • Strangelaw

    Black & Decker Bad Guy Wrecker

  • Bob Fudge

    when we fix it….it stays fixed

  • David

    love all the funny comments as much as the pic!

  • Miles Kee

    “this is not a drill”

  • Trey Savitz

    Neighbors only ask to borrow tools from me once.

  • Earl Wendt

    Better get to the hardware store and stock up on nails before the government buys them all up.

  • Trey Savitz

    Neighbors only ask once to borrow tools.

  • Jersey Dad

    When you need it done right, trust what the professionals use.

  • John Lowe

    “Did I hit the target?”
    “You Nailed it”
    New from DeWALT: The Tactical Nail Gun.
    MSRP: $695 (Actual cost may vary due to price gougers)

  • Allen Rienhardt

    This gun can sit here forever and cannot hunt anyone unless the trigger is pulled.

  • Matt Farthing

    Proud, Powerful, Precise…When you want to do the job right, Dewalt.

  • David Rencher

    “Ammo not included”

  • Paul E. Zika

    That Battery better hold 7 volts or less!

  • Rowdy Rick

    made for the professional contractor, but is also great for around the house.

  • Kimberly Young

    Rechargeable and ready for any kind of action, so intrude if you want to see if it really works.

  • Doug Pierce

    Pss. I’d nail that!

  • David Masters

    Why wait for a professional, insist on doing it yourself!

  • Michael Noll

    DeWalt the right tool for any job

  • Chris Larson

    From varmits to varnish…DeWalt gets the job done.

  • Gordon L. Scott

    This one is not electric, but it is a POWER TOOL!

  • אמונה אהבה

    Make every dreaded demolition remodel chore an opportunity to sharpen shootin’ skills without ever leaving the house with this “2-in-1″ DeWalt High Power Nailer/Semi-Automatic Toolgun!

    Sorry: This item requires a quick background check, fingerprint, and written permission from spouse if married. Spouse must be present at time of purchase. This item is not available for “fast, self-serve” check out. Item must be purchased with nails. Bullets not included or sold in store. Due to high demand, this item is no longer in stock, please check back daily in person as our suppliers have notified us of slower than normal production and we have no idea of future availability. Display model is not available for purchase.



  • Charles Walker

    The New Modern Sporting nailgun from Dewalt.Get yours before a nameless,faceless beauracrat says you can’t.

  • Steve Kosovich

    The DewARt will never let you down.

  • Schcotty

    OOOH! The new electric banana!

  • mathew

    The new dewalt 15, the only tool to use to get the job done right the first time

  • Challen Riggs

    Long Range Nialer

  • George Maddog Smith

    This AR is dressed in Yellow, NOT me!! Molon Labe! OoRah!

  • Ron Wietecha

    Floats like a butterfly stings like a bee

  • gerald

    We stand behind every product we sell!!!

  • Craig Mercier

    Dewalt’s new nail gun the O-Bam-Bam. Powered by a 10 volt battery this nail gun uses 10psi to drive 10 gauge nails. Warning – 12 volt batteries and higher won’t work on U.S. models.

  • Rodney Whittaker

    Its a Dewalt Cordless Scum Wacker

  • Barney

    “Who you callin’ yellow?”

  • Lew McGarr

    Ah my catARpillar right tool for the job

  • Glenn Midkiff

    I’ll fix your ass!

  • Nick Uchiha

    It can drive a 16 penny threw a 2×4 at 300 yards

  • Mike Clinton

    Screw You! I’m Building A Home!

  • Gary Sims

    and you thought black and decker had an attatchment for everything ….check this out!!!

  • Guest

    The only tool that protects our second amendment.

  • thnumbr10

    The only tool that protects our second amendment!

  • Johnny V

    Recharges in just seconds……

  • Gary Higgins

    The best way to nail a criminal.

  • Chris

    Re-defines the phrase “Tack Driver”

  • Franklin Johnson

    The new Dewalt cordless AR15 puts new meaning into “fully charged.”

  • John C OConnor

    It may be yellow but it doesn’t run! Plus it’s a real “tack driver”!

  • Boyd Peeples

    DeWalt The choice of the Minute Men for home improvement and protection.

  • Ernie Diaz

    From drywall to shingles, Fences to decks this is how you nail it!!!!

  • William Hardy

    where the &#%$** do you write your caption?

  • William Hardy

    it’s not your granddad’s hammer!

  • Karlmx68

    Yes, you could say I am sportin wood and it drills small holes at 100the yardss

  • Jay Cottrell

    CA, NY, HI, IL, and MA compliant models with maximum 12 volt battery capacity also available.

  • Pete Wallace

    Cuomo called, we’re gonna have to come up with a 7 volt battery.

  • greg

    The POWER and RELIABILITY of an AR…..WITHOUT the hassles of GOVT paperwork & invasive background check’s!

  • Nick Walters

    Home defense and Home Improvement all in one package.

  • Bill

    Fear free at night, rechargeable by day.

  • Jason Garlinghouse

    Tim the Toolman Taylor says “I need more powAR”

  • Mark E. Johnson

    Nails ‘em every time.

  • wayne

    Best cordless tool ever made !!!

  • Al Cobb

    Build a fence and target practice at the same time!. Doesn’t get any better than that.

  • Atlas Shrugged

    This will drill a nice .223 hole.

  • Lou Kocon Jr

    Nailed it!

  • William Broome

    no cord needed here

  • Wayne Steele

    Here 2×4 got a surprise for ya. Do we need to shoe a contractors permit to buy one.

  • Stephen Malm

    Oh great – now we can listen to politicians misuse the terms magazine, clip AND battery!

  • Stephen Malm

    This model doesn’t need the forward assist, it is always in battery.

  • Stephen Malm

    A little orange paint on the tip, and its either a toy or a “circus defense rifle”.

  • Jeff Hart

    Covers all of your Li battery powered AR needs with no 30 day waiting period!

  • Stephen Malm

    Just as I was getting fed up with lugging around all those extension cords at the range!

  • Jed Quigley

    A battery fed AR. Can i get a slide fire with it?

  • Tim Earp

    where did you want that new door opening?

  • Tim Earp

    “Toe” nailing studs have never been so easy!

  • Stephen Malm

    Immediately back-ordered for 6 to 12 months. Go figure.

  • Stephen Malm

    Seems like an awful lot of hardware and labor to make homemade pegboard.

  • Tim Earp

    “Toe” nailing studs have never been so easy!

  • Tim Earp

    where did you want that new door opening?

  • Rob

    I call this the Yellow Jacket

  • Burnell Alessi

    Our new tool should guarantee a sizable gain in market share!

  • Road King

    The new Dewalt AR-15
    See dealer for details
    Not available in California, New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Illinois, or Maryland

  • Paul Yarbrough

    Power ON

  • Dawn

    Available at Home Depot or Lowe’s…?

  • Matthew Grunden

    Its none of the governments “bees-ness” if we own AR15 rifles.

  • Mark Taylor Grant

    The most important tool in any home’s tool box.

  • Roy Poag

    “Guaranteed Tough” – No matter the Project!

  • Luke Gleaves

    Since ammunition is getting so hard to find, Bob decided to modify his AR so he could buy nails instead of .223 rounds.

  • Ed C

    High Capacity Battery not available in California and New York.

  • shaunogun

    Is there a Lithium – Ion model too?

  • shaunogun

    Model “T-6″ –Tim The Tool Time Taylor Tranquilizer–

  • David Lichtenstein

    Yellow, just who YOU callin’ YELLOW!

  • Dean Wilson

    to nice to shot

  • Jeremy Armour

    Introducing the new Long Range Drill! Brought to you by your friends at DeWalt!

  • Jim Wilson

    By using DeWalt professional tools and accessories, you’re sure to acheive 100 percent reliability and accuracy without any malfunctions. What a great way to ensure the security of you and yours, all at a reasonable cost!. Choose the tools of professionals worldwide.

  • Stephen Malm

    Time to pass some serious tool control! Lets close the home improvement store loophole! Lets keep power tools out of the hands of those who are all thumbs! Don’t those of us who didn’t have shop class in the inner city deserve a vote? – Barack Obama

  • Stephen Malm

    At least its not pink….that would be silly.

  • Paul

    So much better than my wife’s salad shooter :o)

  • rhurson

    It’s the “You’re Screwed Gun”

  • J Miller

    Protecting the Homeland and Improving the Home since 1955

  • Louie

    Tim Taylors new nail gun

  • Rob Schneider

    Is that the “Roger Murtaugh, Lethal Weapon” autographed model?

  • Sam Haleva

    Oh this, I just use it to run some drills.

  • Keith Lambert

    The Ultimate DIY kit!!! Offered with a long life Lithium 5.56 V battery!

  • Brian Petterson

    Made for the ” Contractor” in all of us.

  • Mark Watson

    Meet my friend, I call him Yellow Jacket.

  • Joel Dalton

    The Dewalt AR-18v is a semi-automatic nail gun with extended battery life. Comes with ratchet attachment for optional rail.
    *Note: available in restricted capacity 12volt for sale in California. Shipping to Canada not available*

  • Brian Stevens

    650 nails per minute!!!

  • Tom Larson

    this would work just as well for zombies

  • j410

    Never worry about your finger wearing out again with our new Automatic Battery backup.

  • Roger Zelinsky

    For the woman who can’t get her husband to stop watching the Outdoor Channel long enough to finish the backyard fence…from your friends at DeWalt.

  • david poling

    For when you need a will placed hole

  • Spike

    Warning. It is a violation of New York law to possess this weapon with a capacity of more than “7” volts.

  • george Leanes

    I can CUT the mustard.

  • Bob Prince

    A new Home Improvement nail driving .223 from DeWalt. Great to use when your appliances are delivered to the job site. Also works well for teachers in small spaces or enjoying events where there will be large crowds. Light weight, low recoil and can be used from the hip

  • Nick Zarras

    The De-Walt DR-15 Green Energy entry nailed the US Government contract due to enemy concerns over increasing the Greenhouse effect in war torn areas from gunpowder fumes.

  • Pat Thomason

    Headline: Toolmaker DeWalt begins weapons manufacturing. Skips rifles, goes straight to energy weapons.

  • David Derr

    The first electric Bumble Bee AR, Pull the trigger and it keeps firing until the battery dies.

  • 1XRayMan1

    DeWalt releases it’s new 18 volt Rail Gun! See it at a Holmes Depot near You.

  • Tony Yates

    Get drilled!

  • Scott Blanchard

    From the field to the job site it’s the gun that gets it done. I think ammo is running $10.00 for a five pound box.

  • jmalesky

    Try my hammer

  • Rob McGrath

    DeWalt AR’s a free mans tool!

  • Paul Honig

    Easy peg board maker

  • Eli M.

    Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve gotta go “recharge my batteries.”

  • Chris Barker

    Now you can nail that stud into place at 100 Yards with this real tack driver!

  • rchguns

    “who let the dog near my gun case”

  • disqus_PrmCxtS39g

    The wife won’t know what to say when I’m telling her I need a new power tool

  • Tom Webb

    Remember use the right tool for the job, this ones is cordless.

  • Paula

    is that a 200-nail capacity?

  • dlee6

    I have given enough warning before I pull my trigger.

  • David Lichtenstein

    Hold it right there, or you’re screwed!

  • Brian Cowan

    My wife said I could by any tool to help me put up the fence

  • Joel Chaney

    How deep do you want those holes?

  • Ryan arnold

    When the printer jams and a hammer just won’t do…. New solutions for old problems, DeWalt power tools

  • Forrest Waldron

    It’s rat-a-tat tool time!

  • Nike

    Okay Sarge, We Are Ready To Charge!!

  • Sam

    Yes, you’re screwed!

  • KB

    This YELOW does not run.

  • Woody

    Remember, when they come for your guns, make sure you give them the AMMO first. JUST DRILL ‘EM!!!

  • Kevin H

    Time to remodel Dianne Feinstein house.

  • Kenneth Giusto

    DeWalt’s new AR has out-of-box accuracy so great it is the ideal tool for making your own pegboard. High capacity Lithium ion magazine sold separately.

  • Brett Sade

    Charging to build a liberals nightmare!

  • Brian Quinty

    This one “Nails em’ every time”! New from DeWalt…the CRIMINAILER!

  • Ron Tyer

    The De-Walt you can trust your life too!

  • Bob Mowery

    “The Real Yellow Rose of Texas.” Talk about Border Security.

  • Bob Pulley

    DeWalt’s Penetrator, fully automatic wall modifier & home defense in one package!

  • Kent Peters

    I’ll admit I’m yellow…so is my gun!!

  • Ross Miller

    I maybe yellow but I’m no coward

  • Ken Knox

    Check out my new carpenter gun

  • Killian Goetowski

    Yessir, now I can REALLY nail a buck at 250 yards.

  • facebook-1294840134

    Bumblebee power

  • Brian Johnson

    I’ll teach that damn picture!

  • Juan B. Castro

    A yellow submarine rifle!

  • 87K599

    Introducing the all-new rechargeable AR-15, never buy ammo again…

  • Jeremiah Gramberg

    Drives nails at 100 yards.

  • Brian Wood

    The Dewalt 24volt AR the bumble bee

  • Jim Watson

    “Floats Like a Butterfly and Stings Like a Bee!”

  • Vetteman

    Love My Nail Gun

  • James Wooten


  • Floyd Richard Burdett

    I TOLD YOU…weapons are TOOLS!!

  • Michael Kubik

    More Saving, More Doing, that’s Home Defense.

  • Richard Villarreal

    A tool for every home when the zombies come a calling.

  • Tom Farrell

    Hi Cap Charge of 19.2 volts, low chance for repeat offender.

  • Dave mello


  • david poling

    The new demolition line from dewalt

  • Dave Smith

    Called Dewalt to make the shot..

  • johnnyu

    home depot has it in a kit … you have a framing nailer a brad nailer and a bloomberg nailer

  • Mike Keown

    Next from NY…a 7-volt :magazine limit…

  • 7PtsShooter

    A couple more barrels, a full belt box and off we go with DeColt’s all new AR Mini Gun!!!

  • AfghanVet

    Need a hole, try the new Tactical Drill!

  • Charles Howard

    Hammer Down, bring on the nail gun baby !!

  • Ole Master Chief

    You’ll wonder where the yellow went when UN drops the Bomb in the Orient!

  • Richard Young

    Yellow Fever

  • David Woods

    Drives nails, bores holes, screws vermin.

  • C.E Dukes

    Thrill of the Drill, Color it Banana Peel

  • 6starrg

    #TRANSFORM!,,bumble bee style ! that machine iz nice!!

  • robert g

    yellow jacket gunstruction


    Screw the Bees, I want my honey!

  • disqus_jOtTgnbAEP

    n.y.s. compliant.

  • disqus_Ls5WhGgxkf

    Braek in to my house and get nailed

  • robert seddon

    Biden’s NIGHTMARE

  • Jun-Jun Cabradilla Tejada

    IF You Can’t Fix It, Shoot It!!!

  • Vinegaroon

    Always remember the 4 rules of tool usage!!!

  • Louis Wolting

    Having the right tool in the tool box is very important

  • Tim

    Nice idea! But I think that power pack is considered High-Capacity by Obama!

  • Scott Mcvicker

    Dewalt has just released its new outdoorsman line of power tools, the first of which is the new cordless Nail-Pro high power nail gun. It can penetrate lumber,small trees and even some metals while still being able to shish-k-bob a squirrel for dinner…..

  • blackpowder

    Honest Honey it is a cordless nailgun.

  • Tom Autrey

    I won the fence builders challenge last year with my DeWalt here!

  • Bill Hanson

    A true life saving tool!

  • Bryan Bailey

    The ultimate test: Is 24v better than 9mm?

  • Bryan Bailey

    With the current ammo situation, this hybrid is sure to heighten the DIY gun building craze…

  • Paul Combs

    Ammo shortage? More like time for a recharge!

  • Jerry Calabrese

    Handy, Dandy fixer upper!

  • FRances Rollins

    Guns are our privalage to have to defend our family,

  • Doug Brownfield

    Hand me the tack driver.

  • Pete Hansen

    Great, now Homeland Security is going to buy up all the batteries.

  • Sam Woods

    We Build, We Fight!

  • Joe Ciocia

    for when you need to put up drywall from 100 yards away

  • Tom Webb

    Don’t break into my vault it’s protected by Dewalt . The cool tool.

  • Jay Linder

    Get your HIGH Capacity Batteries before they’re outlawed!

  • cassell

    The DeWalt to DE-ny,DE-fend,DE-Fuse & DE-capitate DE-bad guy

  • john

    Oh! their is my nail gun


    Ban All Hi-Capacity Batterys Now!!

  • Richard Vellone

    Our new DeWalt driver. It will, with a touch of the trigger drive your intention home!

    With it you can open anything! Any type of can, bottle or split a brick in seconds.

    Come on down to the rang and try it out. You will love it!!

  • veniceneon

    It’s the Dewalt super Nail driver.

  • Nate Stephens

    Weapon of Mass Destruction

  • Sherm Risdall

    Displayed with the short range magazine, while a long range magazine is available in some areas, it is only available to government contractors in some parts of the country.

  • John Kugelfischer

    Oh, I don’t know, the Dems/communists will limit recharges to 18 minutes.

  • mike

    who you calling yellow!

  • Mutt Termlin

    You know you’re an AR owner when your screwdriver gets under 1 moa groups!


    When the fighting is over the real work of rebuilding begins. Combine your talents for both into one tool. The Dewalt AR-15 is the most versatile tool for the job. A truly must have for any arsenal or toolbox.

  • aegisltd

    Due to recent laws, you can no longer get the 16 volt model and are forced to use the less effective 7.2 volt model.

  • graphsmith

    Just because I’m a tool instead of a gun doesn’t mean I’m yellow! Oops, uh, I guess I AM yellow.

  • graphsmith

    Just because I’m a tool instead of a gun doesn’t mean I’m yellow! Oops, uh, I guess I AM yellow.

  • Raymond Thomas Johnston

    For those ” hard to reach” projects…

  • Dave

    Want to hear the Canary sing?

  • Stephen W Turner Jr.

    Show unwanted thugs the yellow & black attack.

  • Stephen W Turner Jr.

    So tell me….DO YOU FEEL LUCKY, PUNK?

  • Stephen W Turner Jr.

    Don’t mess with the yellow & black or you’ll get stung. And that’s a fact, JACK!

  • Frank

    The DeWalt security team tool…

  • Jan Jon Munkler

    The DeWalt AR-15 Nail Gun

  • Jan Jon Munkler

    The cordless DeWalt Ar-15 Nail Gun

  • Jan Jon Munkler

    New AR-15 by DeWalt in .223 Remington.Also has adapter to be used as a cordless nail gun

  • Jan Jon Munkler

    DeWalt Soft Air M-16A2 Battle rifle

  • Jan Jon Munkler

    DeWalt AR-15 paint gun with yellow adjustable stock,pistol grip,and hand grip

  • Jan Jon Munkler

    DeWalt rechargeable toy AR-15 with real semi-auto firing sound when trigger is pulled and red light flash and smoke at muzzle. Non-firing intended for fun only.

  • jmalesky

    The Machine

  • Dan Lackey

    Bananassault Power Tool

  • Bob Eisenbart

    My favorite DYI project and I did it myself!

  • Carlos Gonzalez

    Boom boom boom shake the room

  • Bern

    Dewalt’s newest Cordless…No Batteries required

  • Bobbrassard

    Truely “Plug & Play”

  • Pat

    “A gun is nothing more than a tool.”…Col. Jeff Cooper


    looks like the EASTER BUNNY left his piece behind.

  • Ray Harvey

    when u really have to drill something

  • Rick W Rice


  • Todd

    I guess now we will have to try banning high capacity batteries

  • jmalesky

    YELLOW ?

  • mike capenter

    Rip fence sold separately.

  • darryl epps

    Now issued to the army core of engineers the new De-Walt

  • Sergeant Head

    AR stands for always rechargable. Something the liberals can be happy about.

  • Joshua Angel


  • disqus_p6UyOwEaoR

    what DeWalt do you think you’re doin ??

  • timothy bohan


  • timothy bohan

    HONEY !!!!HAVE U SEEN MY AR- 15 ?

  • jmalesky

    You can almost see it in the dark

  • Andrew Hobby

    Senator Diane Fienstein hands out pictures of the weapons she intends to take on:

    A fully automatic semi-auto auto-rifle capable of shooting 1200 nails on a single charge. This particular revolver also comes with dangerous yellow handguards which increase the deadliness of such a tool. Such items have no place in the construction zone.

  • Andrew Hobby

    Senator Diane Feinstein hands out pictures of the weapons she intends to take on:

    A fully-automatic semi-auto auto-rifle capable of shooting over 1200 nails on a single charge, with disposable battery clip. This particular .50 caliber weapon also uses extra-dangerous yellow handguards and buttplate, for extra deadliness. Finally, the revolver has an illegal top handle for “gangsta style” carrying.

  • jmalesky

    Mellow Yellow

  • jmalesky

    Mellow Yellow

  • jmalesky


  • jmalesky

    Mellow Yellow

  • John Malesky


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