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Caption Contest: Gimme a Hand Here

by G&A Staff  |  November 26th, 2012 381

In this week’s G&A Caption Contest, a couple of buddies have figured out a way to fire one hefty gun. Caption this photo before Saturday, Dec. 1 to win!

This Week's Photo
Caption Contest: Gimme a Hand Here

The Winning Caption:

The ladies always thought they called Fred tripod for another reason!

The Prize:

Real Avid Gun Boss Pro Pistol Cleaning Kit

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  • Jereld

    You might wanna plug your ears

    • cdt45acp

      Sometimes ya gotta punt

    • bigdan1302

      This will make that Buckingham Guard move.

  • David Spencer

    Recoil? HAH! Hardly any,just relax and pull the trigger.

  • max

    do I need a permit to conceal this thing?

  • Jonathan white

    First ever…bipod

  • Kara Song

    I dare say William those Mallards will never see us coming!

  • Ernie

    Hold my beer and watch this!!

  • Weasel

    The Bigger They Are, The Harder They Fall

  • Carney

    Fourth down and looks like they are going to punt…

  • Bobby Steele

    Concealed Carry, The Humble beginnings..

  • Regan Bullard

    It's like shooting a .22. Just pull the trigger already.

  • Thomas

    This thing kicks like a T-Rex.

  • GNH

    Holder: I said, IS IT LOUD!?
    Trigger Man: I don't think it's heavy you tell me… a little to the right.

  • Karl Stillman

    Who says size doesn't matter?

  • Ken Bell

    Now, where'd that deer go??

  • steven

    First ever man-pod sniper team!!!

  • Rick

    I figure whatever I hit will be a fist sized grouping

  • Richard Owen

    A young Al Capone scores his first .50 cal. Sniper rifle … (spotter to Al.. make your wind-age.. 8 knots S. x S.E…fire ,fire,fire)

  • Sean Davis

    As it turns out it was the Keebler Elves that took down Hostess.

  • Randy916

    Pesky pigeons, this is the last time they use my automobile for a latrine.

  • Brian Dodds

    Ear protection? Who needs ear protection?

  • Joe Sobotka

    You better put in your ear plugs Pete,, it may be a tad loud…..

  • puddleduck

    be vewy vewy quiet im hunting wabbits

  • Robert

    The last act of the 1933 Citywide Pigeon Control team after they cleaned out a flock of 70, 6 squirrels, and Old Man O'Malley.

  • Paul Nichter

    "No Sir, She don't kick much" he heard said shortly before the ambulance sirens.

  • Bill Schoppe

    Your fingers are in the way, I can't see the front sight.

  • John Riser

    i told my wife the squirell gun..

  • gpennsr

    Jim, don't you think a divorce might be less messy?

  • @divingtech

    Speak softly and carry a big one…

  • PJP1963

    "Ban This"

  • @divingtech

    There was some doubt as to whether Henry Deringer would be allowed into the saloon card game…

  • Dave Scott

    Think the patent office will accept my mobile anti-tank concept now? Point her at the door, lets wake them up a little.

  • rustybeggarly

    The only Chicago approved gun for concealed carry.

  • Scottd117

    The ladies always thought they called Fred tripod for another reason!

    • dylan_polk

      Congratulations! You're the winner.

      Email me at with your address and contact information to receive your prize.


      Dylan Polk
      G&A Social Media Editor

  • Rodney Graham

    The second amendment at its best.

  • SamF1911

    Now that's what I call a real long distance provider.

  • Stephen Malm

    During initial tests of the Clyde-pod, John Browning came up with the inspiration for his next invention: the shoulder pad.

  • Stephen Malm

    Since either end of the big gun could be called "The business end", Edgar figured it was safer being in the middle.

  • Stephen Malm

    Is that a Susquehanna hat?……Slowly I turned……step by step…..inch by inch…..

  • Stephen Malm

    What am I gonna call this on my resume?

  • Stephen Malm

    Inches, millimeters….what's the difference?

  • Stephen Malm

    This is the point where "Ripley's Believe It or Not" and "Guns & Ammo" parted ways.

  • Stephen Malm

    Decades before "Fast & Furious", there was "Sluggish & Flinchy".

  • Stephen Malm

    NOTE: Objects on shoulder may be larger than they appear.

  • Stephen Malm

    1928 "Bring Enough Gun" competition – Honorable Mention.

  • PJP1963

    They don't make em like they used to….

  • Mike

    Reach out and touch something

  • Stephen Malm

    President Theodore Roosevelt unveils his "Big Stick".

  • Stephen Malm

    Two bores carrying a two-bore.

  • Stephen Malm

    A couple of big shots walk into a bar…

  • Black Cat

    "Peace Pipe"

  • Black Cat

    SWAT's modest beginnings…

  • Black Cat

    This is not how Hit or Miss phrase was coined…

  • david

    hey bro , got a sec?

  • James Packwood

    The very first Wing Man

  • Daniel hamilton


  • Stephen Malm

    You think maybe we should port the barrel?

  • Mike K. YYC

    Golly Gosh!! I can even hit the Eiffel Tower from way over here!!

  • Mark Cobbeldick

    One of the early primary weapon ideas for the A-10 'Warthog' that was beat-out by the 30 mm GAU-8 Gatling gun.

  • Duane

    Bet mine is longer than yours!

  • Schroeder

    What is the biggest threat facing Isreal now?

  • bobby

    Hey! Your head is blocking the front sight

  • bobby

    When that Picatinny rail comes in.I gonna add a flashlight and laser.

  • S Zoucha

    See Grandson, this is how we dealt with terrorist in my day !

  • toadknot

    I can clean your colon out quicker'n one a dem buritta wid extra guacamali sauce.

  • Beretta_Banger

    Next week I'll bring my BIG gun.

  • Beretta_Banger

    Boy! This is gonna piss Obama off!

    • Comancheseven

      Thats what iI am talking about YEA!!!!

  • Ken Crisp

    Forget the CNS shot on this one John!!

  • JacquesvanH

    Harold, are you sure those demension weren't metric?

  • aabigbill

    I say, It's punting time!!!

  • 2WarAbnVet

    Maybe .22 long rifle is a little much..

  • David

    Jim being a true friend did not hestiate to help bill hold his big weapon! :)

  • KayakDon

    I thought YOU brought the ammo !!

  • Steve Alonso

    A punting we will go, a punting we will go….

  • Nosfer6

    Ready, aim, Kaiser!

  • Keith Lyons

    Don't move. And put your arm in the air.

  • Harvey

    Gee Charlie, Don't you think you're taking this open carry thing a little to far?

  • nickadams

    Barret's first attempt at a "pocket pistol" left a lot to be desired.

  • rlj251

    I hope I win the teddy bear!

  • Bill Godfrey

    Bambi, here Bambi

  • Peter K.

    What do you mean "take away his credit card" is the answer to the question "how do you keep an elephant from charging?"

  • dhouseknecht

    You did clean out the barrel after you fell down that muddy hill right?…yep…now just hold still!

  • Sheryl

    Don't flinch this time! I wanted to hit my mother-in-law, not yours!

  • 38spl

    Dam zombies.

  • Nosfer6

    Don't worry, all that happens is a big flag pops out of the end of the barrel that says Guns and Ammo!

  • Brad Newton

    I think I'd rather have the "bull" barrel…

  • Roy Mollet

    Make My Day!!!!!!

  • Frank G

    There is……….. nor will there ever be a substitute for……….. cubic lead!

  • AKsailor

    Hey, reading over my shoulder is bad enough, this is going a little too far.

  • David J


    Those Prairie Dogs won't stand a chance this year.

  • Neon

    From my cold dead hands.

  • speedracer5050

    What did you say about the caliber being less important than shot placement??

  • Frank G

    Grains??????? Grains are for wimps; do you think we should load a tracer round just for “kicks”?

  • Russell

    A little to the left.

  • Tanstaafl2

    Remember, you don't AIM the shotgun – you POINT it.

  • Frank G

    Wonder why it is called Remington and NOT Remington & Sons!

  • Randy McBrayer

    Gives a whole new meaning to the term "shoulder fired."

  • Doug B.

    Orville and Elmer have set their sights on 'baggin a dragon'.

  • Gregory Lamb

    I said LEFT shoulder arms!!!

  • Doug B.

    To hell with the Mallards, I'm going to bag me a Cessna!!

  • clipper406

    "All I am saying is that sometimes I feel like we are trying to compensate for something"

  • Dave

    Another famous misquote in action:

    I said we needed to Control the Gun, NOT we needed Gun Control!!!!

  • Stephen Malm

    The original shoulder-fired RPG – RIDICULOUS PUNT GUN.

  • Robert W. Gray

    "Do you think this will really get the President's attention?"

  • John

    The Secret Service eradicating pests on the White House lawn.

  • Pete V.

    So which way did King Kong go?

  • Kenji

    Stop calling me Bi-Pod!

  • Caddoman

    I tell ya Sam, she is NOT gonna be impressed by the size!

  • Frank Gryncewicz

    Wait a minute ….. What do you mean Teradactyls are extinct. Who’s in charge of new product design???

  • DustyOldJarhead

    I still say it needs a muzzle brake.

    • tom Ensign

      Without a doubt, yours is the best !!!

  • Charles Bradley

    We are going to knock that ape off the top of that building!

  • Charles Bradley

    Turn around, they went behind us!

  • Charles Bradley

    This aint big enough, get the big gun!

  • Jonesey

    Damn Pigeons.

  • Craig Morris

    Before Concealed Carry.

  • Matt

    Give me four clicks right toe windage and the statue of the mayor is going on our trophy wall.

  • BugsyBlackpowdr


  • James W.

    Size does matter

  • cameron Wilson

    I heard the guys from jaws were looking for a new gun

  • David Bailey

    I was not aware they were making new episodes of the "Keystone Cops".

  • Joey P

    Give me your wallet!! or I'll shoot!!

  • billsquillace

    I think you should know that the tiger is now between us.

  • Steve Berlanger

    Hurry up so I can get my turn before dad finds out.

  • LEE .R

    You call that a gun? This is a gun!

  • Brad D

    It's an 88 Magnum. It shoots through schools.

  • John Aittama

    TOO MUCH GUN …………………….Nah!

  • ken

    man,i hope we are still standing after this goes off!

  • James B.

    I'm your brother, trust me!

  • burlybuhda

    Straw Hat Removal test comencing in 3….2….1….

  • burlybuhda

    The Democratic National Convention of the 1930s was a different creature indeed…

  • Otto

    "One pill makes you larger,…"

  • TLC361

    Don't fire Griddley until you can poke then in the whites of their eyes.

  • burlybuhda

    I don't think Mr. Annemann thought this trick through Henry…

  • Wally H

    Hey I found Paul Bunyan's Squirel gun , you up front watch for squirels .

  • Windy

    Stop shaking, Watson!!!!

  • Greg




  • Enrique

    Ya, here's your problem… You got some dust in the rear sight aperture… That's why you can't hit anything with this thing….

  • Scott

    Hurry up and shoot before Daddy gets home, this things heavy!

  • Darrell Lee

    You sure this will remove the hump from my back?

  • Chris

    When will the people writing captions here notice that this gun is really made of chocolate?

  • bambam

    This is my rifle, there are not many like it. You should see my gun that is for fun!!!

  • Rob

    Shhhh, I'm going to destroy the earth!

  • Ron

    Ready, Aim……………..Punt

  • Jeremy K

    Think he's trying to compensate for somethin?

  • Scott Nelson

    Got me an 88 Magnum….. shoots through schools!

  • RSagun

    Come on shoot, they're taking away our Rights!!!

  • JohnnyC

    I told you "Puntgun" means BIG!!!

  • soldtonorm

    The first Bullpup?

  • jim

    What assult weapon ban?

  • Brett

    Remember; It's not how long you make it, it's how you make it long…

  • Frank Yorita

    Hold real still. Don't want to miss the apple on my mother-in-law's head!

  • Joe M. Harlan

    Remember that erection that lasted 5 hours… we want be bothered with that any more!

  • Mark

    How much power did you put in this thing?

  • flagtag

    Dude! The target is only five feet away.

  • Tree Dee

    "That is not what I had in mind when I said we're gonna punt,Bill!

  • Bob S

    Don;t worry, I've got your back.

  • Chap

    David? Are you sure you killed Goliath?

  • Jeftacular

    "OK… on 3 I will pull the trigger.1… 2…. 3." "Those were the last words your grandpa ever heard ."

  • Dmead1129

    That's not really what I meant about getting a compensator.

  • Michael L. Brown

    You should see the box of shotgun shells for this thing!

  • scott

    No way you hid this in your pants.

  • scott

    Are you scared? NO! Then what's that puddle by your foot?

  • Randy B

    You might want to get a little better grip on that barrel Fred.

  • Ryan

    Trust me, this is gonna hurt me way more then its gonna hurt you


    The original Red Ryder BB gun

  • Charles Bradley

    I don't think I can sneak this one past my wife.

  • Randy Roberts

    "CLICK" Oh damn it man, I think we forgot the gun powder!!

  • David Luckman

    HELLO Senators and Congress People come out, come out where ever you are! I have a big surprise for you!!!!

  • wiscman59

    They said an asteroid made dinosaurs extinct. Now where is that last T Rex hiding?

  • ZaZ

    Now I must change my shorts !

  • Micah

    I don't think this is what they mean by "shoulder your rifle."

  • Tom Monroe

    Ha! I do believe someone is over compensating for something, maybe his other gun.

  • S. Reed

    Have gun, will travel.

  • Mark E. Johnson

    Pesky pols, they sighted us!

  • Larry A.

    These politicians are going to balance the budget or we're going to know the reason why!

  • Larry A.

    Shhhhhhh! Be very very quiet, we're hunting liberals!

  • Bob Murray

    I got it ! I got it ! just don't miss Dick this is the only turkey shot in the county that gives out Hams.

  • Stephen Malm

    One bullseye gets you any prize on the bottom shelf…

  • Stephen Malm

    Mom and Dad never let me have one of these for Christmas. They were afraid I'd put out the eyes of everyone in town.

  • Ryan H.

    Big toys for big boys.

  • Ryan H.

    One shot one hundred kills.

  • Ryan H.

    They sure don't make 'em like they used to!

  • Mario

    Gun Control; the humble beginings.

  • lesley capen

    is that a big gun on your shoulder? or are you just glad to see me.

  • Stephen Malm

    "But why do they call it The Widowmaker?"

  • Steven

    Stealing from JAWS: " I think you're going to need a bigger gun."

  • John Ballouz

    "…eyes & ears…"!!!

  • Mississippi Guy

    "This will teach that squirrel a lesson."

  • Danny Hullihen

    ahhhh, you might want to plug your ears mate! It's a bigin!!

  • Coalminer

    Move your hand, so I can sight down the barrel!

  • Banjo

    No such thing as to much Gun.

  • Brian

    How little men get rid of little women.

  • Matt

    First ever straw purchase of a firearm, named so for the hats perps wore to appear inconspicuous and hide their mischievous ways…


    Make that first shot count. The two guys with the ram rod didn't show.

  • Brian F.

    ""Well, if he misses, at least I won't be able to hear him complain about it."

  • Phil Beckwith

    WHAT DID YOU SAY??????

  • Bill C.

    Where is Paul Bunyan? All we found was his rifle!

  • Michael Bickerstaff

    The back blast should be minimal… Just keep standing right there!

  • Stephen Malm

    Pretty please with sugar on top, HOLD YOUR FIRE!

  • Stephen Malm

    Just hold still a moment Harry, this is guaranteed to cure your hiccups!

  • Stephen Malm

    So, you want to marry my daughter.

  • Stephen Malm

    WANTED TO HIRE: Deaf man with stout collarbone and no common sense.

  • Beretta_Banger

    Smith & Wesson debuts it's new 9mm…Crap!…I mean 9 Inch Caliber.

  • David

    The recoil was so strong that Eric and Ernie were pushed right out of their punt!

  • bindergator

    You know, they make pills you can take for your problem.

  • David Brown

    Be verry quiet,
    Were hunting wabbits.

  • Kev

    Maybe those guys in Washington will listen to us now!

  • wayne bentley

    I say ol' boy 'now steady-knees straight- a bit to the right for windage'!

  • Ron K

    That's not what they meant by Kentucky windage!

  • Mark D.

    I got this thing from Pete Townsend.

  • RICKWR54321

    You're right Virgil, 50 Cals are for wimps!

  • Michael H.

    Look out behind!

  • SamF1911

    Chuck Norris called, he wants his pocket pistol back.

  • BJC

    I don't think using your ear for the sight was such a good idea. "WHAT DID YOU SAY".

  • Bruce Fleming

    Remember, follow through

  • Doug

    Having misunderstood the terms "big shot" and "long shot", Mr Smith goes to Congress.

  • sdakotas

    Hey Brother can you spare a spotter ?

  • Dionysius

    "I get a kick out of you!"

  • Chris

    You gotta squat down a little if we are going to get that wascally rabbit.

  • Steve E.

    Got Lead!!

  • Paul Moore

    I say, Quigly, is this realy a sporting chance?

  • Chris Donald

    I'm telling you Larry there won't be a body

  • Rescue9411

    "How do you expect me to hit anything if you won't hold still?"

  • Rescue9411

    "Your gonna do what with my twinkies!?!"

  • Thomas Lane

    The tweety-bird just won't sit still!

  • John

    Call Cheaper Than Dirt. I need a recoil pad!

  • Tony J

    Tell him to quit moving or I'll miss the apple…

  • Andy S.

    Real men don't ask for a shoulder because they need a place to cry!

  • rffreq

    Size matters only if you don't clean your barrel

  • Doc

    "Hhhhmmmmm do you think he compensating for something????"

  • Warren

    Really ? This is a new Harley accessory !

  • Dfleming

    Guess who the low man on the smoke pole is

  • Benjamin Theis

    Not only have the sniper and spotter teams method of camouflage gotten better, but also their method of aim and shoot.

  • RG Smith

    You had better keep your promise Harold, to clean it , if I
    shoot it!

  • Tombo

    You should see full size one…

  • Leo

    " Hold still, I am trying to aim this thing !"

  • Leo

    " What's the bag limit this year ?"

  • Jan Jon Munkler

    "If this doesn't wake up her Majesty nothing will"

  • Jan Jon Munkler

    "I'll hold it steady,but your sure you don't want to go to the bar instead."

  • Jan Jon Munkler

    "Clyde what kind of rifle is this.Stanley its a blackpowder musket rifle that fires a lead ball"

  • Jan Jon Munkler

    "Hold it steady Stanley this is going to be loud,proud,and powerful"

  • Jan Jon Munkler

    " I think this is what the Boss meant by a gun that could stop a V8 Ford in its tracks"

  • Jan Jon Munkler

    "Hold on Stanley this is going to kick like a mule"

  • Jan Jon Munkler

    "We made a good score stealing this out of the armory Stanley"

  • Jan Jon Munkler

    "Boss says we got to put this back in the museum"

  • Carl T

    Better shoot before it leaves the next county.

  • Kewc

    Bloody thing kicks like a 3 legged ninja on steroids.

  • Andrew C White

    Although no one would talk about it, the women in his life knew he was "over compensating" for something.

  • HD_Spring3r

    fee-fi-fo-fum, I see two idiots playing with my gun!

  • Matt C.

    You mean to tell me SBR doesn't stand for Suprizingly Big Rifle???

  • Jeremy

    Who knew …….. Elephant trunks are actually rifled?

  • Nosfer6

    Okay so Prohibition starts…Now!

  • Jack Cooper

    Shoot a little lower sheriff; I think he's crawling.

  • Guest

    Shooter: "You might want to brace yourself, Ralph".
    Shooter: "We got that lawyer now, Bubba!"

  • cameron

    Oh yes, who could forget the ole fashioned guy pod.

  • TJW

    Hurry up and shoot already. This thing is getting heavy!

  • johnybar2

    Sarah Palin said we could hit Russia from here!

  • Casino799

    The Ricola…this one will knock it out within a minute. No yardage worries. No MOA adjustment needed.

  • JDC/SC

    Yes, he can have one last smoke; but hurry up this thing is heavy.

  • Randy

    OK now, your sure that's a gun. I don't want to get in trouble with your wife.

  • AD Roberts

    I guess you have A LOT to compensate for. Do you have to use tweezers?

  • LarsJOlsen

    "The Wentworth family has been standing in support of our second amendment rights for generations, but never so literally as the late Charles Wentworth, Jr."

  • robocop970

    and here we see the first modern day catapult.

  • Scott J

    Now, where did they say King kong went?

  • Scott J

    M mother told me there would be days like this!

  • Scott J

    Hey, Mr. Coyote your Acme rifle is here.

  • Humberto Berrios

    Don`t mess with my freedom !

  • J. Ross

    I'm sorry, I couldn't here you back here. I'm overcompensating for a small what?

  • Kevin Lance

    Looks like they have the fundamentals down pat for a partner supported sniper shot.

  • Ron

    We're going to a knife fight.

  • Ken

    "mine is bigger than yours, can you help me steady it, so I can aim"

  • dale

    Astounding ,Sherlock. Shrinking us to sneak up on Moriority seems to be working!

  • Alex C.

    Is that your gun, or are you just happy to see me?


    How to lose the element of surprise before a bank robbery.

  • Ryan Demmitt

    Shooter to holder……Does your wife know you hold other mens wood so willing
    Holder to Shooter…..Nope…..But I will do what ever it takes to stop my mother-in-laws nagging

  • Hah

    Not available in California.

  • jjburkert

    I thought you said it was a big gun……

  • Johnathan Lawson

    Hold your breath…you're messing up my shots!

  • Bob Vanderbrugen

    Yes Gunnie, I'll try to stop shaking!

  • sonsoffliberty

    Don`t mess with my freedom !

  • Joe Coyne


  • Momkat66

    Gives a whole new meaning to the BIG BANG theory.

  • chrisp

    Where the phrase" hand cannon" originated.

  • Jay Smith

    "Help me try these new Brontosaurus loads."

  • PistolPacknMama

    Nawwwww, It's as quiet as a mouse… You might want to use BOTH hands!

  • tdgunner

    It is a little known fact that once Orville and Wilbur Wright mastered flight they set their sights on bigger and better inventions….

  • lars

    test firing Chuck Norris' custom pocket gun

  • Nathaniel

    Wall Street: We're playing with the "Big Boys" now.

  • Janny Kay

    It takes two to tangle.

  • Janny Kay

    can u give me a hand, er I mean a shoulder

  • Wayne Mc.

    Friends don't let friend shoot alone

  • Mario Mora

    For those about to ROCK…

  • James

    Hey guys watch WATCH THIS!

  • Keven John

    Asking your friend to hold your barrel has a whole new meaning today!

  • James

    Trust me, It doesn't kick at all. Just hold still.

  • James

    Go ahead punk. Make my day.

  • Osc

    Does this meet the FBI's guidelines for penetration and stopping power??

  • James Cheek

    Why they finally invented bench rests

  • Michael Scott

    Naw, it kicks like a 12 gauge, just hold it snug.

  • drew

    It is their first time doing a hit for the mob…the boss said to MAKE SURE he was dead!

  • mike

    They just don't build em' like they used to.

  • Mark L.

    "I'll just be here working on my little gun, until you get home with my daughter,"

  • Rik

    This time I have to agree with my wife…size does matter .

  • Sean

    Barber shop quartet sniper team. The other two are in the hide already.

  • Sean

    Once you are a member of a barber shop quartet you can't leave the barber shop quartet or there are consequences!

  • George Havel

    "…, and then Gulliver pulled this out of his ankle holster, handed it to me said "Thank you for freeing me, sir.""

  • Edge35

    So the guy at the store said a bipod is like 90 bucks. That's when I remembered that Hank here owed me a favor…

  • Lucas McCain

    I think he said 'Door Breacher', not 'Building demolition'… Just sayin'

  • TrueTone911

    RPG circa 1920

  • Bob

    This will hurt me a lot more than it will you! (a punt gun for pigeons?)

  • Kevin Smith

    This is the last time they tell me it's too small!

  • Walt

    The best set-up for hunting is a long barrel and a reliable bipod

  • ac302

    Men the gun!

  • bruce laramy

    Don't miss !!

  • Paul Fritz

    I really HATE shootin dirty ammo

  • eddie salinas

    Introducing …the first ever….tandum gun

  • Raymond Siburkis

    I can shoot the Queen from Manhattan!

  • eddie salinas

    Introducing the very first….tandum gun

  • shelco

    Is that a concealed carry or are you just happy to see me?

  • Aaron B

    Springfield Armory says "Bring Enough Gun"

  • Matt Hoffmann

    Hey Mr. Wilson!

  • John

    I can't believe we got through white house security with this thing.

  • Rick Branning

    Say hello to my little friend!!!

  • Bill M.

    "John Dillinger couldn't rob a Leomonade Stand!"


    They say, at 5 mile, if you can see it move you can hit it. Can't wait to get a scope.

  • John Hendrick

    The draw was a little slow but the cover in this gunfight is great!

  • Rhonda Meeks

    "Recoil's a bitch!"

  • Mike Moran

    Steady as she goes Jerry…..I have the pigeon in sight

  • Isaac Castillo

    "wabbit season."


  • Isaac Castillo

    I'll show YOU who's compensating…

  • Johnathan McNett

    Hey Jimmie, wait 'till you see the big gun.

  • Chris

    They all laughed in the beginning. But, how many elephants do you see in the city now?

  • Roman Milanowicz

    A young Elmer Fudd; "Now where's the Wascully Warrit?"

  • tonywj

    Holder: Why do I always have to be the gun-rest?
    Shooter: Because I'm older, that's why.

  • tonywj

    Holder: Why do I always have to be the gun-rest?

  • tonywj

    Hold your breath. Hold it. Hooooold it.

  • Leankeenan

    ……..Can you throw it over your shoulder like a Military Soldier….

  • Jason B

    Speak softly and carry a big punt gun

  • Joseph Carter

    well this cant end well

  • Don Pippin

    Now let me see—–, that was a "Shoulder Holster" for a What??

  • Don Pippin

    You know what, Mr. Ahmadinejad? I really don't give a damn whether or not you have a "Missile That you think could reach the USA ". Let me show you what our engineers came up —–

  • Don Pippin

    "Now what are the coordinates for that pesky Asteroid—"

  • Stahoo ljb

    I had to melt down my Chevy to make six rounds.

  • Norm

    I said put your hand underneath I can't see the target

  • Henry Geise

    Now squeeeeze the trigger……

  • lee

    how about the only italian gun not surrendered in wwII because no one would take it


    is it a prop or is it a hand held punt gun? all of the punt guns I've seen were monuted on long row boats.

  • alex s

    you call that a gun? now this is a gun!!

  • alex s

    This is why women think men are compensating

  • Henry

    We got the wascally wabbit this time!

  • Daniel Proctor

    Grandma,I know you hate the damm squirral chewing on your bird feeder, but don't you think this is a bit much?.

  • TOM S.

    for feb./13 caption contest, {now aim for the zombies head grandma}

  • Richard Mitchell

    THAT #&!*$#- FLY IS DEAD NOW!!!!!!!!!

  • Richard Mitchell

    honey tell your mother to stay real still so the apple want fall of your head before I get the shot off.

  • Bullwinkle

    "Remember, don't point it at the vault; if the Manager thinks you brought it for him, he will come up with the combination. Now get goin'! And pull your dern masks up, fer cryin' out loud!"

  • Blarney

    "Tell me again why you took the wheels off?"

  • david

    hold on to your hats its about to get windy

  • Edward DiBari

    Will you hold still so I can shoot the Apple off your head please

  • Phil R

    And that was the last time Harry ever forgot his hearing protection at home.

  • Jimmy Stewart

    I never drew on very many men but when I did I wasn't bluffing.

  • Clint Eastwood

    Did I fire 5 shots or 6?
    I'll tell you the truth, in all this excitement I kinda lost track myself.

  • Jeff Cooper

    I think I'll call my new invention, the Scout Rifle.

  • Tommy Lee Jones

    Git rid of that nickle-plated sissy pistol and get yurself a Glock.

  • Tobert Downey Jr

    Do you have a weapon?

    Yes, a big one, how about you?

  • Robert De Niro

    Are you talking to me?

  • Al Pacino

    Say hello to my little friend.

  • Luke 11:21

    "When a strong man, fully armed, guards his house, his possessions are safe."

  • Robert De Niro

    You can get further with a kind word and a gun than you can with just a kind word.

  • Clint Smith

    I carry a gun cause a cop is too heavy.

  • Charles F.

    Let Me Know when You See the Whites of their eyes, oh, and Gossimer, this could get very loud!!!

  • Dean L

    I'm not as young as I used to be, I think I need a bigger clip.

    This is for the picture in the February 2013 magazine showing a white haired old lady w/an AR

  • jazzyd13

    Now Mr. President you can consider this an "assault" rifle or being assaulted by a rifle.

  • Tom

    Lets show him and his fancy shrink ray!

  • Greg E

    "Walk softly and carry a big stick? Not bloody likely! Now, STAND STILL!"

  • Ted Nault

    "I'll hold yours if you hold mine."

  • Don

    Now a little to the left Jimmie, we'll show the Queen whats for!

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