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Caption Contest: God Save the Queen!

by G&A Staff  |  June 11th, 2012 194

This week’s G&A Caption Contest features Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II, firing a few rounds downrange. Caption this photo before Saturday, June 16 to win!

This Week's Photo
Caption Contest: God Save the Queen!

The Winning Caption:

Stephen Malm
The Queen was well-versed in firearm safety rules. "Always keep your weapon pointed downrange...or toward France."

The Prize:

MTM Zombie Ammo Can

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  • Danny Gordon

    What are you grinning at,I was shooting these when you were still in diapers laddy

  • Stephen Malm

    "Now if only it were Camilla downrange…"

  • Stephen Malm

    That'll teach the cheeky bastards!

  • Stephen Malm

    Alien vs Predator vs Liz-II

  • Stephen Malm

    "Good show Mum, knocked the bloody beefeater's hat right off! Now go for the tall furry one."

  • Eric P

    God Doesn't need to save the Queen she'll do it her self!

  • dave g

    those corgis sure are nippy little buggers when they want to be!!

  • Ben Blankenship

    I need one of these to put underneath my pillow at the palace!

  • AOKSteve

    The queen shows off her shooting skills with her new fox hunting rifle.

  • AOKSteve

    Her royal majesty patiently waited 60 years for the best diamond jubilee present EVER!!!

  • AOKSteve

    Due to a vast shortage of shooters in Great Britain, Queen Elizabeth volunteers to help provide security for the 2012 Olympics.

  • Frank

    Glad the bloody commoners can't do this like they can in the Colonies–too much fun for anyone but us blue bloods!

  • Kenny

    "I wouldn't venture out there fellas. This sniper's got talent!"

  • Benjamin Theis

    After showing the Queen how to shoot with a coy smile, Montague thought to himself, if only her majesty would let me show her a few of my other tricks.

  • matthew

    splended simpley splended. does it come in royal blue?

  • CBS

    Its good to be the Queen.

  • Kyle Meier

    God this thing is much better after the germans at H&K fixed it. And better after the americans made the ammo. And better because we dont actually make it. I hate this country…

  • Stephen Malm

    The Queen posing for a feature article in "Crowns & Ammo".

  • Stephen Malm

    Once in a while, you've got to show the Palace Guard who has the biggest set of "Royal Jewels!

  • Stephen Malm

    Why do you think they call it Her Majesty's Secret Service?

  • Alan Beer

    If its good enough for a couple of swimmers from the colonies maybe one can also get a reprieve from the sodding closing ceremony.

  • Allenf

    Only one year until the 2013 MGM IronMan. One must practice if one expects to shoot well. There's a certain ex-subject named Harrison that I must overtake for the dignity of the Crown.

  • Brad Snyder

    When asked what she's afraid of, the Queen said…"Nothing".

  • Joe S.

    Buckingham Palace's new plan to deal with the unsightly unwashed masses.

  • John

    Get out of the way, 007.

  • RJones

    Them bloody tress pots wont go in Sherwood Forrest ever again

  • Joe

    Seriously, F the Queen.. Down with ALL monarchs and royal bloodline elite scum. Just sayin.

  • sean mcgeehan

    this is how you skuff a kipper

  • Scott Jones

    "Hey Sarah, I can see Russia from MY house too!"

    • Frank907

      The distance from Alaska to Russia is 2.4 ( that would be less than 3 miles, moron) miles. Seeing Russia from our back porch is a common saying in Alaska.

  • michiganwalt

    If my troops had these in 1775, you rebels would be speaking proper english and drinking tea.

  • Guesty

    A true leader leads the charge!

  • Guesty

    Zombie Apocalypse? Challenge Accepted!

  • Mr wonderpants

    Hey paparazzi! Your turn! Smile and wait for the flash!

  • Jay Pearson

    now that was fun!

  • Richard Sparks

    By Royal Decree- Make some for lefties.

  • Dave

    "We are indeed amused!"

  • Nick

    "I do say," "this is much more exhilirating than cricket!"

  • Mike

    Occupy this!!

  • Chris

    Bloody Marvelous!

  • Marc

    Hey y'all! Watch this….

  • dtsouza

    Not bad, but could you be a dear and lighten the trigger pull a bit? I think I was pulling on those last five shots.

  • Matt

    In other news, France has just unconditionally surrendered to Britain, citing "overwhelming royal firepower."

  • stratus99

    Ok Sargent, now that I have shot Obama's IPOD gift dead center, please place the gift from Michelle Obama up on the stand.

  • Brian Cabaday

    Wait until those Australian blokes see this

  • Stephen Malm

    "We are quite amused!"

  • Caddoman

    THAT should keep the little bastads from trying to take over the throne!

  • B K

    Fancy me a bullpup love!

  • Stephen Malm

    Queen Elizabeth II remains the top-rated (and only) shooter in the British Rifle Association.

  • corn_field_sniper

    and the queen said: " if the bath salts dont kill you, my zombie hunting guns will"

  • corn_field_sniper

    lincoln hunted vampires, the queen hunts zombies

  • corn_field_sniper

    tea and hot lead anyone?

  • corn_field_sniper

    i like it, but where is my beta mag?

  • Tyler Jordan

    Why, I believe that would be a headshot, wouldn't you James?

  • corn_field_sniper

    nobody will be faith hilling my jubilee

  • Tyler Jordan

    I know I shouldn't say this, but that zombie just got his bloody arse whooped.

  • Bryan

    That's the little bastard, right there!

  • Mike Dobrindt


  • GHS4405

    Whats better to do on a rainy summer day

  • Tree Dee

    "……you just don't lead them quite so much……GET SOME!"

  • Stephen Malm

    Blue-blood meets red-neck!

  • Stephen Malm

    Her Royal Highness critiques Helen Mirren's portrayal of her in "The Queen".

  • Stephen Malm

    Scene from the new Bruce Willis – Queen Elizabeth II film, "Reign Herder With a Vengeance".

    • Stephen Malm

      Of course that should be Reign Harder – sorry.

  • Stephen Malm

    U.S. Navy Seals: 1, U.K. SAS: 0 – but the Queen was determined to change that, post haste.

  • Phil B.

    Royal Billboard:
    It's tax time, pay up or face the Queen!!!

  • Eric P

    Hey Hey look here these thing are fun…

  • steve w

    this is how you do it lads

  • Buster

    I knew i should have stayed at Holiday Inn last night…..

  • Benjamin Theis

    My good man, I do hope you have brought me a few extra magazines, I'm just getting warmed up.

  • Tommy

    Poor people, I'll show you how to deal with poor people…

  • FNP45

    Take that you pesky colonists!

  • Shambo

    God save our gracious Queen,
    Long live our noble Queen,
    God save The Queen
    Send her victorious,
    Happy and glorious,
    Long to reign over us:
    God save The Queen.
    O Lord, our God, arise,
    Scatter her enemies,
    And make them fall.
    Confound their politics,
    Frustrate their knavish tricks,
    On Thee our hopes we fix,
    God save us all.
    Thy choicest gifts in store,
    On her be pleased to pour;
    Long may she reign:
    May she defend our laws,
    And ever give us cause
    To sing with heart and voice
    God save The Queen!

    ……………or we can just grab something to eat. I think she's got it covered.

  • Alan La Flamme

    One must know how to do these things to be the Queen, you know!

  • JoehBro

    I say, line up those targets post haste… I wouldn't want to miss my afternoon tea

  • joehbro

    I say, this rifle doesn't kick at all…

  • Stephen Malm

    Ever since the tiff with Tony Blair, the Queen had "Royal Target Holder" added to the list of Prime Ministers' Official Duties.

  • Stephen Malm

    Based on previous incidents, the Palace Guard would bolt down the Queen's firearms when she had a royal snoot-full.

  • John Culwell

    Take that you zombie b..retards

  • ohio8baller

    and they say this Old Lady cant be a Bloody Bad Ass Chick at my age….. I say "kill 'em all."

  • Kevin

    I believe your scope is ill-adjusted. The degree of drop should not be so drastic when zero'd properly.

  • Keith

    Remember, remember the 5th of November….

    • John

      You talking about that V for vendetta

  • Telpahak

    "That's the last Jersey Shore cast member we'll see in the Realm, I'm sure."

  • DGarciaRD

    God Save The Queen? God Save Them From Me!!!

  • Stephen Malm

    "…..richest woman in the world, and she shoots up all our 7.62NATO ammo without offering to chip in…..blimey!"

  • Steve

    Definition of Stupidity:
    Thinking that guns are too unsafe for elderly people to use.

  • saturn2462002

    Major, if this leaves powder burns on my gloves, your ass is grass!

  • Carl K.

    STAND BACK!!!!!!

  • Anthony Haas

    "And they say diamonds are a girls' best friend……….I think not."

  • Stephen Malm

    Give her a cigar and a tommy gun, and she's the spitting image of Winston Churchill…in a dress.

  • Mason

    PPTHHPTHPFFT!!!! Margaret Thatcher….eat your heart out!

  • Jon Bowers

    One is not amused…one has to pull the trigger oneself!!

  • double tap tommy

    "Who's oppressing you now Eric Idle?"

  • austin

    Hail to the Queen baby!

  • austin

    This is my boomstick!

  • double tap tommy

    Another peasant is flung into the air as her majesty yelled "PULL! "

  • sonny

    The other Liz had a sword,,,screw that

  • Don Carroll

    Can I get one that fits in my purse?

  • okeechobee1

    Now this is how to keep the illegals out of our country

  • double tap tommy

    And then the queen said; " I bet I can knock the Windsor knot out of JFK's tie from here!" Lee Harvey Oswald's last words to Jack Ruby in the hallway of the Dallas Police Station.

  • Cyrus

    Lets see if this will pass the white glove inspection?

  • Jimmy Terry

    See, you grab it here and there an pull back on this hangy down thingy

  • Stephen Malm

    No Mum! I assure you those targets are Zombies, not Prince Charles – quite the rage with the Yanks, you know.

  • Terry Harbin

    Queen's like to rock & roll too, ya know!

  • cjw14

    Lets kill these noobs

  • glock171819

    Russia….. where even the queen is a bad ass

  • Frank907

    I say, in full auto it sounds just like one of Phippip's farts!

  • glock171819

    ……. hell im not going to cover the queen with the umbrella the gun is more precious!

  • glock171819

    solider: i thought shooting the gun myself was the best but this is a different story…..

  • Nosfer6

    Tea and crumpets, bollocks! I've got your tea and crumpets right here!

  • hoganshero

    "The (2nd) shot heard 'round the world!"

  • hoganshero

    "I just adore these new semi-auto Flintlocks!"

  • hoganshero

    "I absolutely love these new semi-auto Flintlocks!"

  • Scott Knoll

    God save the Queen? I'll save my own arse thank you!

  • Scott

    Ate the last crumpet you say, William? Then you must be punished.

  • rich

    if only we had this in the 1700s things would have gone differntly

  • Stephen Malm

    The Palace Guard eagerly anticipated Pippa's turn to police the Queen's brass.

  • Stephen Malm

    The Queen was well-versed in firearm safety rules. "Always keep your weapon pointed downrange…or toward France."

    • dylan_polk


      Congratulations! You're the winner.

      Email me at with your address and contact information to receive your prize.


      Dylan Polk
      G&A Online Editorial Assistant

  • John Vavrek

    Smile if you want solder I can take out a Yankee from 300 yards plus

  • zaphod07

    Queen Elizabeth when asked "Whats the Hardest part of the zombie apocalypse" replied "Well laddy pretending I am not excited!"

  • Dennis Canning

    I said I did'nt have the princess

  • Dennis Canning

    I did'nt have the princess …Killed

  • SoulReaper

    "Paul Revere would never have seen this one coming"

  • D. Bunch

    A simple request to find a solution for deer eating the flowers in the royal garden, has finally been addressed at this past Thursdays United Nations meeting.

  • Sharisguy

    Now I know why, them damn Yanks like keeping these under their beds!

  • Andrew

    God save the Queen? Seems like she's doing just fine on her own.

  • Andrew

    "Bloody hell, if only I wasn't a powerless figurehead, I could have the power to re-legalize these in our country."

  • Stephen Malm

    Royals: 1, Parliament: 0

  • krunion

    If you want something done right, you have to do it yourself!

  • Stephen Malm

    "Thems what gots the guns, makes the rules!" – Queen Elizabeth II

  • Sean Farquharson

    Lead tester in the L85A2 trials.

  • Kenneth Waldron

    This Queen doesn't need saving.

  • Andrew Buchen

    "Is that Obama target the Zombie one we ordered? I just love it when they explode after a headshot".

  • Tracey Crawford

    Stop asking me When you will be king!!!! Do you understand!?

  • Frank

    Who's the "Iron Lady" now!

  • scubadude55

    I love this! "Tell me again why we banned guns".

  • gjetson

    Hold my umbrella! I want to shoot this before tea time.

  • gimme

    Crikey! would you look at that, just like a dumb scot to bring a sword to a gun fight…

    IRA this bitch !!!

    It is my noble right to pop a cap in yo azz

  • moxy423

    Tally Ban this you miscreants!

  • KAH

    Shoot like a girl (er, Queen) if you can!!

  • Jay Guthrie

    Get some,get some. excuse me Dear,I was the INVENTOR!

  • Tkel21

    Queen Elizabeth demonstrating interlocking fields of fire to her subjects for when the zombies crest the hill.

  • Chuck 45 cal

    "It's shooting a little to the left"

  • Thomas Greene

    Now,Where is my qupie doll,that is what you get for knocking the ducks down isn't it???

  • XD9

    If she bloody doesn't hit the bullseye , I'm fired!

  • Stephen Malm

    Queen Elizabeth selects the next ambassador to Iran.

  • Honker

    Good. Bad. I'm the Queen with the gun.

  • sean parkinson

    God save the Queen? Shooooooot I'll save myself thank you very much.

  • dugiboy


  • Joshua Ward

    Zombie kill of the week belongs to the queen

  • Shawn Arflack

    like this you panzy washington missouri village people cops types…grab it like chuck norris and givem hell if your panties can handle it and remember what would chuck do he's the only real cop out there

  • Willy G

    Dam, I gotta git me one of these bloody things.

  • Shawn Arflack

    wash mo cops are theifs and liars….QUOTE we are friends with the accusors and we dont see were you get off saying they have discriminated against you being handicap…UH fair and impartial with allil conflict of interest on a side of hostile to the defense huh people…..another not so funny QUOTE its not if you did or was even going to do anything all that matters is how we write it up that gets your charges to stick…..end quote…DIRTY oh yeah here at washington police we have our own policies and procedures we follow dont worry how we do our job youll need a good lawyer…yeah thanks chief and lead detective ….was a witness after all and its all on tape lol i want my property back i know your sorry

  • @Airborne80

    Poor Private Lemmings. He should have shined his boots for the Queen's Inspection!

  • Randy Gulley

    Good knight!

  • Jeff Richards

    They are my people. I am their sovereign. I love them. PULL!

  • Craig7959

    Bring on Those Bloody Liberal Bastards !!!

  • Craig7959

    More bullets Please

  • Ripper1

    Yes my Lady, at worst…. they can only throw stones back.

  • craigkw

    Young man… It's my country and I will shoot where I bloody well like!

  • Micheal

    Queen of Harts… Ha! … She's got nothing!

  • David Scott

    Man, THAT was hotter and faster than Philip!

  • Houston Powers

    Best lathe attachment ever!

  • Jason Parks

    "Do I have to show you how to do everything?"

  • Stephen Malm

    Semper Di.

  • Julio

    Oh my… that was wonderful. Now, who would like some tea?

  • Stephen Malm

    I'm the Queen of Mean, the Duchess of Danger, the Countess of Chaos, the Baroness of BadAss, the Mum of Mayhem….

  • Mike

    You want to become one with the gun. Feel the gun, caress the gun until it's a living, breathing, vibrating extension of yourself.

  • Callum Quinn

    Although personally I am quite content with existing explosives, I feel we must not stand in the path of our queens bullets.

  • uscitizen1970

    Do pray the peasants never get their bloody hands on this weapon!

  • pete

    There appears to be some jam in this weapon, I quite prefer my jam on crumpets with tea.

  • John Lubbers

    "Nursing home my ass!"

  • Tony Freeman

    Making Her Royal Day…

  • Shaun Mehr

    "How you like me now? How you like me now? How you like me NOW!"

  • Stephen Malm

    A little preview of what can happen when the Royal Boy-Toy decides to be indiscreet.

  • Jim Kennedy

    Maybe we should consider swapping Heads of State.

  • Erik Reid

    "A leader that fights their own battles, now that would be a sight"
    Challange Accepted

  • Shawn R Flowers

    "This is such a charming little thing. Would you have anything BIGGER?"

  • Shawn R Flowers

    "Now I know why everyone in America owns one of these things."

  • Bruce A

    It's lovely how the crosshairs match my outfit!

  • Conrad

    Jack Ryan not needed this time!

  • john h

    maybe i can get my heart started again with this recoil

  • John

    Let it rain and let it POUR!

  • Brian

    Bloody good job on this rifle lads! Now let's make sure none of the commoners can get their hands on one.

  • jonmango42

    In the face of the looming financial crisis in Europe, Britain ramps up its austerity measures to now require military service from all Royals.

  • Ron Trembly

    I told you what I'd do if you didn't get me the present I wanted for my birthday!

  • johneaster11

    Still not as fast as my ol' Enfield

  • GStone

    "Boys we have our selves a shooter, gather around and observe the way its supposed to be done soldiers!"

  • Martin V. Preiser

    There coming right at us!!!

  • Egor

    If you want to get something done right, do it yourself.

  • Egor

    I thought it was a camcorder!..

  • daniel

    thisll show those rabbits to stay out of the queens garden

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