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Caption Contest: Boots Off the Ground

by G&A Staff  |  October 9th, 2012 236

In this week’s G&A Caption Contest, we find ourselves face-to-face with a group of military showmen that apparently left their clown car back at the base. Caption this photo before Saturday, October 13 to win!

This Week's Photo
Caption Contest: Boots Off the Ground

The Winning Caption:

Shortly after it was debuted, California moved to outlaw the latest assault bicycle.

The Prize:

Champion Re-Stick Target (25-pack)

Simplify life at the range with Champion's peel-and-stick paper targets. For more info, check out Champion Target.

  • connor

    This is what Emergency Rooms are for

  • Korey Smith

    He's at your 6, no wait, your 12. 9 O'CLOCK!!!! wait…..

  • Black Cat

    All for one and one for all.

  • Mike K. YYC

    I got your back………..I got your back………..I got your back………..I got your back………..I got your back………..I got your back………..

  • Mike K. YYC

    Joey, the cook/driver was quickly regretting serving the crew baked beans for lunch.

  • JamesWalkiewicz

    Mexicans sure know how to get the most capacity per vehicle.

    • Jojo

      Its in India.

  • Mike K. YYC

    Vavoom! I can see a couple of girls sunbathing over there!

  • Mike K. YYC

    Just a little further, boys. I can see the Golden Arches from here. I hope you're hungry.

  • Black Cat

    Witness a Suicide Squad in action. One night only.

  • Black Cat

    Gentlemen, I cannot overstate the importance of seatbelts.

  • V.S.Konov

    Join the mechanized troops, they said. You will drive an IFW, the said.

  • Black Cat

    To combat global warming US environmentalists propose the new version of a motorized infantry.

  • Black Cat

    Weapons…..CHECK, Helmets……CHECK, Seatbelts…..CHECK, Common Sense……< cricket >

  • Black Cat

    No one gets left behind.

  • Black Cat

    Iran's Elite Republican Guard unveils their new vehicle outfitted with reactive armor.

  • TaylorG

    When "buddy system" protocol is not clearly defined.

  • Nosfer6

    Okay guys remember the ground is hot lava the ground is hot lava!

  • Nosfer6

    Today my friends we get to ride in the carpool lane! Whoopee!!!

  • Mr.Fox

    Who has the element of surprise now!

  • Stephen Malm

    That's the last time I buy a motorcycle with "all the options".

  • Stephen Malm

    Just don't ask me where the cup holders are.

  • Stephen Malm

    Gotta get a Segway!

  • Balaso

    Proudly presenting our countries newest anti-air platform!

    • balaso

      Err, make that country's

  • Doze

    This is what the United States Army will look like when Romney outsources the jobs to China.

  • puddleduck

    cirque de rambo

  • Stephen Malm

    A dazzling display of tactics by Barnum & Bailey's Clown Team Six.

  • Stephen Malm

    Seconds before achieving the Guiness World Record for "Simultaneous Face-Plant".

  • Stephen Malm

    Field test of the environmentally-conscious, hybrid Hum-Vee mandated by the current administration.

  • Nosfer6

    This is what a Christmas tree looks like in Indonesia!
    The presents under it are courtesy of our wonderful President.

  • Stephen Malm

    The squad was two-tired from a full day of maneuvers. :-)

  • Stephen Malm

    Navigator to pilot, Hooter's entrance coming up on the left. Squad, prepare to lean left.

    • wanttolearn

      Tank…we don't need no stinkin tank

  • Tom g.

    Obama's vision future troop transport. Going green reduce carbon foot prints. After mandatory budget cuts because they were to scared or lazy to vote on it.

  • Black Cat

    There's more to "Stealth" than just a small heat signature.

  • Black Cat

    "We're about to lose some good men" attack formation.

  • Starky

    This budget cuts sucks.

  • Tanstaafl2

    Damned DoD budget cuts!

  • Mud

    Ladies and Gentlemen, The Ringling Brothers Sniper Team!

  • B'rad

    The Democrats ideal level of defense spending.

  • jim brooks

    i've got your back,no i've got your ,no no i've got your back!

  • Doze

    The defense dept. only requested 2 men. This is what the new administration sent even though the commander's didn't request it.

  • Doze

    Mitt Romney's sons celebrating their dad winning the election. Good thing for Tripp, Tagg, Merk, Jerk, and Smurf that playing soldier is all they will have to do when we go to war with Iran and North Korea.

  • Brandon

    Gas prices are rediculous.

  • Scott Nelson

    I can't wait for the Land Cruiser to come back from the repair shop!

  • Scott Nelson

    Dad! Are we there yet?

  • Stephen Malm

    Ballistic jockstraps being tested to the limit.

  • Stephen Malm

    The military parade was choreographed by Captain Morgan.

  • Shawn R Flowers

    To show that they matter, Monaco moves their army to the border.

  • xrayzz12

    don't worry guys,god willin and this rubber band don't break,we will get through this recon.

  • xrayzz12

    i'm sorry not a real caption comment but the drivers eyes are like: i'm the only one without a rifle if i screw this up!!!

  • xrayzz12

    Thank GOD,we have interstate rollbars!

  • xrayzz12

    It's okay guys,God wiilin and that rubber band don't break, we will get through this recon.

  • Bruce Quigley

    Obama's "Green Army" personnel carriers with solar panel assault rifles.

  • 91Q

    When gangland "drive-bys" get outsourced.

  • Benjamin Theis

    Bondage, its not just for pleasure anymore.

  • Clint

    Shooter at my left or your left

  • Black Cat

    Strained Assassins

  • Steve

    Sri Lanka unveils its new "Porcupine" anti-aircraft and reconnaissance concept.

  • Bumper

    Joe! Do you see the side car yet?

  • chase

    "one pot hole from losing your whole squad" or "new less boring method of bird hunting"

  • george roberts

    personnel carrier requirements,no eating of chilli beans.

  • Punt Gunner

    Where's Waldo?

  • Punt Gunner

    Look out Eric Estrada, here comes the new California Highway Patrol!

  • 314epw

    economy 1/2 track!!

  • Alan Luebbert

    Are you sure this is how we audition for Duck Dynasty?

  • KiowaBill

    OOOOOH! My kingdom for a slushee.

  • Steve

    i tawt i taw a puddy tat! find it!

  • puddleduck

    "Bring it on " 5
    the stakes have never been higher

  • 30-30shooter

    taking covering fire one step further.

  • Doug

    The budget cuts have gone a bit deep this time…

  • Andrew Lykins

    I call shotgun!

  • D. LONG


  • Stephen Malm

    Kawasaki Kamakaze Klown Kar!

  • Stephen Malm

    The families watching the Thanksgiving parade did not appreciate this replacement for the helium-filled balloons.

  • shane

    The Ringling Brothers Barnum & Bailey secret service detail

  • Nathan

    Ah! The 'ole "Look like a moving bush" formation!

  • big ring

    Where the hell is that Lance Armstrong?

  • Travis A

    Meat Shield on wheels!

  • Electric Bassic


  • David

    Shortly after it was debuted, California moved to outlaw the latest assault bicycle.

    • dylan_polk

      Congratulations! You're the winner.

      Email me at with your address and contact information to receive your prize.


      Dylan Polk
      G&A Social Media Editor

  • Jon L

    Huh ! You think your military is cutting back !

  • Jay Burgherr

    North Korean Tactical Squad Assault Vehicle.

  • Susan

    "Nobody does it like we do!"

  • Phil

    Richard's first try with the Gatling gun wasn't all that successful!

  • Doc

    The Afghans are finally ready to protect their own country!

  • Beverly

    Yes, but it gets great mileage!

  • JD Chism

    Budget cuts

  • Rick Perry

    "I hope the Shriners finally let us in"

  • George

    I guess their government needs higher taxes and bigger military budget!

  • Steve

    This is OBAMAS idea of his new defense systems!

  • d roof

    Motto squad, comin for ya !

  • JohnnyC

    Houston, we have a launch!

  • cptvdo

    Wow, I knew O'bama would cut the military, but damn!

  • Mauro Andrés Rojas

    We don't need any more vehicles they, said we've got plenty they said!

  • tkinion

    Sequestration tank.

  • kckiss

    And since they are laughing too hard to shoot, we win!!!

  • John

    One shot, eight down.

  • R2Stud

    The last time a bunch of armed soldiers passed a review stand they shot the President of Egypt..

  • Christian

    "Budget Cuts"

  • JP Gayan

    This is what the defense cuts have left us with.

    • john mcadam

      FYI this is my favorite one.

  • Tommy

    Before we left the base I told you to put gas in the truck, but does anybody listen to me? NOOOO

  • Southpaw Steve

    I think this is the seal team vehicle, not the SEAL team vehicle.

  • Neirinckx

    What to expect after the 2013 Defense Budget cuts …

  • 30-30shooter

    at least they're wearing seat belts

  • tbolt48

    "Sure hope we outsourced the straps!!"

  • Mitchell Brenner

    I said "get me a STRYKER"!!!

  • George Blake

    Clown Squad about to be destroyed by an ISD. (Improvised Stabbing Device)

  • Bruce

    I remember. This is from Pee Wees big adventure.

  • John

    graduation parade at the Evel Knievel military academy

  • Chief Boring

    They went thataway! No, thataway…Oh hell!!

  • gman

    the " Duchy of Grand Fenwick" DynamicEntry Team.

  • M. McManus

    Be the first on your block to own a R.A.V.E (Rapid Attack Vehicle & Equipment) today. Some assembly may be required.

  • John Kuhns

    If any of you fire one single round, We are going over!!

  • Shawn O'Loughlin

    A liberal's idea of a strong military presence.

  • davethorson

    Could someone reach in my left pocket for the toll money

  • Craig S. Andersen

    The crack "Flying Walenda" assault team.

  • Memada

    Are we there yet?

  • Russ Barclay

    Pakistan's new mobile air defense platform: Inexpensive and entertaining.

  • Allen Moore

    The Tactical Porcupine!

  • richard Jones

    Already training for Military Budget Cuts!!!!!

  • Brian Wookey

    Eight different studies claim that this cost cutting measure will save the taxpayer 550 Billion dollars!!

  • Joseph C Massey

    Smitty, you fire before the rest of us again and we will collectively beat your ass when we all get back up!

  • johnwtobiin

    What did you expect? We had to sell all our military tactical vehicles to the United States police departments!

  • rycsailor

    So this is what reduced military spending means, anyone have ammo?

  • JMB

    You meet the nicest people on a Honda

  • Imalarduss

    Look Ma, no hands.

  • Imalarduss

    Look Ma, we're democrats.

  • Doug

    Hillary and the Obama administration reacted quickly to the ambassador's request for better security.

  • Kevin Coffey

    Taking budget cuts one step to far!

  • Black Cat

    Teachable moment…
    Newton's third law says: " For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction" or as these "Einsteins" about to prove – what goes up must come down.

  • Black Cat

    They don't call 'em murdercycles for nothing.

  • Black Cat

    This designated driver routine is starting to get old.

  • LynnKCircle

    You Americans simply don't understand the spirituality of India!
    (Or is it Pakistan? They look alike, dress alike, eat similar foods, arm with the same weapons, and hate each other. Go figure.)

  • David Hurdle

    The U.S. Army is proud to announce the Iraqi Army is now ready to protect their own country without U.S. assistance !!

  • Steve Simpson

    Despite the budget cuts, the Army rolled out their new armored personnel carrier today.

  • Bsynco

    Hi Cap Mags? Eh…we got hi cap hogs!

  • Dneckel

    See, motorcycles do qualify for the HOV lane.

  • Alex Omura

    The motor pool was hit especially hard by Obama's latest round of budget cuts.

  • Brendan

    Al-Queda wont know what hit 'em

  • Ron

    Damn military budget cuts!

  • Diver

    Third world tank

  • Lonny

    Cirque du Soleil presents it's USO Tour – Octogon du Death

  • J.C. Cropper

    Boy, if these gas prices keep going up…………

  • J.C. Cropper

    Are you sure this is how the *Victor McLaglen Motor Corps got their start ? (Note: for old Easyriders readers, this could be substituted "Seattle Cossacks".)

  • Buster

    AAA after the Defense Budget Cuts

  • Kendal Hemphill

    Despite heavy cutbacks in funding, the French military maintains its high level of preparedness for any parade eventuality.

  • Alan B.

    This Just In… Eight Elite Troopers were injured Today in a Single Motorcycle accident.

  • Mike

    Pyongyang's new scout LAV

  • Black Cat

    Obama followed through on his campaign promise to BALANCE the budget by going after military's wasteful spending.

  • Black Cat

    Obama administration directs all government agencies to start applying "We're All In This Together" economic principles.

  • Matt

    Meanwhile… in soviet Korea.

  • David McMillen

    Iranian Mobile Air Defense Team

  • Ak907x


  • Unitgmc220

    S.W.A.T – Special Weapons And Tactics?

  • mikw boyle

    you should see what we could do in a jeep

  • Christopher

    Putting the 'Nitro' back in 'Nitro Circus'…

  • Christopher

    Chinatown, NYC National Guard mobilizing for the riots when obama loses.
    …I worry that the 47% of people who support him will refuse to go to work if he loses…Oh, wait!..

  • jiminga

    Barnum & Bailey's idea of Seal Team Six

  • Rick Littleton

    National "Drive By" Champions 2012- Winners

  • David Davis

    Hang in there fellas, I think I see a rest area ahead.

  • Brian "Big Guns"

    Don't worry we got your backs!

  • Black Cat

    "Suicide Kings"

  • Black Cat

    This just in…In a dramatic fashion UN institutes a NO FLY ZONE in Syria…

  • Stephen Malm

    How many infantrymen does it take to change a lightbulb?

  • Pat

    US military troop transport after budget sequestration.

  • Black Cat

    "The military says we need a smaller, leaner Army. We need more special forces. …We don’t need more M1 tanks"
    ~ Joe Biden's assertion during VP debates 10/11/12

  • Brian

    That's it. If Raul farts, I'm hitting the brakes.

  • Phillip Mendez

    Now that what I call a rolling 360!

  • Libfreezone

    Rider safety is our top priority!

  • Christopher

    Daewoo's of thunder…

  • Snake Plissken

    Nobody fart!

  • Harding

    Which way did he go?

  • Ken

    This 21 gun salute thing is getting out of hand!

  • Todd Barton

    With duck season ending and none in the bag, Hans acted as the look-out while the guys took aim…..

  • Watchlizard

    Due to rising gas prices and budget cutbacks, the Local SWAT team had to discontinue the use of it's armored SUV…

  • Ken del Valle

    DOD discloses its new ten million dollar new defense system, the prickly moto by Haliburton!

    The president's anti pigeon squad followed the motorcade through downtown Bengali.

    Hey, who farted?

  • Max

    New low cost, mobile, anti-aircraft unit

  • john mcadam

    If you vote me as the next president of Mexico, you have my guaranteeing you WILL be protected by the drug cartel.

  • Mike K. YYC

    "The Porcupine Express"

  • Dave Fraker

    Soviet Mobile Sharp Shooter Team

  • Laramy

    Bhopal SWAT demonstrates their state of the art Tactical Response Vehicle.

  • JohnnyD


  • Kevin Smith

    Who needs a tank…

  • D Gibson

    After the budget cuts, the Army unveiled it's new Phalanx anti-missile system.

  • MAX

    Up yours, India.

  • MAX

    Pot hole. Pot hole. Pot hole Pot hole. Pot hole pot hole pot hole pot hole POT HOLE POT HOLE POT HOLE!!!!!!!

  • Ozone Kid

    One more butget cut and I'm over the hill

  • Stephen Malm

    It may have been a ill-advised for Sergeant 'Shakes the Clown' to be put in charge of Bravo company.

  • Hugo Ruiz

    With their budget cut in half, Armored Cavalry was forced to improvise.

  • Adam H

    now intoducing the cirque de AK



  • steven haras

    new Iranian missle defense shield

  • Carl Heisey

    America's Got Talent newest winners!

  • shambo

    The Russian Army is proceeding with testing of the biological tank.

  • John

    Shock and awe-what-the…

  • Outlaw

    This is me, Barrack Obama, this is how I killed Osama Bin Laden. Really these are all me, you didn't do that. I did. I am awsome. I am awsome. Yes, I am awsome.

  • Redneck

    Somalia army reveals its new APC, built by Vespa Armament Group

  • Joe

    Cache and carry.

  • rob

    What Do You Mean "ANOTHER Budget CUT???"

  • cody

    cirque de AK.

  • tmitchellw


  • Adam

    After trial and error, they decided it would be easier to rebalance the tires, than to rebalance the bike

  • Joe

    Shoot, we missed the turn!

  • ty pelfrey

    Damn gas prices

  • SoPawSlim

    Gives new meaning to, "Got your back".

  • Tim Elliott

    Cuts in military spending have real consequences…

  • peter wehrmeyer

    A balanced viewpoint on assault weapons.

  • ibjohnson1

    the problem with rising gas prices

  • ibjohnson1

    If we all put $5.00 in we can afford two bikes next week

  • ibjohnson1

    my sisters bike was bigger

  • Shadow Monk

    We're ridin strapped! Cause that's how ruff riders roll!

  • Shadow Monk

    This is the moped for you! more BANG for your buck!

  • Shadow Monk

    Thet said thid model came with a power band, but I had NO IDEA!! Wow Mom!

  • Shadow Monk

    We'll show you a Predator Drone!

  • Shadow Monk

    I envisioned the seven-headed beast of Revelation to be much scarier… I want my money back!

  • Shadow Monk


  • Shadow Monk

    Sado-Masacre-ists… Oh my.

  • Shadow Monk

    Eight is enough meets Bhangkok mounted assault team.

  • Shadow Monk

    I can ride my bike with no handle-bars.. no handle-bars………

  • Shadow Monk

    How many Al-Quaida does it take to ride a motor-cycle?

  • hyrdr

    OBAMACARE OR BUST!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • hyrdr


  • hyrdr

    Car pooling saves gas

  • hyrdr

    We'll show Obama Fast & Furius

  • hyrdr

    Training Courtesy: Operation Fast & Furious

  • hyrdr

    Fast & Furious phase II

  • Black Cat

    I know the contest is over but here it is just for fun…


  • Murph

    The Shriner's Special Ops demonstration team never disappoints.

  • Rich A.

    These budget cuts to the military are starting to tick me off!!!

  • Psycho

    Congress is going to pull the plug on bradleys and hummers when they see this.

  • oldgoat

    Irans latest smart bomb was unvieled today…

  • E4Sville

    North Korean 1 1 3

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