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Caption Contest: Holster Kludge

by G&A Staff  |  August 22nd, 2012 191

In this week’s G&A Caption Contest, one gun owner has used a little creativity after apparently losing his holster. Caption this photo before Sunday, August 26 to win!

This Week's Photo
Caption Contest: Holster Kludge

The Winning Caption:

Tim Moore
And you laughed when you heard I was wearing a thong.

The Prize:

Two-Book Set by Gil and Vicki Ash with Ty Adams

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  • Kevin Smith

    If the shoe fits…..

    • Randy Bridges

      I reach for my flip flop and then I go "pop pop".

  • Dick Whitmer

    In times of Emergency, Improvise !!

  • Troy Everette

    "Improvise & Overcome!"

  • Joe Sobotka

    There,,, I fixed it!

  • Tim Moore

    And you laughed when you heard I was wearing a thong.

    • dylan_polk

      Congratulations! You're the winner.

      Email me at with your address and contact information to receive your prize.


      Dylan Polk
      G&A Social Media Editor

  • Mark E. Johnson

    Foot soldier

  • sean roberts

    Flip flop justice!

  • sean roberts

    Id like you to meet our new deputy….deputy flip flop..

  • jim gamble

    When you need to walk . . . .

  • Tracy H

    Waisting away again in Margaritaville! (Waisting misspelled for pun effect.) :)

  • Steve Beck

    It takes a little sole to pull that off!!

  • sean roberts

    Its a shoe, its a holster and it can even julienne potatoes ….. call now, suplies are limited… it can be yours for the rock bottom price of $2.99. But wait.! If you call now we will send another free of charge. You just pay shipping and handling. Thats right you get two for the price of one. CALLLLLLL NOWWWW!

  • Jared

    Glocks, now brought to you by Crocs.

  • Heather

    LMAO "The Thong Song"

    "He left dumps like a truck truck truck
    Beer-Belly like what what what
    All night long
    Let me see that thong"

  • Agent Irish


  • Paul

    When the last shoe drops…BE READY!

  • John B

    You just 'flip' it out and 'flop' it back in ……..

  • john

    hill billy holster use what you got handy

  • Rick

    PETA should be happy…At least I didn't make it out of a CROC!

  • Phil Corbin

    "I just can't figure out why my pistol smells like dirty feet!"

  • Jonathan Williams

    Because of hard economic times. we now have the newly introduced "Glock Flop" get em now while they last.

  • Kailess69

    Glock more gun then most can sandal.

  • Rick Brenner

    "Blew out my flip flop, watched my new glock drop"

  • barry

    HipFlop,the new fast draw multi use tactical holster

  • Keith

    "Stop! Stink your hands in the air where I can see them."

  • Glenn Spoon

    if the lead dont stop 'em the smell will

  • jtltetmt

    If your flip flops double as a holster for your gun, you might be a redneck.

  • Rachael

    A man's gotta do what a man's gotta do!

  • john carpenter

    You know you're a redneck if….

  • @iMatti_

    "Never flip-flops, ever. And no wire hangers."

  • @iMatti_

    "Just like socks and sandals are out, guns and sandals are out too!"

  • @iMatti_

    "Would covering it with a sock be considered concealed carry?"

  • @iMatti_

    "If Boy George had a holster…???"

  • @iMatti_

    "What this work with Crocs?"

  • John Roehner

    "I normally use bandaids for the backstrap, but had to use 'em on my foot!"

  • gregory chervenak

    better watch it i have a itchy trigger finger

  • Nosfer6

    I am flip-flopping a little on the repurposing of this device!

  • Johnny D

    advertisement – "New rig fights crime and Dunlops Disease" His belly dun lops over his belt.

  • Rich O

    If you think that a flip-flop and the belt you made at summer camp in junior high makes a good holster for your 9mm….you just might be a red-neck!!

  • whocaresaboutit

    i'm glad i don't have a hang-nail or i might have a scratch on my new gun.

  • david

    blame obama

  • Debbie

    Holds my gun AND my foot!

  • JamesWalkiewicz

    Every time I do a flip, the glock in the flop drops down to my sock.

  • JamesWalkiewicz

    This man lost his left foot, but found a new use for his spare flip flop.

  • Larrye5012

    Just in case the felon decides to flee!

  • Larrye5012

    if you like this then you should see how I holster my Uzi!

  • Larrye5012

    The lady on the beach with one flip flop that's my wife!

  • Larrye5012

    Okay laugh if you want but My 380s in my jockstrap

  • Jim T

    Honey !!!! Where's my DUCT TAPE ????

  • Chris

    I got my Glock and my flippy floppy!

  • double tap tommy

    His ruck sack is a pair of granny panties!

  • Kristina Nichols

    Don't make me undo my flip flop

  • double tap tommy

    To the flip, to the flop, to the flippity flop! You keep on Glocking you just don't stop……

  • Stephen Cheatwood

    The ability to walk softly and carry a big stick.

  • Stephen Malm

    Plaxico Burris, eat your heart out!

  • Mike K. Calgary

    Two belt Toby says, "The foot is quicker than the hand."

  • Stephen Malm

    Improvised holster design, MY FOOT!!

  • cmprehm

    Does this holster make my gut look big?

  • Stephen Malm

    Charlie, NOW will you go to the eye doctor for some glasses?

  • Stephen Malm

    The gun sock was a good idea, but this is ridiculous.

  • Mike K. Calgary

    Maxwell Smart had Control make him up a "shoe-telephone-gun holster."

  • Stephen Malm

    Very few of us have the gut to make a fashion statement like this.

  • double tap tommy

    This guys an idiot! Can't he tell that's a LEFT footed holster!

  • Chris B.

    "Now hand me the duct tape"

  • Chris B.

    Will hoppe's get the athletes foot off my glock?

  • Andrew S.

    "You could say Steve flip-flopped on what holster to get."

  • Ben B

    One word!…McGiver!

  • Ben

    If the shoe fits…

  • Ben B

    I hope he doesn't "Flip" out and start shootin' errbody!

  • flapainter

    Daddy have you seen my flip flops

  • Jack Lundin

    Good fit for a

  • Mike K. Calgary

    Two- belt Toby was overwhelmed with pride when he finally found a holster that matched the rest of his ensemble.

    • Dwight Hill

      Did he say " ensemble " ????

      • Mike

        ensemble: 1. All the parts of a thing taken together, so that each part is considered only in relation to the whole. 2. a persons entire costume. 3. The general effect, as of a work of art. (from the Random House College Dictionary revised 1975)

  • James Saylor

    join the war against foot odor!!

  • JGates

    "Just Say No" to flip-flopping on gun rights!

  • Kevin O

    So, it's a flip flop. My pistol didn't fit in my slipper.

  • Kevin O

    You know your a red neck when…..

  • WVRaybird

    I don't think my wife will miss just one shoe , but when i go to use half of her bra for a shoulder holster that might be a different story.

  • WVRaybird

    I will tell my wife the dog ate one of them, i need to make a shoulder holster and i wonder if she will believe the dog ate her leather thong?

  • Mack Missiletoe

    Al-Qaeda Tactics: A Picture Guide

  • Russell C

    Ninja in Training, always be resourceful

  • jbob

    Man shoots himself in the foot!

  • Charles Crihfield

    Don't Tread On Me!!!

  • jeff

    ghetto holster

  • Gerrit T.

    Stinking gun

  • Brice Campbell

    What do you mean,rock and role. You didnt say Glockand Sole????

  • Bill

    Perfect for the beach !

  • Tim

    Sorry Deputy Fife, due to budget cuts, here's your new holster.

  • Eric

    "Due to rising ammunition costs, people are getting creative with concealed carry. Tonight at 11:00."

  • hubba689

    Put a new swing for walking the beat>>–>

  • Brad

    I like your thong….

  • S Michael DeHart

    Have shoe-gun, will travel. Literally………………………….

  • Breeze

    I'll make a million off these quick-draw sandels.

  • Richismo

    Hot weather solutions for going heeled…

  • Antonio

    Redneck Holster summer catalog edition

  • Peter

    Inexpensive carry options for Obama's second term

  • Caddo

    Yes! It IS a flip-flop from the left. You surprised?

  • FRED


  • Strat

    All new from James Brown…The Soulester!



  • STAN


  • Jonathon Tuttle

    No matter how much I clean my pistol, I can't get rid of the stinky feet smell.

  • Nash

    In case there crime afoot!

  • Stephen Malm

    I also picked up a cordovan wingtip paddle holster for formal occasions.

  • Elisha J. Doolin Sr.

    They said one size fits all large frame pistols. But may subsitute with optional type holsterthat will work.


    Have gun, can travel

  • Sandy Eisner

    Can't write a caption. Laughing too much. ROFLMAO!

  • Bob

    Hmm, looks like a semi-auto gene pool cleaner!

  • Skeet -er

    "I carry on the beach, and if the sand is too hot, I can hop on one foot and STILL shoot the bad guy!"

  • Kenneth Motheral

    Don't judge me until you have walked a mile in my HOLSTER !!!…

  • Gerald Clauson

    Keeps the sand out of your action!

  • Dan Adams

    Foot-in-mouth disease could be fatal.

  • mike

    will wal mart let me in with just 1 shoe on??????????????

  • MarioSr

    ..and on my left hip (just out of view) is my jock-strap clip holster

  • Yurik Hunt

    I threw up a pop top and drew from my flip flop, Blastin' away again Tacticoolville

    • Yurik Hunt

      ***in Tacticooville

  • woodchuckwacker666

    Don't you make me put my foot up your A.. Sucker!

  • Archangel1944

    Don't even laugh. I have a surprise for them

  • nateroo

    Being armed and resourceful keeps me "one step ahead" !!

  • mark wolf

    If I dont get with my gun my shoe is my backup

  • Kevin Nikolaus

    Comes in sizes 9, 40 and 45!

  • mark wolf

    Go ahead make my day see what happen to the last guy the laugh at my shoe

  • Mike K. Calgary

    Two belt Tobys idea of using a sandle for a holster, turned out to be a flop.

  • Justin

    The Glock Sock! Function and Fashion

  • Mike K. Calgary

    The ol gang at the gun club flipped when they saw his flop.

  • Mike Rich

    Head of Security at Sandals newest resort…in Myrtle Beach, S.C.

  • Mike Rich

    Maybe we DO need just one more gun law……

  • Jim L.

    New Glock, $525.
    New Superduperzombiedefense ammo, $1.20 per round.
    New "Universal Holster" $1.
    Watching the facial twitching on the rangemaster, PRICELESS!!!



  • bilzmuzik

    New, New ,New!! Dr. Scholl's Orthopedic Gel holster. Guaranteed comfort for your Biggest Gun!

  • bushwhackbob

    I just wouldn't foot the bill for a new holster!

  • Fred

    Although this carry method is convenient and affordable, it can cause modern semi-autos to suffer a toe jam…

  • shambo

    Yeah I saw an ad for that holster, heard that it was a real flop.

  • Dwight Hill

    " Duct tape ??? Hell I'm using a flip flop !! "

  • Dwight Hill

    " Anybody seen my flip flops ? "

  • Moosejaw

    When danger's afoot….its time to go heeled.

    • Philip

      Nice! :)

  • Joel Gannotti

    Pod-N-Me Podna I don't play Footsee. Ya see

  • cleason leasure

    don.t make me shoeto you

  • Jim B

    Maybe if I put it in my shoe nobody will notice

  • Darren C

    I ran out of duct tape and bailing wire, but this works.

  • shooter1

    If you wear two belts and use a sandal as a holster…you might be a redneck.

  • JustinD

    The Hippie Holster! Find one at a beach near you!

  • Twisted Dave

    Solved one problem and created another, now I walk with a limp..

  • Michael

    I don't flip-flop on the 2nd Amendment.

  • Bob S retired LEO

    Now all I need is a sock for my glock.

  • Larrye5012

    If you think this looks funny you should see my foot squeezed into my holster!

  • larrye5012

    The safety strap on my bolsters killing my big toe though!

  • George Blake

    If my wife just had bigger feet, I could carry my Desert Eagle.

  • MJK

    The S.H.O.T. Show presents: "The Shower Gun"

  • Mark

    Two belts are better than one

  • Terry Perkins

    Make sure you get the toe jam off the front sight so you can get a good sight picture. Ear plugs will work on your nose also to block the smell.

  • Karen

    Stop or I'll flip-flop ya!

  • Johnny C

    Odale boys we don't need no holsters, we got the WARACHE!!!

  • Mike. K. Calgary

    Two belt Toby was quite pleased with his diet. Only thirty days and already lost a foot off of his waist.

  • James Carwile

    New ad for "Have Gun Will Travel" show.

  • George Leanes

    Rightie, Tightly, I will not loose this one.

  • GerryD


  • unknown

    MAN!!! Pull your shirt down! Your thongs showin!

  • Eric

    You should see what he uses for a fanny pack.

  • Randy Coody

    Honey! Have you seen my flip flops?

  • Blue Boy

    It matches my outfit perfectly don't you think?

  • M D Smith

    "Flip, Flop and let FLY"

  • Pop's

    Holster ? I don't need no stinking holster…………………….

  • Ron

    One size fits all!

  • JMass_M14

    Talk about yer "Runnin' and Gunnin' " …

  • Roy

    Self correcting gene pool cleaner.

  • deputy 84

    Fullsize weapons size 10, compacts size 8, mouse or pocket guns require toddler sizing

  • shannon_f

    Open carry for the po' boy

  • Tad Casserly

    The Gum Shoe carry for down and out detectives!

  • Stephen Manion

    Next person who mentions my pot belly dies!

  • Tom Newman

    This holster is a shoe-in for best new product!

  • Kevin Smith

    Something is A-Foot

  • phil

    Dern, I'm left handed!

  • Stephen Malm

    I found an interesting new place for my ankle holster as well!

  • Stephen Malm

    Experts couldn't explain the increased incidence of semi-auto toe-jams.

  • steve

    I normally wear two guns, but I blew my other flip flop out in margaritaville.

  • Clearcut1

    Just what I need–athlete's trigger finger!

  • BlackPowder

    The holster guide said I needed a 10.

  • Mad-Dwarf Mike C.

    Recycling with American style & Austrian flair !

  • john ohara

    duh aay,when you said tp bring my .40 and my .12 I didnt know you meant my shotgun!

  • Sy Castro

    Not only will I shoot you but I would sandal slap you like a hispanic mother slaps her kids.



  • Philip

    Please lord, leave the 'jam' in the shoe!

  • Philip

    Arch, caught Zapato flat footed and warned him.."If you don't 'toe' the line, you'll need to 'shoe', or I'll go 'heel's and 'nail' ya!
    But his gun did '"jam, and from the 'clippings'… his soul has moved on!

  • mmm

    the yuki slide

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